How to Get Around in Dubai as Tourist

In Dubai, the best way to roam around is either public transport or your own car. As the city is famous for having a high tourism rate, so to provide all the people with an amazing experience, a lot of options are available to travel. All of these options are highly comfortable and easily accessible. If you prefer having an amazing and luxurious tour, then there is also a luxury car rental in Dubai.

Traveling in Dubai as a Tourist

While traveling in Dubai, you will find the metro red line for long routes, the green line, and trams for short distances. There are also RTA-operated buses that have separate routes within the city. If you want to travel in a car then there are also options for taxis that you can find from any closest stop to your home. There is also Uber and Careem present that provides timely service to all the passengers. As per the experts of most of the tourists that visit Dubai face problems in traveling. Here are all the available options for you to travel by, along with the cost and the routes available.


There is a metro red line and a green line that has different routes. Most of the top-rated new destinations to visit in Dubai are very close to the metro stops, such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, etc. The best thing is that it is also connected with the airport, so you can directly take the metro once you land in the city instead of getting expensive cabs or taxis.

Timings – From 5 AM to 12 midnight. During the peak hours, it comes in every two minutes. As for normal hours, the bus comes after every 5 to 7 minutes.

Cost – The minimum cost is 4 AED, and the maximum is 8 AED. At this cost, you can travel from the first to the last station.



The entire transport of Dubai is controlled by RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) that have kept amazing air-conditioned buses with enough seating available for all the passengers. The routes where most of the passengers travel have double-decker buses that are frequent enough to provide enough seats for all travelers. The best thing about these buses is that they travel to all the areas and you can easily find the bus stop just near your accommodation.

Also if you are curious about the bus routes and timings, then every bus stop has boards on which you can find all the details written.

Timings – Every bus has its own routes that are operational from 4 AM till 1 AM. For example, some buses come after every 10 minutes, and some come after every 20 minutes.

Cost – The minimum cost is 3 AED, and the maximum depends on the distance you are traveling.


The best thing about Taxis is that you can find them anywhere. If your travel destination is a little far from the metro station, then just take a taxi that is present right outside the station. The charges depend on the time it took to reach the destination, and the distance traveled to reach it. The starting price of a taxi is 12 AED, and then it depends on the location you are going to.

Timings – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Late at night, sometimes it gets difficult to find, so you can also get Careem or Uber to avoid any inconvenience.

Cost – Taxis start from 12 AED

Car Rentals


If you want to make your tour memorable without taking the tension of the metro and bus timings, then prefer getting a luxury car rental in Dubai. You can avail this service right from the airport and can also keep the car with you for your entire tour. To make your trip more memorable, you can also drive it yourself around the city. All you need is just Google Maps and your luxury car to visit all the locations you want to on your tour.

Cost – The cost ranges from the brand and model of the car you get and the duration you rent it for.

Timings- All you need to do is make your booking of the time slot you want. The service is operational 24/7.


In the entire city, there are perfect sidewalks for cycles. If you want to save money and have to travel a short distance, then the best option is to take any of these. Careem started this service in Dubai, and now you will find bicycle stations near metro stations and the locations where people visit the most.

You can also get bicycles to use on famous spots such as Al Qudra Cycle Track in the desert. Just download the Careem bike application and scan the QR code to unlock the bike. Once you unlock, then your timing will start to be noted. The minimum time for which you can take the bike is of 45 minutes.


1 entire day – AED 20

1 Week – AED 50

1 Month – AED 75

1 Year – AED 420

Timings – The best thing about these scooters and bikes is that they do not have any time restrictions. You can get them and return them at any time from the station.

Electric scooters


Electric scooters are also the most popular ones in Dubai, and tourists love to travel on them, especially in the fall and winter seasons. All you need to do is just download any of the following four applications; Terre, Secret, Lime, and Rabbit. These applications are available on the iOS system as well as on Android. You can travel to any place on these scooters as the roads of Dubai are in perfect condition without any potholes.

Cost – These e-scooters are unlocked with only AED 3, and then the charges are 50 fils after every minute.

Timings – Through the downloaded applications, you can easily find the nearest location where you can find the scooter that works 24/7.

Payment methods

Before you go on towards using any service for your travel, first learn about all the possible options through which you can make your payment. Take a look at the payment methods and how you can pay for any of the services.

Nol Card

This is a smart card that will help you to travel on the metro, any kind of bus, and trams. With nol card, you need to charge money, and then you use it to pay for all the public transport. Every metro station would ask you to punch in that card before entering and while leaving the station. Also, every bus has a card reader attached at more than one place where you have to pinch in your card while entering and at the time of exit.

Cash Payment

If you carry cash with you, then you can only use it in taxis or in Uber or Careem only. Apart from these services, you cannot use them to pay anywhere else. If you opt for a luxury car rental, then you can also make your payment with cash.


Credit/Debit cards

If you prefer not to carry cash and rely on cards, then the good news is that every taxi driver keeps a machine from which you can make the payments. Also, if you do not have cash on your Nol card, then every metro station has a machine from which you can top up your Nol card through your credit or debit card.

Traveling in Dubai as a tourist

The options to travel in Dubai are unlimited for a tourist. To spend the best vacations in the city, the best option is to opt for a luxury car rental in Dubai. This can save you time and will also give you the best experience of holidays with the high-end sports and luxurious cars. The amazing offer is that the booking can be done from any part of the world. If you are coming from the USA to Dubai then you can make your booking while you are still in the USA. The other options that will make you time-restricted include public transport. In Dubai, life at night is famous, especially when you come to parties and enjoyment. To avail this, you cannot travel through any other means of transport instead of renting your own car or Uber.

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