Bed Bugs and Vacation Rentals ─ How to Protect Yourself and Your Property

Bed bugs are tiny pests that can cause big problems for vacation rental property owners. Not only are they a nuisance for guests, but they can also damage your property’s reputation. In Tennessee, bed bug infestations are on the rise, and it’s important to take preventative measures to protect both yourself and your guests from these pesky pests.

This blog will explore ten essential ways to protect your property from bed bugs and suggest the best service to keep them at bay. With each method, you can be proactive and keep bed bugs out of your vacation rental property for good.

However, before we dive into that, it’s important to know why cleanliness is important for your vacation rental and how to pick the best service. Let’s get started!

Bed Bugs and Vacation Rental ─ Why Choose A Professional Service?

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When it comes to bed bugs and vacation rentals, cleanliness is key. These tiny pests thrive in cluttered and dirty environments, so it’s important to keep your property clean and tidy. But even the most diligent cleaning can’t always prevent bed bugs. That’s why choosing the best bug control services is essential.

When choosing a bed bug control service, it’s important to do your research and pick a company that uses safe and effective methods. EcoForceBedBugServicesTennessee uses eco-friendly methods, which are not only better for the environment, but also safer for your guests and your property. They effectively eliminate bed bugs and prevent future infestations.

Additionally, their team of experts will inspect your property, identify any potential bed bug hiding spots, and implement a customized treatment plan to eliminate the pests. With their expert service, you can rest easy knowing that your property is bed bug-free and your guests are safe.

10 Ways to Protect Your Property from Bed Bugs

With the right knowledge and strategies, you can protect your property from these pesky invaders. Let’s explore ten ways you can protect your property from bed bugs.

1. Regular inspections of your property

Regularly inspect your property for bed bugs, especially where guests sleep, such as the bed, couch, and chairs. This is the first line of defense against bed bugs, as early detection is key to preventing a full-blown infestation. Look for signs of bed bugs, such as blood spots on sheets, shed skin, and live bugs. It’s also important to inspect any second-hand furniture before bringing it into your property.

2. Keep your property clean and clutter-free

Keep your property clean and clutter-free to remove potential hiding places for bed bugs. Regularly vacuum and dust, and make sure to clean any hard-to-reach areas such as baseboards, behind furniture, and in closets. This will reduce the number of potential hiding spots for bed bugs and make it easier to spot them if they do appear.

3. Use bedbug-proof bedding and furniture

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Invest in bed bug-proof bedding and furniture, such as mattress encasements, to prevent bed bugs from getting into the bed and furniture. These encasements act as a barrier and trap bed bugs inside, making it easier to eliminate them. It’s also important to use bedbug-proof pillows and cushion covers for added protection.

4. Use natural bed bug repellents

Use natural bed bug repellents such as diatomaceous earth and tea tree oil to help keep bed bugs away. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that dehydrates bed bugs on contact, and tea tree oil has been shown to repel bed bugs. These natural alternatives are safe for your property and can be used as a preventative measure.

5. Keep your property well-ventilated

Keep windows open and use fans to circulate air throughout your property. Good ventilation can help prevent bed bugs by making it harder for them to survive. High humidity and poor air circulation can create the perfect environment for bed bugs to thrive, so keeping your property well-ventilated is important.

6. Educate your guests on bed bug prevention

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Educate your guests on identifying bed bugs and what to do if they suspect an infestation. Provide them with information on preventing bed bugs from hitchhiking into their homes. This will help them take preventative measures when they return home and prevent a potential infestation on their property.

7. Encourage guests to report any bed bug sightings

Encourage guests to report any bed bug sightings immediately so that you can take action to eliminate the infestation. Make it easy for guests to report bed bugs by providing them with a contact number or email address where they can reach you. Responding to guests’ concerns can nip a potential infestation in the bud and protect your property.

8. Keep track of guests who have stayed on the property

Keep track of guests who have stayed on your property, as bed bugs can travel from one property to another. This will help you identify if a bed bug infestation results from a guest bringing them onto your property and also help you to prevent future infestations by warning future guests if a previous guest had bed bugs during their stay.

9. Use special bed bug-detecting devices

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Use special bed bug-detecting devices such as bed bug traps and monitors to detect bed bugs early on. These devices can alert you to bed bugs even before you can see them so that you can take action immediately.

10. Seal any cracks or crevices in your property

Bed bugs can easily hide in small cracks and crevices, so it’s important to seal any potential hiding spots in your property. This can include areas such as baseboards, around electrical outlets and light switches, and behind furniture.


Bed bugs are a serious concern for vacation rental property owners, but with the right preventative measures and professional service, they can be effectively eliminated. Remember to keep your property clean and well-ventilated, encourage guests to report any sightings, and work with a professional service to ensure your property is bed bug-free.

Be proactive, and use preventive measures before and after guests stay. Take action today to protect your property and your guests from bed bugs.

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