5 Best Practices for Managing Multiple Airbnb or Vrbo Listings – 2024 Guide

Having your property listed on sites is a definite method to enhance your revenue and chances of receiving more reservations. Various new websites appear every week on the listing platform, hence it’s critical to capitalize on the opportunities to gain high visibility on multiple channels.

Getting listed on websites that offer Vrbo listing management services allow you to multiply your earnings and help connect customers seeking holiday rentals with property hosts/managers with relevant offers. A range of frequent users of such websites carry vacationers, private property owners, and home rental departments/management organizations.
By getting listed on such platforms, you will be presented with a fantastic chance as long as you are equipped to manage them without wasting time or money.

Since Airbnb and Vrbo listings are growing in popularity in 2024, it’s no wonder that property operators who started with a single unit now want to grow their company by adding additional assets to their portfolios.

Managing Multiple Airbnb or Vrbo Listings – 2024 Guide


While running several temporary rentals or owning a property management business is okay, the plight of retaining numerous Airbnb accounts that are genuinely permitted on the site remains. Now, that is the essence of the argument.
Listing your homes on various OTAs (online travel agencies) is the best approach to ensure you acquire as many reservations as a vacation rental management. After all, the larger the number of OTAs you use, the more people you can reach. Following are a few tips and tricks you can follow to manage your Airbnb or Vrbo listing in 2024:

Examine Airbnb’s Policies Thoroughly

Airbnb has specific rules in place to guarantee that everything runs well. For example, hosts must utilize a single account to fulfill all of their responsibilities. However, if you run an Airbnb company, you will be confronted with the monumental chore of maintaining several Airbnb homes.

Airbnb works as a corporation to detect and prohibit individuals who violate its laws and regulations. They can accomplish this by tracing the same IP address or contact details that hosts utilize across various accounts they administer.

Any Airbnb host ought to explore the rules and regulations in the region so that they are always aware of what they must follow when choosing to host on Airbnb. A further instance is that in order for your Airbnb multiple accounts to be active, you must respond to guest inquiries as quickly as possible.

Engage The Services Of An Asset Management Firm


If you discover that you and your inboxes have fallen short of the war, you need to include the fall of hosts’ mail, and you might hire a property management business. It provides 24/7 access to property owners and visitors, cleaning, property upkeep, and the assurance of making your calendar full of reservations.

In exchange for a tiny part of the cash generated by your many Airbnb homes, your property management business oversees the everyday operations of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate.

Property managers keep up with continuous maintenance, security, and maintenance of buildings and will act on your part and respond to any guest inquiries. They also look after advertising and marketing in order to recruit tenants, screen renters, collect rent, address maintenance and repair demands, and execute lease agreements.

Make Use Of Vacation Rental Software

A property management firm may have expertise dealing with Airbnb hosts with several listings, but it may not be easy to locate a company that cares about your specific Airbnb business needs. Thus, automation may be a better alternative for managing several Airbnb accounts.

You may utilize vacation renting software to manage numerous Airbnb accounts at once; message automation in vacation rental software such as Airbnb or Vrbo assists you in responding to your guests’ queries and grievances immediately.
In fact, the software simplifies every aspect of the guest conversation procedure by providing you with access to a single inbox containing all of your communications from all of your accounts.

Assemble Your Own Professional Team To Assist You


Putting together a team is essential for the accomplishment of your Airbnb. Hiring the appropriate employees is the most effective approach to protect your property, visitors, and financial line. In addition, excellent housekeepers, handymen, skilled photographers, and interior designers will be required.

A hosting team can be a company or a group of individuals that handle long or short-term leases on behalf of the property’s owner or renter. Find providers you can rely on in all parts of running the vacation rentals, and have their phone numbers handy.
Housekeeper, channel supervisor, and local assistant to manage visitor preferences and act as a point of contact in case of emergency. Pricing analyst to assist you in setting appropriate rates at the appropriate moment.

Find A Co-Host

A co-host assists vacation rental property proprietors with managing their listings in exchange for a part of their rental profits. To add a co-host to your Airbnb listing, simply navigate to your page listing. You should then see the list of things that correspond to what you want to add.

Companies that host distributed through peer-to short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, should incentivise hosts to enhance listing quality. But, before selling your home or allowing visitors, you must register, receive a permission, or obtain a license.
But, unlike programs on computers, when dealing with Airbnb listings, your fellow co-host may have a voice and may like to offer his/her thoughts on issues such as your price.

This might be tackled by working with another co-host may be advantageous because you may wind up collaborating with a fellow professional host.



The more available listings you have for your properties, the higher it will appear in Airbnb’s search results, thereby increasing the likelihood that it will be rented.

Another useful tool that can save time for you is the option to use template replies. In addition to saving money, adopting template replies eliminates the need for embarrassing errors.

You may also advertise your listings on networking platforms like Facebook to expand your reach. There is also free Airbnb software for management alternatives accessible!

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