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Acana Pacifica – 2024 Dog Food Review

Choosing the right food for your dog is not as easy as it sounds. Never make the mistake of buying the first dog food you lay your hands on. Instead, it is important to peruse the ingredients to ensure that the components of the concerned dog food are up to the standards.

Dog food that succeeds in being up to par and in providing premium quality food is Acana Pacifica Dog Food. Its various health benefits have made it a popular choice amongst dog (and cat) owners. We already had reviews for other high-quality Acana products: Acana Duck and Pear (read it here) and Acana Ranchlands. Read all about them in this review.

Fresh and Biologically Appropriate Ingredients

Acana Pacifica

Acana Pacifica dog food review

One of the most distinctive features of this dog food is the fact that it consists of components that are both fresh and biologically suitable for dogs. Before dogs were kept as a pet, they used to thrive in the wild. They are naturally predisposed to survive on their own.

Therefore, it is a given that whatever they are typically meant to consume must be rich in nutrients. This dog food understands this factor and offers food which is meat concentrated just like what dogs are naturally accustomed to.

Such meat and, thereby, protein content are met through the inclusion of five types of fish which are known to be wild-caught. Such fish include Pacific herring, Pacific pilchard, arrow tooth flounder, silver hake, and red stripe rockfish. These fish have the ideal amount of protein content which ensures proper muscle development in dogs.

Lack of Additives and Supplements

Artificial elements and fillers are known to have no beneficial effect on the health of your dog. They are merely added to decrease the cost of producing food and maximizing profits. While they don’t have any benefits whatsoever, they do tend to cause food allergies in your beloved pet at times.

Such food allergies can manifest in the form of rashes, itch, a bloated stomach, puking, diarrhea, and a lack of appetite. This type of reaction comes as no surprise since artificial additions are never bearers of good news. This product successfully avoids such adverse effects by not including any artificial additives.

On the contrary, this product contains natural ingredients that not only provide your dog with all the necessary nutrients but also shield it from possible food allergies. Since it relies on such elements to provide all the required vitamins and minerals along with other beneficial components, this product only has three added supplements including vitamin E, zinc chelate, and copper chelate.

Product Details

Apart from being all-natural and biologically appropriate, here are some of the particulars of the product:

  • This dog food is ideal for all types of breeds regardless of their life stage
  • The product consists of 60% fish and 40% fruits and vegetables which help this dog food fulfill all the necessary dietary requirements of your dog
  • Acana Pacifica is grain-free which makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive stomach or those with food allergies
  • The product succeeds in getting calories from fat and protein rather than carbohydrates which, in turn, aids in reducing the risk of increase in weight of your beloved pet
  • The intake of food will vary according to the activity level of your dog
  • Acana Pacifica features limited carbohydrates which decrease the chances of catching diseases
  • The inclusion of omega 3 ensures a healthy skin for your dog
  • The product comes in bags of various sizes ranging from 5 lbs to 15 lbs

Customer Reviews

Both dog owners and their pets have received the product well. Most dog owners have been satisfied with the product and have reported that their dogs who are picky eaters devoured the product greedily.

Moreover, the taste of the product has resonated well with dogs, thereby ensuring that your dog’s taste buds as well as its nutritional needs are met. The fact that the dog food does not include any additives or grain makes this an ideal choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

However, some customers believe that the product is on the pricey side. They also feel that the dog food is the source of foul breath in their dogs. Nonetheless, even with its flaws, this product has received raving reviews and ratings on Amazon for being high quality.


All in all, this product offers various value-added benefits which make its price justifiable. It is not common to find a product which is enriched in nutrients and has a taste which is liked by all breeds of dogs. By achieving such a combination, this product has ensured that it stands out amongst other competing products and is a likely choice for the masses.

Choosing Acana Pacifica will not only yield health benefits for your dog, but it would also ensure that its taste buds are left satisfied. Even with its premium price, this product is worth a try.

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