5 Best Coffee Shops In Minneapolis For A Heavenly Cup Of Joe

Coffee is a favorite, but also one of the most controversial drinks on the planet because there are never enough statistics about it. And statistics, as in other branches that have long since soared far and deep into the world of business and marketing, “regularly” and cyclically change.

So, it is not uncommon for various “studies” to tell us that it is great to drink coffee, several cups a day, because it has a beneficial effect on our body, and not long after that, studies appear that deny it, and the circle continues.

And coffee remains coffee – the favorite drink that wakes us up in the morning, that during the day “raises the pressure” and gives us energy, that in the evening, with sugar and milk, can put us to sleep.

For such an important ritual of indulging in a cup of good coffee, one needs to know where to have it. Here’s a list of the 5 best coffee shops in Minneapolis.

1. Folly Coffee and Jinx Tea Bar


Looking for the best coffee in Minneapolis? Look no further, because you’ve just found a place that has a full package – super nice staff, extraordinary coffee, and a lovely environment to complement the whole experience. You’re not only going to drink the finest roasted coffee, but you’ll also be supporting economic sustainability at the origin.

A lot of times we fail to appreciate this, which is why this exceptional place is the first on our list.

2. Misfits Coffee Co.


If you’re looking for not-so-typical coffee shops, with a unique vibe, then don’t miss this venue. The name should tell a lot, about itself. Aside from good coffee, you’ll also be enjoying some good old rock music.

It’s much more than just a coffee shop, as the atmosphere is ideal for an after-work cocktail or a simple hot chocolate in the winter months. Delicious food is also what they’re known for, making this venue ideal for a breakfast visit as well.

3. Five Watt Coffee


One thing you should know about this place is they like to keep their standards high, making sure each brew is magical. If uniqueness is what you appreciate in your drinks, be it coffee or a cocktail, this place is what you have been looking for. All their drinks have a signature style.

4. 7 Corners Coffee


If you like modern-styled places where you can grab a book and read, or just retreat for a study session, then here’s where you should go. Besides making one of the best coffees in Minneapolis, they make a lot of effort to be involved in the community, which is not something a lot of venues can be proud of.

When you feel like having a bite of something delicious and getting away from the busy city streets, then come here, grab a sandwich with a cup of coffee and allow yourself to just be.

5. Uncommon Grounds Coffeehouse


Visiting the uptown often? Then this will be your new favorite place to have coffee in. The whole venue is in Victorian style, super comfy and cozy, making the experience truly unique. But not everything about this place is connected to coffee. Locals say they are known for their Chia Tea! Go and see for yourself.

What makes good coffee?

You must have asked a million times how to recognize a good cup of coffee. Although it largely depends on what kind you like to drink, it’s not that difficult.

Take espresso, for example. There are 3 key things that make it a good one:

  • Foam ─ Dense and sustainable foam, 3-4 mm thick, walnut color, then turns red-brown.
  • Taste ─ Long lasting on the palate.
  • Aroma/Fragrance ─ Strong aroma and full taste.

Of course, the best indicator of quality is certainly your experience with the first sip of the coffee. What makes coffee delicious are the aromatic oils, the quantity of which determines the quality.

Coffee that has been standing for a long time, exposed to oxygen and heat, releases oils that break down and come to the surface of the beans, and due to the heat, they become rancid. That is why it is necessary to clean the grinder container in which there is coffee and the dispenser every day.


Here’s an interesting fact about the coffee…

Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. It is also found in numerous other drinks, as well as in foods, such as chocolate. An average cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine. That is why it is not surprising that many people drink coffee when they want to improve concentration, speed of thinking, and reaction.

It reduces the feeling of fatigue but also speeds up the metabolism so that it works more optimally and regularly. It helps fat cells break down fat faster. However, it is the same with coffee as with other psychoactive substances, so some effects may be short-lived.

That is, if you drink it all the time, many of these benefits will be lost because your body will get used to a certain level of caffeine. However, there are many who consume it during various diets, when they want to lose weight, precisely because it improves the metabolism. It is especially important for people who train, so they drink it mostly before training because it wakes up the muscles and gives them energy for exercise.

We drink coffee because we love it for various reasons. That’s how it was, that’s how it will always be. And is it good and why, what are the truths and misconceptions about it… Well, we are also interested in that, but we look at it more informatively, read it briefly, remember it temporarily, then forget it. And then we make ourselves a good cup of coffee again, just the way we like it, and move on to our daily obligations.

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