How to Create and Advertise Traveling Vlogs?

If you have a YouTube account, then chances that your home page is infested with numerous traveling videos from the channels you probably did not ever hear off are major. Interestingly, that does not stop people from clicking on them randomly, because, who does not like traveling, right? On the other hand, the number of YouTube channels that maintain their audience is significantly smaller. Well, although it might seem like a dream job, there are certain sacrifices you need to make if you want to earn a living this way. Thus, read the following lines and try to figure out how to create and advertise traveling vlogs successfully.

Buy a Reliable Camera

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The tools of the craft sometimes define the master, and you definitely need quality equipment if you want to record yourself visiting interesting places, because what would be the point of your report if not to show all the amazing things you find interesting on your travels and share the experience with your audience. Now, we are aware that you might have a great camera on your mobile device, but that just won’t do. You need a video recorder that can handle long takes and still deliver decent quality. Although HD is good, 4K is incomparably better, so if the price seems a bit too much, think of it as an investment that will pay off one day. Also, do not forget about your phone, use it as a backup solution when you need to make a fast video or capture something interesting.


The point of traveling vlogs is to travel, right? But you do not need to go to the end of the world to make a video. The point is to present your viewers with unique content, no matter if they have already been to the place that you are vlogging about, they might still find out something more about it if you use the right approach. Unique content also implies presentation, and unless you are streaming a live video, devote yourself to directing the piece you intend on posting later on. Apart from the good video, people want to hear a story, and you should think of yourself as the protagonist.

Another amazing trick you should be aware of is that you will be getting a serious number of views from locals, reasonably, if you do the job right. Thus, when you try some local delicacies or foods characteristic for a country or a region, do be amazed and try to blend in as much as possible, not by faking it, but by sincerely trying to understand the culture and the customs of a place you are visiting.



Whether you are doing everything perfectly, you still need to make a name for yourself in the video vlogging industry, actually, you need to become recognizable on the platforms where you upload your videos. There are numerous ways to become more noticeable than others but you might want something quicker than letting the algorithm recognize your potential and suggest your works to particular randomly selected individuals. Namely, what could work ideally is advertising your material on the video platforms targeting exactly the ones that would be interested in the video material you share. Therefore, you would need an adequate video editing tool, such as this video ad maker from, which can enable you to adjust the content you want to promote and fit it in form of a YouTube or Facebook ads, Instagram story, intro video, or any other format you consider, will put the essence of your work in the foreground.

Social Networks

As we mentioned in the previous section, you can use ads to make people aware of what you are doing and present them with the most interesting material that could lure them into following the content you share for good, but that should not be the end of your promotional journey, moreover, it is an advanced technique used to gather publicity. Even though you might be satisfied with the results of sponsored advertisements, you should not forget about the basics, and that is the classic promotion on social markets. Not only should you use as many social networks as possible, but you should also interconnect them. What you can also do is ask your friends and family for a hand. Surely, you should not do that publicly, but via private message. What you should not forget when the public is in question is to enable your posts to be shared regularly so they reach as many people as possible.


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Video editing is something you either have to be proficient in or you need to hire a pro until you acquire enough knowledge to edit your videos on your own. Fortunately, nowadays you can find tutorials for anything you can think of, so all you need to do is to devote some of your time and thought to something that is of utter importance to your video vlogging. We know that raw footage can be amazing, but our advice is to leave it to the “behind the scenes” video special. Jokes aside, but the neater your final video looks, the more attention of the broader audience it should get. Certain vloggers spend almost as much time on video editing as they spend on filming them, so you might imagine how important it is to the whole process.


Healthy competition should only make you do your job even better and put an extra effort to make your vlogs more interesting, not the other way around. What is also an option is to work together with your competition, solely, you would not want to call them like that when you organize mutual appearances. You should prefer referring one to another as colleagues. Jokes aside, but you should consider doing a group project with other vloggers visiting the same place as you and share opinions about food, drink, architecture, or other segments you might discuss in a vlog. Contact your peers via social networks and see if you can make a deal that would work for both sides. In that way, you will reach out to more people who are already into watching travel vlogs so you can only prosper from this type of joint venture.

The point of travel vlogging is both to have fun and share the experiences from your voyages with others. Hopefully, you will have a new set of skills after reading through the text above and implement some changes to your work so far so you can enjoy even more attention from your viewers. Not only that it is important to love what you do, but also to do what you love, and if you have found yourself in the lines above, there should not be a problem to make a name for yourself doing travel vlogging at all.

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