5 Great Gifts for a Camping Enthusiast

Are you looking for a gift for an outdoorsy loved one? Buying a gift for a camping enthusiast is a lot different from buying gifts for anyone else. This is because the gift has to be practical and useful enough that they will not want to leave it behind the next time they go on a camping trip. We have compiled some great gifts for an outdoorsy loved one who might also be a camping enthusiast.

Camping Tent

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What is camping without a tent? A tent is an excellent gift for a camping enthusiast. The good thing is that camping tents come in all manner of shapes, materials, and sizes so it is relatively easy to find the right one for your loved one or friend.

Trail Markers

People underestimate the chances of getting lost in the outdoors, but thousands of people get lost in the woods when camping or hunting every year. Trail markers make it easy to mark any path you take and with their yellow and orange colors, they are highly visible. Many of them can also clip on to vegetation or trees so they do not get blown away by wind or carried off by animals.

Many trail markers also use the same materials used for visual indicators and high-visibility vests so they are very reflective when you hit them with a beam of light at night.

A Kukri

A kukri is an arched machete that is simply great for the outdoors. The strong, curved blade can handle any cutting job you decide to do with it. According to Blade City, the United Cutlery USMC Marine Kukri With Sheath makes a great choice due to its 11 ½” blade and an ergonomic rubberized handle that makes it easy to wield and use.
A kukri is also a great gift for those who love hunting on their camping trips as it can help them get through thick vegetation.

Fold-Up, Portable Chairs

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to carry the chairs you have so you end up with nothing to sit on a camping trip. Fold-up, portable chairs – especially those that come with a carrying bag – make for a great gift. This is because they are light, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere regardless of how the ground looks or feels.
If you want to make the gift even better, you can opt for chairs that have extra storage space or cup holders for added convenience.

Solar Charging Panels

No one wants their phone to run out of power when they are camping. What happens in case of an emergency while your phone is off? Solar charging panels can recharge your devices so your phone or portable lights always have power.

When choosing portable solar charging panels for the outdoors, ensure you choose one that is both highly rated and that can support the number of devices you usually carry on a camping trip.

A Comfortable Sleeping Pad

Every camper needs to have a comfortable sleeping pad. However, that doesn’t mean that every sleeping pad you find online will meet his expectations. Most campers would like to have a sleeping pad that weighs less than 12 ounces. That is the feature we recommend people primarily check before spending their money on a gift.
Logically, it is also essential to pick materials that will bring a comfortable sleep to the camping enthusiast. Because of that, reading the features as well as different compassion blogs is a must-do thing.

Led Lantern

Finding a led lantern is not going to be a big challenge. There are many of them in online and offline stores. However, the type of led lantern a camper would need comes with some specific features. For example, the power of the lantern should be strong enough to light up the entire room. If that’s the case, you can be sure it is going to be an excellent option for outdoor activities. Despite that, you should look for those that are water-resistant. Campers often like to pick the campsites that are near the rivers or lakes. Because of that, water-resistance is one of the essential features for them. You can imagine how lucky that person will be when he sees that you gifted him the item of this type.

Rain Boots

Rain boots may be the most challenging gift from our list. The reason why we say this is probably obvious. You need to choose the right size if you want to surprise your friend to the fullest. Of course, there is also an option to directly ask that person and gather information in that way. However, we are sure his smile would be a lot wider if he doesn’t have a clue about which gift he is going to receive.

Anyway, we truly hope he won’t need rain boots during the summer camping. However, keep in mind that camping enthusiasts love to camp during the entire year. The rain boots are not only an excellent item for rainy days. That person can also use them for the winter campings when the temperatures are relatively low and days are usually snowy.

Of course, keep in mind that people have different tastes. You can easily determine which color your friend or family member prefers. In case you are not sure, black rain boots are the option you should look for. They are matchable with different designs and styles.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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There is a good reason why people decide on camping. They want to run away from the crowds and noise and find their peace. However, they also want to forget about technology for a couple of days. Not bringing a smartphone on camping is not a smart move. You will maybe need it in some moments when potentially something unexpected happens. However, there is one piece of equipment that campers would like to have. We are sure your friend will surprise if he gets a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Of course, don’t expect he will use it for the entire day. However, cooking, for instance, can be more entertaining when music plays in the background.


Purchasing a gift for a camping enthusiast should be about getting them practical gifts that will make their camping adventure more comfortable and enjoyable.

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