11 Facts About Undies That You Never Knew Until Today

Buying good quality underwear that keeps you comfortable all day long is one of the necessities of life. You choose undies based on their fit, size, type, and the likes. But did you know that once upon a time buying this piece of clothes meant getting yourself a leather loincloth? Did you ever think that briefs can be more popular than boxers?

Well, the undies have a long history of evolution, and there are several interesting facts associated with them. Let’s get you updated about eleven lesser-known and highly entertaining facts about underwear. Here we go!

1. The first men’s innerwear was a leather loincloth

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The first men’s underwear was basically a leather loincloth. In fact, scientists have evidence that it was worn almost 7,000 years back. However, leather drawers did not stay in fashion for too long because people found out that the massive sweat buildup in that non-porous material meant rashes and itching in the nether regions.

2. The advancements in underwear in the fifties

Nowadays, you get men’s underwear that is as comfortable as anything. But this was not always the case. Advancements in underwear started in the 1950s when rayon and spandex were created. It created new concepts and styles of various kinds of underwear. This was the time when underwear started becoming expressive instead of being only practical. You can check a few amazing options and designs by checking this site.

Also, during this time, the bikini brief was invented, which added a new style and cut to the industry. To this day, it continues to be the most popular for women.

3. Importance of changing your underwear regularly

It is important to change it regularly. Dirty undies can lead to seriously itchy skin from bacteria that might lead to infections. Such bacteria might also be the cause of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). These bacteria tend to multiply quite rapidly and lead to severe diseases, like bladder cancer and kidney failure.

This is the same reason why you should not wear undies that are too tight. It not only causes discomfort but also leads to sweat accumulation.

At the least, if you don’t change your undies regularly, those microbes from the dirty underwear might lead to blisters and sores that tend to multiply and keep growing.

4. Always change the underwear after you work out

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It is really important for you to change your underwear right after you work out. Bacteria tend to thrive in parts that are both moist and warm. Bacteria start reproducing as you keep sweating at the time of exercising. These will remain in the underwear until you change them so make sure you get them changed soon enough to prevent any infection.

So, come home after your workout session, change your undies, and take a good bath to completely fresh up.

5. The term ‘going commando’ has military origins

‘Going commando’ is the term used for referencing wearing pants minus the underwear. It actually serves a practical purpose for the military commandos.

As soldiers need to travel light when they are on duty, getting caught in thunderstorms is common for them. When the rain makes their underwear wet, the fabric starts irritating and chafing up against that skin it’s touching. To make sure this does not happen, many soldiers tend to go without any underwear.

6. Briefs or boxers: which one would you choose?

Do you prefer packing boxers or briefs in your travel cases? Studies say that briefs enjoy more popularity than boxers. A greater percentage of men like wearing briefs over boxers.

7. Men or women: who spends more on underwear?

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Women tend to spend at least 1,550 percent more on underwear than men. During women’s lifetimes, they spend around $31,000 on luxury, while men spend no more than $2,000. An important reason behind it is that men’s underwear costs less.

So, for guys, keep in mind that even if you spend a couple of more bucks on better underwear, you will still not be spending as much as a woman does.

8. Married men change their underwear more frequently

From the t shirt for men or their underwear, married men are more particular about what they wear. Married men tend to change their underwear twice as many times as single men. One of the reasons behind this is that women are more particular about laundry. However, it is a lot more fun to think that this change is more cosmic.

9. The color of your underwear is more important than you think

Many cultures believe that the color that you wear on New Year’s Eve helps in determining how your life is going to take shape over the upcoming year. As such, pink underwear denotes a romantically successful year. Blue underwear ensures good health and red underwear corresponds to overall good luck.

10. Thongs were made for the young girls back in 2002

Source: thoughtco.com

Abercrombie & Fitch made thongs for young girls back in 2002. These were really small in size, which led people to use suggestive phrases, such as ‘eye candy’ and ‘wink wink.’ Soon there was a public outrage against these things and these little underwear were discontinued soon enough.

11. Briefs don’t end up lowering the sperm count

Briefs don’t end up getting your sperm count down, contrary to popular belief. However, extra heat trapped in those nether regions will affect your sperm count. It means that your non-porous polyester underwear does not let your skin breathe freely, which ends up limiting the sperm count.

The briefs that are not well-designed and too tight might also impact the sperm count. But you will not feel any trouble in good quality briefs. In simple words, if you can shell out some extra bucks on your drawers, you will not have to worry about the negative impact on the sperm.

The final note

You will definitely not be looking at them the same way ever again, isn’t it? Hopefully, these eleven facts have amused, informed, and entertained you enough. So, now without waiting anymore here, go ahead and get a couple of new underwear for yourself.

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