Here’s what you Should Beware of Before going for Your Komodo Island Trip

Are you planning to go on your inaugural sailing trip? Chances are that you have numerous questions running through your mind. How safe is it? How long will it take? How should I go about the booking process? It is natural for anyone to come across such questions in mind when they haven’t been on such a trip before. So Let’s discuss some of the things you should know before going for your first Komodo island trip. We suggest staying at Ayana’s luxurious hotels.

Avoid Sailing during Holidays and Weekends

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Many local trips in Indonesia often take place during public or school holidays and at the weekend. If you prefer quiet, less-crowded locations, you want to avoid planning your Komodo Island trip around these days. Sailing during off-peak seasons helps you explore different locations conveniently.

Keep in mind, this place is flocked with thousands of tourists throughout the year, so if you want to make the most out of your visit, it is best to settle for off-peak season. Navigating a trip In Indonesia during holidays is only going to cost you a lot of money and will consume a large part of your time.

Similarly, it is not a good suggestion to enjoy the trip on the weekend. Only if you are a people’s person and enjoy the company of many visitors around should then you plan a trip on Saturday and Sunday. However, if you are repulsed by large gatherings, your experience is going to be bad.

Will it be Safe?

Apart from ordinary accidents, your trip around the Komodo Islands is safe. While you may not know how experienced your captain will be, their experience will enhance your sailing experience. A qualified and experienced captain will make you feel at ease, especially when it comes to navigating rough seas.

Where possible, go on your sailing trip in Komodo during the recommended months or seasons. You want to avoid the Months of January, February, and December due to bad weather, extreme rain, and rough seas.

The sea will be calmer in April both during the day and night. One interesting thing about sailing at the Komodo Islands is that you get to meet and interact with other travelers. Often, different boats are anchored within the proximity of the island, giving you the perfect opportunity to share your experience with other travelers.
Remember, many boats sailing across the Komodo islands will be going in the same direction. If anything happens, you can be guaranteed that assistance will be close to you. You will be sailing in an area that’s enveloped by islands. This means that the sea will be calmer, and sailing will be safer.

Secondly, you need to be well versed with the sailing practices, otherwise, it will be hard for you to enjoy the trip.
However, if you have never been on such a trip before, the best way is to go through a few VLOGs on Youtube to learn from the experiences of different people. Despise packing too much because then you are only inclined towards taking care of your stuff all the time.

Take a Prolonged Sailing Trip where Possible

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What is your idea of going on a sailing trip? Not only do you want to jump in different islands. You also want to relax and enjoy your stay on the cruise boat. Apart from engaging in different activities such as hiking and snorkeling, you want to have a varied view of the Komodo National Park.

A one-day sailing trip won’t be enough to help you get maximum experience. You want to avoid a situation where you do things in a hurry. Where possible, take at least a 3-day sailing trip. This will give you enough time to relax and explore different cruise points.

What are the benefits of a multiple-day Komodo sailing trip?

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It allows you to go hiking and enjoy early morning scenic sunrise views of Padar Island. Avoid hiking during the afternoon because it can get extremely hot. You will also have enough time to go snorkeling at the exclusive Pink beach. Other Activities you can enjoy during your Komodo Island Trip include:

Short Hikes

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Komodo National Park has some of the most dazzling islands. Do you want to enjoy a picturesque view of the great sceneries? Set aside approximately 30 minutes to go hiking at the top island. These hikes will be fair for you, especially if you are a sports enthusiast.

You will need a proper pair of hiking sandals or shoes with great traction to maximize your hiking experience.
Before embarking on any outdoor activity at the Komodo Islands, remember to wear your hat and apply a good quality sunscreen on your skin. This will help you protect your skin and safeguard you against heatstroke.
Remember, the heat and sun at the Komodo Islands can be unbearable. This explains why the areas around the National Park are overly dry.


While you can book your Komodo Island sailing trip in advance, booking on the spot is recommended. This way, you can see and analyze the state of the boats. You can also compare different boats and settle for one that best serves your expectations. An easy tip to make your experience become worthwhile is to be happy and have fun.

Don’t think too much and let loose yourself. Keep in mind, not many people have the opportunity of setting off on such a trip, so now that you have this opportunity, it is important for you to make the most out of it. Indonesia is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world, so you must give it some thoughts before setting off. Secondly, if you have any doubts about the trip, it is best to read the client reviews under the different packages on the internet. This way, you will easily be able to weigh the pros and cons of setting off to Indonesia.

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