Top 10 Most Beautiful Ancient Roman Temples

Ancient Roman temples are among the most unmistakable archaeological survive from Roman culture and are a noteworthy source for Roman design. Their development and support was a noteworthy piece of old Roman religion. The principle room (cella) housed the clique picture of the god to whom the sanctuary was committed, and frequently a little special raised area for incense or drinks. Behind the cella was a room or rooms utilized by sanctuary orderlies for the capacity of hardware and contributions. Here is the list of 10 most Spectacular Ancient Roman Temples,

Ancient Roman Temples

1. Baalbek, Lebanon

Baalbek, likewise called Heliopolis, is a staggering archaeological site in northeastern Lebanon. From the first century BC and over a time of two centuries, the Romans manufactured three sanctuaries here: Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus. Made to be the biggest sanctuary in the Roman domain, the sanctuary of Jupiter was lined by 54 monstrous stone sections each every one of which was 21 meters (70 feet) tall. Just 6 of these titanic segments stay standing however even they are amazingly noteworthy. The best-saved sanctuary at the site is the Temple of Bacchus worked in 150 AD. The old Roman sanctuary was devoted to Bacchus, otherwise called Dionysus, the Roman divine force of wine. Today, it is one of the top vacation spots of a Roman visit in Libanon.

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BAALBEK, Lebanon

2. Pantheon, Italy

A standout amongst the best safeguarded Roman structures, The Pantheon in Rome was worked in 126 AD as a sanctuary for all the Roman divine beings. The sanctuary has filled in as a Roman Catholic Church since the seventh. The Pantheon comprises of an enormous round colonnade with three positions of immense rock Corinthian segments. The colonnade opens into a rotunda which is topped with a solid arch with a focal opening: the oculus. An incredible time to visit the Pantheon during a Roman visit is the point at which it’s down-pouring in Rome and you can see the downpour filling the structure through the oculus.

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3. Palmyra, Syria

Arranged in a desert garden 130 miles north of Damascus, Palmyra is a standout amongst Syria’s most prevalent vacation spot and is on the standard Roman visit goals around the nation. For quite a long time Palmyra was a significant and rich city situated along with the train courses connecting Persia with the Mediterranean ports of Roman Syria. There is a lot to see at the site today for vacationers, including the colossal Temple of Bel, the grand curve and the corridor that once comprised of 1,500 Corinthian segments.

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Monuments Destroyed By War

4. Maison Carree, France

Maison Carrée, situated in Nimes, France, was worked in 16 BC by the Roman General Marcus Vipanius Agrippa, and was committed to his two children who both passed on youthful. It is a standout amongst the best safeguarded Roman sanctuaries on the planet. The Maison Carrée owes its remarkable condition of conservation to the way that it was changed to a Christan church in the fourth century, sparing it from decimation. It has additionally been a town corridor, a stable, a storage facility, lastly a gallery.


5. Sbeitla Forums Temple, Tunisia

Sbeitla (or Sufetula) is a genuinely all-around protected Roman city in the midwest of Tunisia. The city contains an immense practically square discussion cleared with stone chunks and encompassed by a divider. The discussion has a portal on one side and three Roman sanctuaries on the contrary side. Rather than building just a single sanctuary devoted to the three most significant Roman divine beings, Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, the occupants of Sbeitla constructed separate sanctuaries for everyone. A comparable course of action is just found at Baelo Claudia, in Spain.

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6. Temple Of Augustus in Pula, Croatia

The Temple of Augustus is the main outstanding structure from the first Roman discussion in Pula, Croatia. Devoted to the primary Roman sovereign, Augustus, it was most likely worked during the head’s lifetime eventually between 2 BC and his demise in AD 14. Under Byzantine guideline, the sanctuary was changed over into a congregation and was later utilized as a storage facility. It endured significant harm during WWII when the sanctuary was hit by a bomb. Subsequently, a significant part of the structure was modified since that time.

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7. Garni Temple, Armenia

Devoted to Helios, the Roman divine force of the sun, the Garni sanctuary in Armenia was worked by the Armenian King Trdates I in the first century AD. The development was presumably subsidized with cash the ruler got from the Roman Emperor Nero in return for military help against the Parthian realm. The Garni Temple contains 24 Ionic sections laying on a raised platform and dissimilar to other Greco-Roman sanctuaries, it is made of basalt. In 1679 a seismic tremor totally devastated the old Roman sanctuary and it lay in remains until its remaking during the 1970s.

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8. Dougg Capital,Dougga

Situated in northern Tunisia, Dougga is in some cases called “the best-saved Roman community in North Africa”. Among the most well-known landmarks at the site are a Punic-Libyan tomb, the theatre and the legislative hall. The legislative centre is a Roman sanctuary from the second century CE, chiefly committed to the three most significant Roman divine beings: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. It has an auxiliary commitment to the prosperity of the heads Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius.

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9. Temple of Zeus at Aizanoi,Turkey

Aizanoi, has been involved since 3000 BC and wound up rich under the Roman Empire through the age of downy, grain, and wine. Aizanoi’s most amazing structure, the Temple of Zeus is the best-safeguarded Roman sanctuary in all of Anatolia and was worked in the second century AD. The cash required for the sanctuary’s development was met by leasing land around the sanctuary. Be that as it may, the limits of the sanctuary grounds were indistinct, and the individuals who worked them would not make good on the regulatory expenses Emperor Hadrian settled the question and duplicates of the letters which were of such importance for the city were later recorded on the sanctuary dividers.


10. Temple of Augustus,  France

The Temple of Augustus and Livia worked toward the finish of the first century BC, endures today fundamentally flawless in the city of Vienne, France. Firmly like the celebrated Roman sanctuary Maison Carrée in Nîmes, the sanctuary in Vienne was initially committed to Augustus. In 41 AD the old Roman sanctuary was rededicated to his better half Livia in by her grandson Claudius, the Roman ruler who was conceived in close-by Lyon.


These are the 10 most beautiful Ancient Roman Temples. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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