Most Environment-Friendly Flower Delivery Companies

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding or just showing some love to a loved one, flowers are a beautiful accessory. They help you create lasting memories and provide some good cheer when it’s needed.

Therefore, for most people, it is becoming essential to find out whether the stems are grown in environment-friendly conditions. Questions such as the material used in packaging the flowers and the types of chemicals used, then arise.

If you’re looking to buy flowers from firms that meet these criteria, we can help with that. Here, we will look at the five flower delivery companies that mind the environment in their work.

Eco- Friendly Flower Delivery Companies

1. Arena Flowers

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Arena ranks highly in the list of the most ethical florists in the UK. Every time you buy flowers, the company promises to plant a tree in any country where deforestation is high.

This Christmas, Arena has also pledged it will plant a total of 12 trees every time you buy a bouquet.

In addition to this, the company sells a variety of Fairtrade flowers, which means they meet the ethical standards. The farms growing these flowers ensure water sustainability in countries like Kenya. As part of this plan, farms that boost water in the surrounding lake get agriculture capital.

The company also sources flowers from farms that heat water with thermal energy. Another plus is the use of pest-killing insects, which reduces the application of pesticides.

2. Bloom and Wild

The company has committed to cut carbon emissions in its work. This reduction in carbon emissions includes what they produce from the office, farms when transporting the flowers until the bouquets reach the customers.

One of the ways through which it’s ensuring a cleaner environment is by supporting projects that reduce carbon. In some countries, these include clean cooking and water projects.

Bloom and Wild also use a recyclable letterbox to deliver flowers to you, instead of single-use plastic. What’s more? Their flower nets are recyclable. The goal is to have everything become recyclable.

The company also says it doesn’t send waste to landfills, which can be hazardous to the environment. Instead, it makes sure only to grow what is needed. In the event of damaged flowers, they are composted.

And to celebrate your occasions with these eco-friendly packaged flowers, you can get 25% off at Bloom and Wild via troopscout.

3. Appleyard Flowers

The Appleyard collections have a variety of brunches from the UK, saving on transport miles, which is good for the environment.

To deliver those beautiful flowers to you, the company uses recyclable paper and cardboard.
As a way to further the goal of its ethical operations, Appleyard says it’s working on making the whole process eco-friendly.

On top of this, the company works with Fairtrade farms. This means farms from which they source their flowers grow their stems in an eco-friendly manner.

4. Bunches

Although it still has cellophane-wrapped flowers among its bouquets, the letterbox option is also on offer. The letterbox option means you have a choice to protect the environment by having your flowers delivered in an eco-friendly way.

According to Country Living, Bunches sources a majority of its stems from farms that are certified by Florverde Sustainable Flowers. This certification ensures farms use water well, mostly relying on rainfall. Besides, fertilization is usually through organic methods.

Growers also support local afforestation efforts.

5. The Real Flower Company

This company bears the LEAF Mark accreditation for conforming to environmental standards.

Unlike some commercial firms, its flowers are not refrigerated for more than two days. Such a plan saves the company from wasting energy through unnecessary hours of refrigeration.

The stems are cut according to the market demand to avoid leftovers, which are challenging to discard. Should there be leftovers, The Real Flower Company donates them.

What to Consider When Considering Eco-Friendly Firms

  •  Chemicals Used

The critical thing to look out for is whether farms used chemicals in growing the flowers — the more organic, the better in terms of fertilizer.

Also, the use of insects to kill pests rather than using harsh chemicals is encouraged.

  • Water Use

How is the company using water? An eco-friendly firm uses its water sources sustainably. Companies that are part of resource restoration programs help to save the environment.

  • Packaging Details

We all want our flowers beautifully packed and delivered. But, you can have both a neat presentation and a package that protects the environment.

Here, the more recyclable the items used, the better. For instance, letterboxes are better than single-use plastics.

Read our full article on environment awareness here.

  • Transport Costs

Although the UK imports a lot of its flowers, supporting local firms is encouraged. When flowers are grown locally, there’s little damage to the environment through transport.


Flowers are beautiful, yes. But, they become even more appealing when they aren’t harmful to the environment.

Therefore, when ordering a bouquet, don’t just go for the uniquely arranged ones, check the history of the stem from the farm to your doorstep. Go for the most environment-friendly flower delivery companies.

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