What is the Best Way to Explore Indonesia’s Remote Islands

Are you a world traveler? We sure hope you are. Our planet is a marvelous jewel and all of us should explore it to its furthest ends. This is not an easy task, but we should strive for it. Where do you live? If the answer is Europe or America, there are parts of the world that differ a lot from where you live. We can agree on that with ease. One of the places that deserve consideration for your bucket list in terms of destinations you need to visit while you’re alive is certainly Indonesia.

What makes this country so interesting? We’re glad you’ve asked. It consists of more than 17,000 islands. Can you believe that? This is a staggering number. Of course, it makes it almost impossible to visit all of them. But hey, you can at least try. Of course, most people visit the biggest ones which include Java and Sumatra. Going to mainstream islands is great, and you must and deserve to see them. But, let us tell you, the true beauty of this multi-island paradise lies in its small and remote islands. It’s where Indonesia shines the brightest.

If you possess even the tiniest bits of adventurous spirit you’ll want to visit some of them. This is great news if this is your plan, but you need to do some exploration before that. It’s not easy to reach these islands. It’s not like you can swim from one to another. That wouldn’t be safe nor wise.

So, what options do you have? Here is some good news. You have options at your disposal, and we’re going to talk about them in this article. If you continue reading you’ll discover what is the best way to explore Indonesia’s remote islands.



Are you familiar with this term? If not let us explain in a few short sentences. We are talking about a boat whose sole intention is to have passengers abroad and have them explore the sea, oceans, islands, and sea life, and enjoy activities such as diving or swimming. This is one of the most popular ways of transport in most island countries. This is not only a trend that exists in Indonesia but it’s also present in the Caribbean and Maldives. Considering how many islands there is in Indonesia you’d be wise to choose this as your mean of transportation.

It’s not only that you’re going to reach point B from point A, but you’ll also have various content to enjoy while on the ship. If you’re residing in, or near Triton Bay, you should try to Google Raja Ampat liveaboard and see what pops out. We’re talking about one of the best organizations in terms of providing services tied to liveaboards. They have a great and professional staff and some beautiful naval vehicles such as their Neptune One.

Once you’re aboard you will start exploring Indonesia in ways you thought aren’t possible. In addition, you’ll be catered to all your needs in terms of food and drinks, and also if you’re for some diving you can do it in groups or individually. Because of all of this we believe that using this means of transportation to get around Indonesia is the best. But, of course, it’s not the only one, and we’re not going to stop here.

Fishing Boats


Yes, Indonesia is the land of fishermen. Once you land your feet there you’ll get an impression that every person owns a small boat. If you put your attention to the most remote islands, this might be your only mean of transportation. Some of the islands in this archipelago are quite small, and you can’t even land there with a bigger boat or a seaplane. Fisherman boats are ideal for shorter destinations.

It will be like you’re having a personal local guide, of course, if you can break the language barrier. This is a great way to have an adventure like Leo Di Caprio had in his cult film The Beach. Of course, you should be careful when choosing this type of transportation. The fisherman trusts their boats but they’re not always the safest option. If the distance is a longer one you need to find a different means of transport.



Speak of the devil, speak of the adventure. This is a great way to explore any island. With 17,000 of them at your disposal, and with a need to see as many as fast as possible you need both air and naval vehicle. One of the best you’ll find that fits the description is the seaplane. Yes, this could be a little bit more expensive option, but flying above the islands and then approaching them by sea has a certain charm. You’ll get to explore them both by air, by sea, and by the ground. You can’t ask more from this great adventure.

Of course, it’s not ideal to move from islands that are close by, but if you need to jump a couple of miles, a seaplane will do the trick. Hell, even Sylvester Stallone flew one in The Expendables. Of course, you don’t need to have that type of action, but a little bit of flying and some sea landing do sound great. We’re all for it.



Let’s not forget about the ferries. Tourists are not the only people who need to get around this island country. Many locals need to travel daily due to work or school. This is why ferries are quite popular in this country. The majority of the bigger islands are connected through ferry lines. You’ll even find ferries that cover the smaller ones. Of course, you won’t find ferries that go to the smallest and most remote islands there, but for that, you’ll have the options we listed above.

Of course, it all depends on where you’re going, how long will you plan on staying, and travel between the islands, but any of the options from above should cover you. There’s the small matter of financing, where some options are more expensive and others are cheaper, but when in Indonesia seeing as many islands as you can is essential for a good stay.

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