6 Things To Consider While Buying Dinnerware For Restaurant Businesses

Tableware and dinnerware are two of the essential items in a restaurant that can contribute to the aesthetic aspect of the food.  The global market for porcelain tableware is expanding at a rate that no one can imagine- it is expected to reach a total market valuation of $39.5 billion by the next 10 years, growing at a CAGR of 6.3% for the relevant period.

It is often believed to feed the eye before the stomach. This couldn’t be more true in an industry where aesthetical appearances are a game-changer in excellent customer turnover and retention.

Whether a restaurant, a hotel, or a bar, plates, bowls, and dishes make a statement to the guests and set the tone for the occasion. Given below are specific considerations to make when buying these essential items for a successful restaurant business:

1. Budget Planning

Depending on the scale of your business, you will need to budget your investment in dinnerware before you purchase them. To gauge how much you can afford to spend on them, you will have to consider all the other factors mentioned in the list, along with other aspects like the number of people, accessories, menu, etc.

It is always advised to purchase the essentials for basic operation and budget for additional pieces. Always look for different suppliers who provide high-quality dinnerware.

2. Number Of Customers


Dinnerware is sold in two ways- as open stock and as set pieces. Open stock is ideal for restaurants that know the maximum number of customers they will have and the number of dishes they may order. You are free to purchase the number of pieces ideal for your setting, and you can also mix the styles and complementary designs.

In a nutshell, it offers flexibility. Sets provide you with an estimated number of pieces that one person can use and is also a practical option for businesses whose daily operation may vary.

3. Cuisine ─ Style, Formality, And Purpose

The food served is the most crucial factor in choosing the right dinnerware. Themes are everything, and everything from your tablecloth to the restaurant’s atmosphere must match the cuisine and dinnerware. Customers look for dinnerware that matches the environment that is created. When running a family restaurant, you must look for something kid-friendly, pet-friendly, lightweight, and durable dinnerware. Analyze your target customers and look for dinner plates accordingly.

4. Dinnerware Material


The most important determinant of the dinnerware price is the material. Different materials are used for different settings, from porcelain to fine bone china to earthenware, stoneware, ironstone, and glass melamine. For instance, melamine compounds and fine bone china are incredibly durable and are perfect for kid-themed or family restaurants.

The type of material depends on the manufacturer you opt for. Purchasing white bone china dinner sets will provide your dishes and plates with lightweight and durable finishes at the most affordable price. Fine bone china dinnerware is manufactured with china clay, stone, and high percentages of bone ash content, which is 100% safe to use and toxic-free. It also provides adequate protection from oven heat, making it microwave-friendly and dishwasher-friendly.

It is effortless to clean and maintain, which enhances its longevity. Moreover, its cultural and sentimental value in the family heirlooms increases market value with time. Getting them from a reliable supplier will ensure that large orders are met quickly with exquisite designs and professional experience. They will bring various designs and styles that can fit the taste of any cuisine worldwide. All restaurants and cuisines are unique, and customized features can help you bring out that uniqueness on the plate.

Bone china products are the most elegant and pristine dishes that are versatile enough to capture the beauty of any style. From white porcelain products to custom white tableware sets to luxurious tableware, fine bone china can help you create a dynamic edge in the restaurant’s theme and ambiance. Bone china is the most used material for dinnerware in hospitality industries, food chains, and outlets. Customizing the shape of the dishes for different dishes can enhance the appeal of the dish – creating an appetite for the food being served.

5. Dinner Set Combinations

Since dinnerware is often supplied in sets, choosing a set that satisfies all the pieces you require can be challenging. Getting them from the right supplier will help you customize sets to cater to the number and type of pieces you need for a particular atmosphere. You can also buy additional pieces separately, like chargers, bowls, and accent plates.

6. Shape, Color, And Pattern


When choosing dinnerware, the last feeling you need is the burden of choice limitations. A great rule of thumb is to always opt for versatile materials that can be effectively customized to incorporate your ideal designs and logos. For instance, porcelain and fine bone china dinnerware can incorporate multiple designs and textures that match your aesthetic. Look for designs that suit your tastes, and constantly expose yourself to multiple designs.

If you are looking for a bold, contemporary look, rustic patterns are your way to go. Not only does it develop a countryside feel, but it also creates an unconventional aesthetic with rough shapes. Prioritize coordination of the dinnerware with the ambiance of the restaurant. For instance, a bright and loud atmosphere can complement neutral tones like ivory and gray. Bring swatches of your tablecloth and napkins, stemware, and flatware while shopping for your dinnerware.


All dinnerware is unique in its looks and the role they play on the dinner table. Bright and cheery plates create a fun and enticing atmosphere, while fine china porcelain ones are the hallmark of an elegant and formal meal. As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want at a dinner table is the awkward combination of colors that disturbs the clients’ minds.

Buying dinnerware, like most decisions in a business, requires careful consideration of certain factors to satisfy the customers effectively. From budget to the number of people to the level of formality and materials, the above article gives a gist of what to consider before you make your first purchase.

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