Trying the Uncertain Tourist Path: Discover More of Europe

Europe can easily be considered one of the largest landmasses across the globe. This is easy due to its closely-knit countries that form what looks like once huge land on the map. That is why it holds several iconic places that people would love to travel to. However, these iconic places have been littered with tourists who holds ETIAS recently. It may become too mainstream that it might suffer tourist fatigue eventually, not that it will happen. I am just saying that it could. Maybe, to avoid this, we must look somewhere else to go on a holiday around Europe. Somewhere off the beaten path to use our ETIAS.

Discover More of Europe

• Huacachina, Peru

Dead on in the middle of an oasis, this paradise in a desert is not just a haven for thirsty desert travellers. It is an actual holiday destination that not many know about.  The Huacachina in Peru is surrounded by wind-carved dunes that are 20 feet above its residents. Some people climb this high up the dune not only to experience the magnificent view of the sunset as it breaches the little village but also, to climb 20 minutes up for the view and slide down in one using a sand board. That is a picturesque landscape with an exciting blood rushing sport to pair.

• Santa Maria dell’Isola, Italy

A monastery almost entirely coloured white, the Santa Maria dell’Isola in Italy is a great place to visit for its view atop a hill. It is surrounded by the beach town of Tropea. It offers a wonderful view of solitude. In addition, it has been a place for pilgrimage twice a year during the Assumption of Mary in August and the Nativity of Mary in September. A package of two – view and solitude – for the price of one.

Rome, Italy

• Pingvallavatn Lake, Iceland

This place in Iceland gives you the rare opportunity to swim in between two continents. This could easily be the most terrifying, yet the most scenic dive you could ever imagine putting your ETIAS to good use.

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• Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal

Found in the middle of Sintra, the Quinta de Regarleira has recently seen a spike in tourist since the place has been made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highlight to some, however, is the spiral staircase that is found in Sintra Palace. With how high and deep it can go, it is always best to think safety first.

• Islet of Virgin Mary, Greece

A small island just a few minutes away from the Port of Parga in Greece, this island can easily be reached by swimming. Of course, if you do not like to swim a distance, you can always use a pedal boat which might take you five minutes before you reach the shore, or a sea boat, which will take you three minutes to arrive.
In addition, to its lovely lagoon and coastal shores, you may also enjoy the two cathedrals built on the island. It also features a fortress by the French where once they controlled the port by mainly controlling the small boats and ships that passed through the island.

Beautiful Sunset

• Polperro. England

A small village in Cornwall, England. This has inspired many masterpieces. Its scenic view just waiting to be painted on a canvass. Of course, if you do not fancy painting, all the masterpieces that the village inspired are sold in are on sale in their galleries. If you are an amateur artist, however, this is just a good place to take inspiration from so that your ETIAS would not go to waste.

• Cividale del Friuli, Italy

A small village rich in history, it was once the centre of religious and temporal authority in the area. It is now a simple market village where people can enjoy a culture of food and laid-back leisure. Of course, the most striking of landmarks in the area is what people call as the Devil’s Bridge. Name so because of its legend where the townspeople tricked the devil of taking the life of a dog for they promised the life of the first living thing to pass the bridge in exchange of for the bridge being built. Not a good story for dog lovers, but an interesting story. In addition, its more interesting highlight is underground where a key can be borrowed from a café above ground. Entrance is free, but tips are appreciated.

largest churches in the world

These are just some of the hidden gems that Europe can offer its ETIAS holders, and you should be excited because there could be more undiscovered places left to be seen.  Europe has many to offer its ETIAS holders. It is not limited to London, Paris, and Italy, just to name a few. It has several undiscovered places that are waiting to have your footprint on it. It is just a matter of trying the unbeaten path and brave the uncertain because uncertainty does not always mean disappointment. Sometimes, it can easily mean a once in a lifetime discovery.

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