10 African Safaris no Traveller Should Miss in 2024

The word safari is derived from “Swahili” which means “Journey”. Safaris seem to have evolved drastically over time. Earlier, a safari trip involved hunting in the wilderness. However, these days this has transformed into watching and taking pictures of the wild animals in their natural form. Although wildlife safaris are offered in many different locations, Africa remains the best place for exploring and indulging in this experience. Check out the ten best African safaris which you can explore through naturetrek.

Masai Mara in Kenya

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Masai Mara is an extension of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Similar to Serengeti, the ecology of Masai Mara is dominated by herds of grazers every year from July to October. This jaw-dropping sight is what draws several predators of this region and gives you an amazing opportunity to witness them up, close and personal. Other wild beasts that you can spot here include cheetahs, lions, giraffes, elephants, and black rhinos.

Budget: There are options available to suit every budget

Best time to visit: more accessible between May and October since the weather is dry and is comparatively cooler

2. Etosha National Park in Namibia

Etosha National Park in Namibia has all the required facilities and roadways for budget safari and self-drive exploration trips. The landscape is pretty harsh with a semi-arid terrain and the rivers are basically dry. This is why you cannot find crocodiles and hippos over here. The best way to witness the wild animals here is to head to the waterholes fed by springs where you can spot animals like giraffes, zebra and oryx among several others.

Budget: There are options available to suit every budget

Best time to visit: The peak season is from June to November

3. Ruaha National Park in Tanzania

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This obscure national park has recently gained popularity after the development of the southern circuit in Tanzania. It offers a classic safari experience and you also have the facility to set up tents in a few remote areas. Attractions here include the large elephant population of Tanzania, herds of buffaloes and a large group of predators.

Budget: It ranges from medium to high

Best time to visit: Some of the lodges close from November to March. Apart from that, this park witnesses visitors all year round

4. Katavi National Park in Tanzania

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This national park is tucked away amidst the fierce wilderness of Tanzania. Due to the location of this national park, only a few hundred visitors manage to reach here every year. The terrain here comprises huge grasslands where you might spot most of the wild animals. In the dry season, you can see plenty of hippos in the Kapapa and Katuma rivers. You can also spot lots of elephants, lions, and buffaloes.

Budget: Very high

Best time to visit: Although it can be visited at any time of the year, it is best between May and November

5. Southern Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

Although it is less famous than the iconic Serengeti, Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest places to enjoy a safari ride in Tanzania. It has a differential terrain with a mixture of woodlands, savannahs, riverine forests and mountains. Here, you can witness large populations of buffaloes, elephants, hippopotamus, lions, wild dogs and sable.

Budget: Very high

Best time to visit: You will find different interesting activities throughout the year

6. South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

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If you are exploring African safaris for the very first time, you must head to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. During the dry season, once the rivers start shrinking, you can expect to see a large number of wild animals gathering at the rivers. Although you may not spot many cheetahs and hippos during this season, you will see witness a wide spectrum of the spectacular wildlife housed by this national park.

Budget: Varies from medium to high

Best time to visit: June to October is the best time to visit this place

7. Kruger National Park in South Africa

Some travelers may argue that this national park in South Africa is very crowded with visitors ogling at the wildlife using binoculars. However, the landscape of this national park encompasses enough bush camps and backroads to satisfy the wilderness cravings of the visitors. The Big Five (Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo) thrive here and you can also catch glimpses of cheetahs, wild dogs, and an impressive range of bird species.

Budget: There are options available to suit every budget

Best time to visit: You can visit this place for a safari trip at any time of the year

8. Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park in Botswana

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Botswana is a pretty dry land, but still, you can see the wildlife thronging at the riverfronts which can be reached via a boat cruise safari. There are countless buffaloes and elephants inhabiting this park. You can see the hyenas and lions too on the looping roads. There are abundant varieties of predators who can also be spotted at this park.

Budget: There are options available to suit every budget

Best time to visit: From June to October

9. Okavango Private Reserves in Botswana

Due to the several private concessions here, you get a chance to access a more exclusive window through a safari trip here. There are some water-based terrains and also a few drylands which can be explored through the numerous safari trip options available here. This area boasts housing black rhinos, lions, buffaloes and wild dogs among several other wild species.

Budget: Very high

Best time to visit: Can be visited during any time of the year but it offers the best experiences from July to October

10. Laikipia Plateau in Kenya

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This place lies at the boundary of Kenya’s frontier and offers dramatic views of soaring Mt Kenya. It protects some of the healthiest wildlife species in Kenya with buffaloes, elephants and predators in large numbers. You can also enjoy other activities offered here which include fishing and camel trekking.

Budget: Varies from medium to high

Best time to visit: Although some lodges close from November to March, this place can be explored for wildlife during any time of the year

Africa encompasses incredible scenic splendors, from the savannas housing the wildlife to the magnanimous sand dunes. Since it accommodates an incredible number of wild and endangered species, it is the hotspot for people who love exploring wildlife. Head to any of these destinations to have an adventurous and intriguing safari holiday with your friends and family.

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