How to Get Proof of Onward Travel in 2024

Getting proof of onward travel is very popular in 2024 and more people are exposed to this. Many entrepreneurs/Digital nomads prefer to go on one-way tickets and need something called proof of onward travel, onward ticket, or a return ticket.

It happens all the time when we travel to countries in Europe like Bulgaria, Amsterdam, and Spain or South America such as Colombia and Mexico. Often the officer will ask if you have proof of onward? And if you travel only one one-way then you’re doomed.

They can deny you a flight.

Luckily there are sites that solve it.

Hold My Fare- How to get 72 hours  (Book now pay later)

A couple of companies like Emirates allow you to hold your ticket for 72 hours.  (It is also called book now and pay later)

It’s a bit complicated for beginners and not all the time it works.

Some sites will allow you to pay later on the flight in some cases so you can use it to get a ticket for visa application, proof of onward travel, etc.

Onward ticket websites


There are websites that provide an onward ticket for very cheap. It can cost from 10 bucks to 70 bucks depending on the site.

These sites will do like option one. They book flights for free with 72 hours cancellation terms.

And they provide real tickets for the users. It can be a flight ticket or hotel ticket up to you.

The flight itinerary can be verified on official sites and your flight can be searched online using the flight number.

A site that you can use is

Free cancellation  flight

You can take advantage of free cancellation booking or cancellation with a small fee. Many sites have that option and you can utilize it.  Buy a flight and cancel later for small fees. So your ticket, if you try to obtain a visa or other countries for some people, is the way to go.

Dummy ticket  service


This method also works and is used by many people. This site will create for you a template that you can use with a dummy itinerary number and time. The times on the ticket matched a real ticket; this is why it works so great. It works by creating flight templates.

The template itself looks good with all the time, photos, and text like the real ticket.

One site that I can recommend is this one. They seem to have good reviews and have been for a long time. Recommended site  visit this site for try it out.

What is the risk of not bringing a return ticket while traveling abroad?

It happens for many young people out of a lack of knowledge on it that they bring only on a one-way ticket.  If they fall on strict officers they will and have been denying for many people their flights.

So it is good to bring all the documents beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Especially if you go to Mexico these guys are strict as hell from my experience. They have been asking me all the time for proof of onward travel or Thailand. They are less strict but they also ask many times.

So watch out for this.

What you can also do to avoid the officer asking you to return is to have good clothes. Wear nice clothes and clean. Suitcase is a huge bonus because they know you have money and they are less likely to ask you.

Have a nice pair of sunglasses such as Rayban and maybe you could reduce the risk of people asking you a return.

In which cases proof of onward travel is useful for me?


When you go on a one-way ticket to another country – Where you are at risk of losing your ticket. Many people who go on one-way tickets were denied because they don’t have a return. So this, where it is most useful to bring a return if you are the ticket, is expensive and can be frustrating to lose it.

When you extend a visa –  When you extend a visa for example in Thailand for another 3 months. They will ask for a ticket proof that you leave the country in 3 months. Otherwise, they won’t give you it. So you must give them this ticket to secure your extension.

From my personal experience, Thailand asks for proof of onward and hotel ticket proof. Bring them on before going to their embassy.

When you apply for a visa application – Many countries will ask for proof of onward (onward and return ticket) that you go to countries they want to see that you will leave at the time of your visa.

Countries don’t want people to stay forever so you must bring this proof onward when you apply for a visa.

Many people don’t like the idea of buying a real ticket before getting a visa. This is where dummy tickets, onward ticket services and 72 hours hold come to the picture.

All the services above make the life of millions of people easier.

Not all people are smart to know this and you are one of the smart people who know it knows (assuming you read my article)

You are among the 10% of the people who are aware of these things.

How does dressing well reduce the risk of asking you for proof of onward travel?

Dressing well, looking good and clean or looking rich can reduce the risk of an officer asking you for an onward ticket. This is simply because if you look rich they many times don’t ask and let you pass. if you look poor they ask many times.

So if you don’t want to use any of the services above and also don’t want to buy a ticket you better look good.

It happens every day that the airport doesn’t allow entry for people who didn’t bring a return ticket.

you don’t want to be one of them and you want to have safe travel. Do what I wrote above to avoid any troubles on your trips.

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