Where is the best place to hold a corporate event in Vegas?

You’ve probably heard an old saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. This should tell us enough, Vegas is a city that never sleeps and whoever visited it once will come back for more fun, there is no doubt about that. When we say fun, we don’t mean only gambling, but another kind of fun, too. The twinkling lights of Las Vegas and the magical dice, roulette, and slot machines attracted more tourists last year than any other city in the world. Concerts, musicals, revue dance spectacles, an incredible selection of shops, thousands of restaurants with all the national cuisines of the world, trips to desert oases transformed into cowboy villages where you are greeted by “authentic” scenes from westerns, but also spectacular hotel architecture, exhibitions and artistic performances, spa centers, museums, golf courses – these are only a part of what the signatory of these lines saw and experienced during her visit to that “city of life’s happiness”, as its residents call it. More and more companies are planning corporate events right here. In the rest of the text, read some suggestions for such an event.

The first and maybe the most important condition for finding the right place for such an event is location. Keep in mind many people are in for the first time in Vegas and they probably don’t do well around town. In addition, taxis can be quite expensive, and there are big crowds in the city, so a corporate event could easily turn into a big delay. Therefore, choose a location that is close to the conference hall and other places that could be interesting for visiting and socializing after the official part is over.

Clients most often hire agencies for the organization of various corporate events, first of all, because they are not sure what it takes to make an event successful, and the agencies are there to create a concept and give experiential advice about each event, depending on who it is intended for. If clients require a certain space, then they are those who have long-term cooperation with agencies and who have a history of organizing events. In that case, they can assess for themselves what is needed for a certain type of set. Why not relax and entertain your colleagues after a hard day’s work? Organize a tour of the city, go bowling, at one of the most famous casinos, or go to the Museum of selfies and you will have an unforgettable memory for a lifetime. In addition, there are many private event space Las Vegas that deal exclusively with the organization of such events, so why not combine the pleasant with the useful?

When we talk about the conference hall itself and what conditions it should meet a good idea is to find an unusual space where, using the brain trust method, many good ideas will be born that will ultimately solve your challenge. These rooms are ideal for external training, motivational workshops, and lectures.

Many people are not sure if education and team building are the same. The answer is – no. In contemporary business literature, the term asset appears property that generates additional value. The most valuable asset of any modern company is its employees. The more skills employees manage to develop, the more valuable, capable, and willing they are to generate greater value for an employer who recognizes and values their skills. That’s exactly what a corporate event is.

A dedicated corporate event for companies can have very specific goals. E.g. if you want to encourage creativity, i.e. recognize creative staff, the so-called creative workshops, such as recording video ads for specific products/services of your company. Who does not want to try their hand at the role of a director, actor, or scenographer? By recording such advertisements, you can get new ideas for advertisements, employees will thus acquire new skills or they can present their opinion about the product/service in a different way. Perhaps it is through this type of game that you can find “creatives” among your colleagues and later also involve them in real projects.

Considering that you are in a city that never sleeps, it would be a shame to go to sleep after an active and fun day. Now is the right time to go to karaoke, a pub quiz, or something else entirely. Think outside the box and create a memory you’ll always remember. Something will be late, something you won’t get there at all, and something will definitely go very, very wrong. Anticipate which aspects will have a significant impact on the event and create back-up plans for each.

Pictures are the best way to illustrate the success of an event. If your budget allows, hire a photographer. If not, assign a team member a task and equip them with a quality camera. For many clients, if there are no pictures of the event itself, then it’s as if it didn’t even happen.

As much fun as it sounds, organizing a business event is a very big and stressful job. It takes weeks and even months to organize everything to perfection. Planning is a science in itself that requires good organization. Although we have not mentioned it so far, it is clear to you that the budget plays an important role. Of course, at the very beginning, it is not easy to determine exactly how much everything will cost, but you definitely need to know how much you have available. Every next step depends on it, and it is always necessary to leave more money in case of unforeseen situations. Once you have a budget then you can move on.

Final thoughts


About two weeks before the event, go through the entire event process. Organize a meeting with your team and through the conversation analyze all aspects, from the initial setting to the flow of the entire event. Often, complications are noticed and pointed out precisely at these meetings, so you will have time to correct them. A few days before the event, organize another walk through the venue. Be sure that you did your best and together with your colleagues enjoy this business and interesting gathering!

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