4 Of The Best Luxury SUVs

One of the most popular segments both in the USA and internationally, crossover SUVs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Much like sedans or coupes, there are affordable compacts like the Toyota RAV4 as well as ultra-luxury land barges like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

But, the best value is often found in the middle ground and premium midsize SUVs fit the bill perfectly. If you’re interested in finding the ideal luxury midsize SUV here is a comprehensive list for you to peruse. But, if you want a few cherry-picked models, these are a few of the best, ranging from the cutting edge to the large-and-in-charge, and even the nippy compact versions you wouldn’t usually expect.

1. Cadillac Lyriq


Though electric vehicles may be relatively new to the scene, it is one such SUV that stands above many more established models. The Lyriq is well-designed, with the type of futuristic styling that has come to define the EV segment. It is available with a single motor, developing 314 horsepower, or dual motors with a combined 500 hp and all-wheel drive capabilities. Regardless of configuration, this latest addition to the Caddy lineup can travel for up to 312 miles on a single charge.

Tesla may have dominated the market, but rivals are springing up quickly to put the upstart brand in its place, and Lyriq does so with ease. Not only is it more luxurious and spacious inside, offering ample space for people and cargo, but it is also cheaper than the Tesla X, which is actually not even in the same size category.

Things may change once Mercedes introduces its new line of EQ vehicles, or if BMW decides that it needs more than just the iX to be considered a player in the EV SUV segment. However, the Caddy Lyriq currently stands in a class of its own, and any newcomers will be hard-pressed to dislodge this star pupil.

2. BMW X5 Hybrid


If you are not quite sure if you want to go all in on an electric vehicle, you can still save some money by opting for a hybrid. The BMW X5 may not offer significantly better fuel economy with electric assistance, but it is a slightly greener option than the regular gas-fed variant. Also on the plus side, the hybrid powertrain amps up performance to allow this rather bulky vehicle to sprint to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds and tow a respectable 7,200 pounds. That makes the X5 useful in numerous applications, whether that’s an executive class or family friendliness.

Naturally, you also get BMW’s renowned experts when it comes to handling and driveability. This makes the X5 one of the more engaging and enjoyable SUVs money can buy, though you’ll quickly exceed the 30-mile all-electric range if you decide to take it for a joyride. After that, you can kiss the improved mileage goodbye.

The hybrid also has a few other drawbacks, like less spacious rear seats and oddly bland styling. However, it has a pedigree buyers respect and the logo alone makes it desirable. A fair amount of tech comes standard, though you will have to pay more than the already hefty MSRP to get access to the best features.

3. Genesis GV80


Savvy shoppers know that brand recognition isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For these people, the Genesis GV80 stands as a beacon against the overwhelming flood of German luxury fanboys. The premium division of Hyundai has done an admirable job of proving that you can have upscale materials, high-end comforts, and effortless performance without taking out a second mortgage on your home.

Starting at a much lower price than comparable BMWs or Mercs, the GV80 still delivers an impressive base specification, and it has a unique style that may turn even more heads because people won’t be expecting it. Ride comfort is a prime concern here, as well as plenty of passenger space. There is even a third row of seating, though it’s far too cramped for anything bigger than a small child.

Having been birthed by what is essentially a high-value mainstream brand, the Genesis GV80 inherits an exceptional reliability rating and a warranty that no other luxury automaker could hope to match.

4. Mercedes-AMG GLA 35


The German brand has a reputation for excellence, and even in its slight-sized crossovers, the expert touch of opulence and class is unmistakable. This compact SUV ticks all the boxes for having a plush interior and being widely customizable. It comes with a potent turbocharged inline-four engine that makes 302 horsepower – while this doesn’t sound like a lot, given the small size and nimble disposition of the GLA 35, it’s more than enough to get it moving.

The segment this little SUV competes in is quite niche, though, with the only real competition from fellow Germans in the odd little BMW X2 and Mini’s JCW Countryman. The AMG and the X2 are similarly priced and even offer similar performance from their 2.0-liter engines, but if you’re looking for the more opulent of the two, you’ll have to stick with the GLA 35. That’s not to say the X2 doesn’t have its own strengths, and it excels in terms of cargo space and practicality, but it just can’t beat the overall styling and look of the GLA 35.

It’s great to feature a car like this in a luxury SUV segment because it’s so different from what most are expecting here. Without acres of passenger space and a price tag that makes your eyes water, is the GLA 35 really good enough to make the list? We think it is – the Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 is much more thrilling to drive than rivals from Sweden or Germany, and despite losing out on practicality, is much more comfortable and serene to spend time in. And, as an added bonus, it comes stacked to the rafters with the latest technology and features. It’s a worthy entrant onto this list.

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