10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World


Beauty can be seen in many ways, it can be in the form of art and architecture, crystalline sea, mountain heights or in the people and its history, Here are the 10 most beautiful cities in the world to add to your travel list,

Beautiful Cities In The World


Rome always gets the credit for being the most beautiful and historic city of Italy but it cannot beat Florence for its sheer and unadulterated Italian beauty. Florence’s churches, museums and palaces house some of the most artistic treasures in the world. The skyline dominating cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a must visit and you can just not miss it, also the museums and galleries where the absence of mile-long lines belies the presence of some of the star works of the Italian masters, including Michelangelo’s iconic David. The most popular and important sites in Florence include the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Uffizi, the Bargello, and the Accademia.

The churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce are indisputable art galleries, and the library of San Lorenzo is a magnificent exhibition of Michelangelo’s architectural genius. Pitti Palace houses vast and varied art collections. One should spend a day at Boboli Garden and climb the hills to the church of San Miniato al Monte to experience an enchanting view of Florence. During evening tourists can have a long walk and pass by some astonishing piazzas and cathedrals. If you are an art lover and want to admire the magnificent beauty of art and sculpture then Florence is the perfect holiday destination for you.

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Krakow has got the architectural prowess and dates back to the seventh century. It is a city which rich in history, both glorious and infamous. You can easily fall in love with the city as you walk by the quaint streets and historical buildings. Apart from scenic beauty, the food in Krakow holds great importance and regional dishes are passed down through families as part of their inheritance.

Also, the cuisine options are very exciting. Some important traditional cuisines of Krakow are pickled herring, chilled beet soup, local cheeses and produce, pierogis, sausages and Polish vodka. Its stately market square, RynekGlowny is one of the most beautiful in Europe. There are in total 40 parks in the city which means you won’t be short places to picnic. You can relax and blend in, experience roaring nightlife, visit sights and museums and seek outdoor adventure, all in the same place. So this time add Krakow destination in your summer vacation plan.

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Interesting fact about Moroccan city is that, that the houses and mosques are painted blue in colour. The famous theory behind this is that the colour symbolizes heaven, though many people say that the shade serves as a natural bug repellent. Chefchaouen is a breathtaking city respite from the bustle of nearby Marrakech and Fez. The blue-washed, artsy mountain village offers a range of quality accommodation, good food, making it a strong alternative to a hectic multicity tour. It is a great place to relax, explore and take day trips to the cool green hills.

The town was first painted blue by the Jewish refugees from Europe who lived during the 1930s and now the town is known as “The Blue Pearl”, the town still keeps its tradition alive. The medina is the focal point, tourists will find the Chefchaouen medina much relaxed and laid back than any other medina. The waterfall to the east of the medina is a meeting point for local residents who come to sit and chat and do their laundry. The ruins of an old mosque, on a hill behind the waterfall, overlook the medina and its crumbling tower offers great views of the town. It’s no wonder that tourists flock here, this humble town is the embodiment of almost every Moroccan cliché.

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Lisbon is the second oldest capital city in Europe. It was first ruled by the Romans, Germans and Arabs before 1147 when Portuguese crusaders finally conquered it. People, especially young people, speak English more than Spanish in Lisbon as it doesn’t have its own language. When talking Lisbon one cannot forget to talk about the excellent quality food, great accommodation and nightlife for a fraction of the cost of some of Europe’ other capital cities.

Visiting means a lot of workout for your calf muscles as Lisbon is built on seven hills. There are n numbers of trams that run all over the city but the most famous tram is the number 28 yellow tram. The tram goes between Alfama in the east and Praça do Martim Moniz in the west. The classic 1930s trams are still are in use today because the tight curves and steep hills are unsuitable for modern trams. Lisbon makes a great European budget holiday destination.

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The most magical, stunning and affordable holiday destination. The old town is chock full of elaborate towering buildings that would make any architect cry. Prague is completely affordable than any other European cities in France, Italy, England or Spain. One of the true joys of vacationing in Prague is standing across the Vltava River watching the utterly enchanting sunset over Prague Castle. Prague is a true historic treasure. It sits atop a hill overlooking the town, surrounded by gardens, whimsical rambling streets and bricks paved staircases. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is a collection of pristine palace halls for various royal families over generations, with the ominous Saint Vitus Cathedral as the centrepiece. The Astronomical Clock in Prague is one of the most visited sights in the city, it’s a tall ornate clock tower that overlooks Old Town Square. In the evening you can roam around the square and check out shops, art galleries, restaurants, and pubs. Prague is an awesome destination and soon it will be at the top of most American’s bucket lists.

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Prague, the Czech Republic


One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Havana, the capital of Cuba has got a faded glamour that meets carefully with the colonial era reconstruction with a backdrop of irresistible colour. Havana was once a Spanish territory and later a British city but now uniquely a Cuban city. An interesting fact about Havana is that it was found around 1515 and the city was located on the south coast of Cuba near a swampy area where BataBano is now but a few years later the city moved to its current spot on the northern coast with a built-in bay, which is now a harbour. The old Havana is famous for its salsa music, open-air bazaars, parties that last all night and the Catedral de San Cristobal. Every night at 9 p.m., the traditional cannon blast, takes place at the fortress, La Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana. the daily ritual is as much an attraction for locals as it is for tourists, with a crowd of about 1000 showing up for the big event every day.

The Technicolor murals line every inch of Hamel Alley, or as known as Callejon de Hamel, which captures the soul of Cuba’s Afro-Cuban culture. If you want to have a quintessential Cuban experience then you should hop in a vintage Buick or Chevy and cruise down the Malecon. The most famous and cannot be missed a place in Havana is the Coppelia ice cream shop, it has the longest queue to stand for. It seems like entire Havana queues up in front of this ice cream parlour. Havana with its old colonial period buildings and people cruising around in their vintage cars is definitely one of the most colourful places and worth visiting.

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The preserved medieval city of Belgium is a charming, antique sort of town. Dominated by churches and museums, Bruges is a quiet little city, everything from some peace to quiet to delightful and comfortable inns, it’s a great city. It is also referred to as the “Venice of Belgium”. Visiting Bruges will give a whole feeling of being in the medieval period. The Groeninge museum, an art museum that maintains a world-famous collection of Flemish Primitive, is a fascinating place for art lovers. The famous church The Church of Our Lady in Bruges is the tallest structure that will leave you breathless. It dates to around the year 1504.

Newlyweds should definitely plan a trip to Bruges, as it has got the most romantic lake, The Lake of Love also known as Minnewater in Dutch. It is considered the most romantic part of Bruges as it’s the former harbour of Bruges that has been turned into a peaceful and romantic locale in the city. If you love to be in peaceful places then you should definitely visit Bruges. It isn’t a large city but the uniqueness and charm make it worth to travel.

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The capital is renowned for the art nouveau architecture, the magnificent façade of Rundale Palace, Cesis Castle and the lush walkway through Kemeri National Park. With its narrow cobblestone streets colourful square and Medieval era building, Riga’s Old town is full of architectural treasures. Take a stroll down Rozena Street, a narrow alley stop for a coffee at one of the pavement cafes on Dome square.

Jurmala is a 20-mile strip of fine white sand home to a string of beach towns facing the Gulf of Riga. It’s the largest resort in the Baltics and a popular weekend escape. It is easy to find peaceful picnic spots in Riga. Apart from wonderful places, Riga has got wonderful cuisines too. There are plenty of cosy restaurants serving Latvian dishes like pork knuckle and meatball soup. So when you planning to visit this authentic contemporary city.

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Quito has a special location. The weather isn’t hot and humid, a unique place with a maximum temperature of 23 degrees C whole year. La Compania De Jesus is one of the most beautiful place and a uniquely built church. It has gold all over the place.

Another famous neo-gothic church is the Basilica Del Voto Nacional with some impressive art one can have fun by going all the way up to the clock and look at the city from the above. Tourists should visit La Ronda street, which is full of fun, offers traditional music, food and stores. La Heladeria De San Agustin in Quito is a place where you can find the most delicious traditional dishes and desserts.

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Lucerne is so beautiful that it will make you feel like you are in a dream world. The Kapellbrucke is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe as well as the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge. Lucerne has got the glacial lake, covered bridges church spires and of course the Swiss Alps.

On a rainy afternoon, you can have a delightful cruise around the Lake Lucerne on the Paddle Steamer, or Schiller. Tourists can visit Mount Pilatus, as the top of the mount is covered by clouds. Lucerne is a place best known for its scenic beauty and if you are a nature lover then a visit to Lucerne is a must.

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These were the 10 most beautiful cities which every person should visit in their lifetime. So, hurry up!! And add these travel destinations to your list.

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