How Energy-Efficient Are Tankless Water Heaters – 2024 Guide

Tankless water heaters are also called continuous-flow heaters as they instantly heat the water flowing through them. The water is retained inside the device only if you insert any buffer into the tank at the heat exchanger coil. Otherwise, there will be no retention of water in the device internally.

Copper conductors are used in these devices as they have excellent thermal conductivity, and manufacturing is easy. You can install tankless water heaters throughout your house based on the requirements and size of the house.

The advantages of these heaters are enormous when compared to conventional ones. They are 75-80% more efficient than the other heaters. The primary benefit is its use of energy to a minimal level. The power can be used only when in service.

Tips To Decide Whether Tankless Water Heaters Are The Best For Your Needs

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There are numerous benefits to adopting tankless heaters over conventional ones. They include lower utility charges, higher efficiency, atmosphere friendly, etc. Here is a guide and more detailed information for using tankless heaters over other devices.

Working Of Tankless Heaters

The heaters usually consist of heat exchangers powered by natural gas or propane. When you power on the hot water tap, the heat exchangers inside the device start activating. When the water begins to flow through them, it gets heat until the desired level.

Types Of Tankless Water Heaters

Generally, you can find two types of tankless heaters: whole-home and point-of-use.

1. Whole-Home Heaters

These water heaters are oversized and intended to deliver warm water for a complete household. These components need to be fitted by an expert, and they naturally charge extra than POU tankless gas boilers.

2. Point-Of-Use Heaters

These heaters are smaller than Whole-Home devices and intended to deliver warm water for a specific part or utilization. You can fit the components of these devices by yourself, and they naturally cost lower than whole-home tankless gas radiators.

Who Requires Tankless Gas Water Heaters

You can opt for these heaters when you require an unlimited hot water supply. They usually heat the water as it starts flowing through the exchangers present in them. It means that you need not store the additional amount of water when not required.

This will be an excellent choice for families with numerous washrooms, as there will always be a continuous warm water supply. They consume low energy and, in return, offer higher efficiency; hence you can utilize them when you are in a heavy crowd and water is adequately essential.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tankless Heaters

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Despite its efficiency and advantages, there are a few things that you should consider while purchasing tankless heaters.

1. Location Of The Installation Of The Device

Knowing the installation location beforehand is essential to decide on the type of water heater you need to purchase. Make sure that the space is sufficient to install the whole unit and that adjustments, if any, are required.

2. Cost Of The Whole Device

The cost is also an essential factor to consider while purchasing the tank. Along with the manufacturing costs, you need to consider the installation and any miscellaneous expenses incurred during your first purchase.

Make sure to contemplate the maintenance charges in the future and also the monthly energy prices.

3. Electrical Requirements

Be assured that to speak with your electrician about the requirement for electricity and whether the existing electrical wires can handle the device. Also, checking the current supply of electricity capacity can withhold the device requirements will reduce the overhead costs in the future.

4. Pressure Of Water

These heaters typically need high pressure to ensure it works efficiently. Make sure to inspect the normal pressure in your household. If the pressure is less than required, you may encounter lower performance levels, and even the unit gets destroyed.

5. Warranty Of The Device

When you purchase any water heater, check beforehand whether it has a warranty. Because it will be of great use when the device causes any trouble at the initial stages or before the line.

Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters

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They offer several advantages over conventional heaters. They typically supply water continuously whenever needed, irrespective of the quantity. They also save energy usage as they use energy only when we power on the device.

They usually require less space for setup and installation, whereas other conventional tanks require a more extensive area. Hence, you can use them in tiny houses and apartments also.

They are considerably more reliable than the other heaters. Their efficiency is greater than 80% in most cases. You can use them for up to 20 years if you maintain them correctly according to the guidelines.

Safety Measures

It would be best to consider several safety measures while setting up the device and using them. You need to measure the required power and load capacity, adhering to official guidelines. Also, ensure that all the electric wires related to the device’s connection are grounded accurately.

Following the company’s guidelines while installing and using it daily is vital. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the device are compulsory if you use it more daily. At last, it is significant that a specialized electrician performs any repair or the initial installation works because any minor error concerning the electrical work will cost massive damage to both device and the people surrounding it.

Maintenance Of The Device

Regular maintenance of the device is compulsory to ensure that the heater lasts, its efficiency, and performance for long years.

It typically comprises cleaning, reddening, and scrutinizing the components frequently. Sometimes, you may need to replace the essential parts, where following the guidelines given by the company is important.


The tankless heater is more efficient when compared to all other heaters. It offers efficiency in a range of 75 to 80%. However, consider a few essential factors mentioned above before purchasing them. If you are with a household of joint families, then these would be an excellent option for fulfilling your hot water essentials and requirements.

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