7 Best Destinations For Anyone Looking For A Fresh Start – In 2024

When we are looking for a fresh start, it sometimes means we want to move far away from what we currently know as home and motherland, and find something with better conditions. Sometimes, these types of migration are related to work, sometimes to marriage, but many young people today decide to move somewhere because there is nothing left behind them, no matter the reasons, and they really need a fresh start far away. Neighbor countries are one of the best choices, because the cultures are usually similar, just like the economy, and you have a chance to start a completely new life, without being that much away from home.

Sometimes, the language barrier can be a huge problem, but you can always start with basic English until you adapt to life there. You will need it, especially when you want to study or work there.

Why do people decide to move?

We all need some fresh start in our life, but not every time is related to leaving the place you live now. But, when we do that, there is surely a huge reason why. Sometimes it’s work or study-related, but it can also be a result of looking for a better place to belong, after a breakup or divorce, or a huge life failure that we can’t go over, and we need a new environment to reinvent ourselves.


In 2024 it may be pretty difficult to move, since the pandemic is still not over, and you must take care of almost every aspect of your life. If you are in some debt, you can look for an attorney based on your location, like a Tulsa bankruptcy lawyer – because having no debts is the prime condition to start a new life.

And if you are looking for the best place to do that, here are our recommendations:

1. Denmark


Denmark is, according to many, the happiest place in the world. The country is beautiful, the economy is on a very high level, and they give a chance to everyone who moves there to be an active part of the community and society. If you choose the capital, Copenhagen, you are choosing the best place in Europe. Also, you are really close to Sweden, Finland, and Norway, and every other country in Europe is accessible with one flight. So, you can consider this one as maybe the best option, and that’s why we are putting it in the first place on this list.

2. Spain


Madrid and Barcelona are the biggest cities there, but you can choose any other, to start your new life. The lifestyle there is pretty active and dynamic, and people are very talkative. They are very likely to help you find a job, learn the language, and visit the best spots around. For example, Barcelona is alluring, and the additional benefit is that it’s the Catalan capital, and additionally, to the standard Spanish language, you will learn the Catalan version too. Spain is heaven on Earth, and you can even choose a coastline destination, for the best new beginning, as you’ve always dreamed of.

3. Australia


You have plenty of cities to choose from here, to start a completely new life. You can start with Sydney, or if you want a calmer environment, Wollongong is not that far away, but it’s far enough from the dynamic life in the city. Many people choose Australia because it’s really far away, and you need to change a few flights to arrive there. Some of them find the wildlife really disturbing, but the people there will teach you how to deal with that. But, be careful, because many people from Europe, especially the Balkans move there, for a better life, and it’s easy to meet someone you already know there.

But, it’s not that bad, because it can be pretty useful to know someone who will help you adapt to the great landscapes, and exceptional work offers. The best thing is that everything is affordable there, once you start working and earn money. Also, people there speak English, which is a little specific, but you will learn it anyway.

5. Canada


This is a very expensive country for foreigners, and you must be ready to work very hard, so you can afford to live there. Toronto can be really expensive for a fresh start, and you can go to some smaller city, like Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, Calgary, or even Winnipeg. They are all beautiful and offer great conditions for the foreigners who come there for work and living. So, if you are sure that you want to move, and that you can afford some of the initial costs like rent and food, you can consider Canada as an exceptional option for your new life.

6. Austria


If you want to touch one of Europe’s greenest places, and still be close to Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, or Linz, you can choose Austria’s countryside. There are plenty of forests, small natural lakes, rivers, and exceptionally beautiful landscapes. Also, Bregenz and Hallstadt offer magnificent nature and great conditions for living. No matter what place you choose, you can be sure that you can completely reinvent yourself, and still be near the urban areas of one of the most beautiful countries in Europe or worldwide.

7. Liechtenstein


The small country between Switzerland and Austria, but offers great living conditions, low living costs, affordable taxes… What else do you need for a new and fresh start, away from home, but close to the most beautiful countries in Europe?

If you really need a completely new beginning in your life, every other place different than your country is a great choice. Before you make a decision, you have to research all the aspects, so you can be ready for the challenges there. Also, always consider checking the crime rates index for every country you are planning to visit because you don’t want to end up in a place that isn’t safe for you and your family. No matter what you choose, we hope that you will find the happiness you are looking for.

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