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6 Advantages of the AeroLight

LED grow lights are becoming increasingly popular among indoor plant growers and commercial growers alike because of the vast capabilities of these systems, especially in comparison to other types of grow lights – specifically HID systems, which have been the most popular choices for the majority of indoor growing.

LED grow lights aren’t the same kinds of LED lights you’d use in your house; these lights produce a lot more light than a normal household outlet can manage and this means your plants are going to be growing a lot better than they would if you leave them on a windowsill.

Some of the latest innovations in LED grow lights is the ability to automatically react to the needs of your plants, the tot has programmable settings like on/off cycles, light spectrum, light intensity, customizability, and being ability to separate yourself from your home when you’re growing sensitive plants that need a lot of care.


Automatic grow lighting has drastically changed the way we consider growing indoors and while it has not yet been a solution for window growing, it is a great way to improve plant health while making growing easier and more fun.

For this article, we will use the advantages that the VIVOSUN AeroLight LED Grow Light provides since we believe it is the perfect choice for an indoor growing product today. This technology offers several advantages over traditional grow lights, making it a smart choice for those looking to maximize their yields and improve the health of their plants.

Let’s take a look at the details of what makes an automatic grow light such an important improvement on LED (and grow light) technology.

1. Customizable Spectrum

LED grow lights that automatically react to your plants’ needs can adjust the spectrum of light they emit based on the stage of growth your plants are in. This allows you to customize the light spectrum to meet the specific requirements of each plant, helping to optimize growth and health. Because plants require different parts of the light spectrum as they grow, having an automatic shift in spectrum “quality” can help streamline the process of growing your plant indoors.

2. Energy Efficiency


LED grow lights are already known for their energy efficiency, but the ability to automatically adjust the spectrum of light and light intensity as well as on and off period can further increase energy efficiency.

This is because you are only providing the light spectrum your plants actually need, rather than running a light spectrum that may not be as effective for your specific plants and you’re only running the light when it is needed and at an intensity required for your specific plant(s), you’ll be saving a lot on your energy bill.

3. Better Yields

Automatically adjusting the light spectrum can lead to better yields, as it helps to optimize plant growth and health. This can result in higher quality, more robust plants that are more resistant to disease and pests. Timing is crucial for your plant’s growth, so switching light spectrum, intensity, and on-and-off periods will help your plant transition between growth stages even better than if it were growing in nature.

4. Easy to Use


LED grow lights that automatically react to your plants’ needs are very easy to use. Simply set up the light and it will take care of the rest. There is no need to constantly adjust the light spectrum as your plants grow and change, as the light will automatically react to the needs of your plants.

This not only helps with managing your plant health but also helps streamline the troubleshooting process if your plant is reacting poorly to it’s environment. Because you’re able to set your parameters, you’re also able to track your plant’s health alongside these parameters and compare to find what environmental conditions are best suited to your plant.

5. Increased Photosynthesis

By providing the right spectrum of light for each stage of growth, you can increase the rate of photosynthesis in your plants. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy that can be used for growth and reproduction. By optimizing the operation of your light, you can encourage faster and more efficient photosynthesis, leading to healthier, more vigorous plants, over time you’re able to develop some amazing growth in your plants.

6. Enhanced Flowering and Fruiting

For plants that flower or bear fruit, LED grow lights that automatically react to your plants’ needs can also help to enhance the quality and quantity of flowering and fruiting. By providing the right spectrum of light for each stage of growth, you can encourage more prolific flowering and fruiting, resulting in healthier, more productive plants.

Overall, plant growth is greatly affected by the performance of your grow lights and LED grows lights have shown an excellent capacity to improve the health of your plants while making growing much easier than it normally is as we get from the “normal” way of growing our plants. Of course, growing indoors isn’t that common, yet, but as it becomes more popular and the interest in it grows, we’ll see that the major hurdle for a lot of people joining the hobby (or industry) is that it seems difficult – but, with automated light control and airflow like is found in the VIVOSUN AeroLight, growing indoors becomes reasonably easy.

In conclusion, LED grows lights that automatically react to your plants’ needs offer several advantages over traditional grow lights. They allow you to customize the light spectrum to meet the specific requirements of each plant, increase energy efficiency, improve yields, are easy to use, and reduce maintenance costs. If you’re looking for a grow light that can help you achieve the best results for your plants, an LED grows light that automatically reacts to your plants’ needs is definitely worth considering.

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