6 Great Places To Visit In Taiwan And Where To Stay 2024

Taiwan is located in the southeast of China. Housing some beautiful vibrant cities, Taiwan is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Grand museums, bustling night markets, splendid old temples, and delicious food scenes have been some of the popular features that have drawn thousands of tourists to this city each year. Taiwan is blessed with scenic beauty and various tourist attractions.

If you plan to tour Taiwan, you will be spoilt for choice while making an itinerary list for Taiwan. But you have stumbled upon just the right article for you. Here is a list of all the best places in Taiwan that should not go amiss from your travel tour list.

Where To Stay In Taiwan?

Taiwan offers a variety of accommodation facilities for travelers. You can get spartan homestays to exquisite luxury suits catering to each budget type. The accommodation price varies according to the tourist season and location. Usually, the most expensive time to travel to Taiwan is around Chinese New Year, as several tourists come from all corners of the world to enjoy the grand celebrations in this place. Prices get doubled, and it is not recommended to travel during such price hikes.

If you search for hotel in Taiwan, you will find thousands of results popping up, from basic budget hotels to exclusive hot-spring hotels. The nominal hotel stays can start from NT$600 per night with some basic amenities. Still, if you truly want to enjoy your stay in Taiwan, you can choose hot-spring or five- stars hotels in Taiwan that pack facilities like en-suite jacuzzis and English-speaking staff and usually charge a minimum of NT$4000 a night.

Check the accommodation reviews to get an idea of the hotel’s hospitality services and choose the package that meets the best of your needs.

Places To Visit In Taiwan

1. Taipei

Your itinerary list should not miss the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei. Taipei is acknowledged as Taiwan’s cultural, economic, and political center. It houses a plethora of recreational activities and architectural excellence to make visitors swoon over the place. Popular tourist attractions in Taipei include the Botanical Garden, Taipei Zoo, the temple of Hsing Tian Kong, amazing restaurants, and the popular Raohe Street Night Market.

You will find the delicate charm of tradition lingering around the modern skyscrapers. Did you know Taipei 101 is considered one of the tallest buildings in the world? If you are a history buff, National Palace Museum is an excellent place to delve further into the rich heritage of the capital city.

2. Sun Moon Lake

A popular tourist attraction in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake offers a variety of activities to be enjoyed by tourists. You can go sailing across the lake, hike the hills, go bike riding or unwind and relax in the serene atmosphere of the lake. There are bars, restaurants, resorts, and hotels catering to the different requirements of the visitors.

You can also avail of the cable car ride to witness the stunning visuals of the lake from above or immerse yourself in tranquillity by visiting nearby temples.

3. Yushan National Park

Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature, Yushan National Park is an amazing tourist spot for all nature lovers. You can enjoy Mother Nature’s scenic beauty and avail yourself of different adventure activities like hiking or trekking. Yushan National Park is the home to the Jade Mountains, the tallest mountain in Taiwan, towering over 3,952 meters. The entry is free, and you can enjoy exploring several trekking trails here.

4. Rainbow Village

If you want to experience the cultural heritage of Taiwan, visiting the Rainbow Village in Taiwan is an absolute must. What started as a project by a soldier to restore the properties in the neighborhood have slowly garnered the attention of locals and tourists alike. You will find unique street exhibits showcasing colorful patterns of people, animals, and birds.

You do not have to deposit an entry fee, but timing is restricted.

5. Taroko Gorge

A hidden jewel among Taiwan’s natural wonders, Taroko Gorge is a beautiful place to visit. As you enter the park, take the Taroko Gorge Trail to travel to the Eternal Spring Shrine. The Shrine was built to honor those workers who died while constructing the Cross-Island Highway. You will observe from a distance the vertical cliffs of the gorge and the winding tunnels creating a scenic illusion for the tourists. You can visit the Swallow Grotto, a popular trail, offering amazing views of the Liwu River, or get amazed by the Tunnel of Nine Turn, which provides breathtaking views of the marble cliffs of the gorge.

Also, visit the Taroko National Park, which derives its name from the beautiful gorge that runs through the place. The national park has been carved by the beautiful Liwu river over centuries and contains some amazing landscapes. You can participate in different outdoor activities held in the place and enjoy a thoroughly fulfilling day here.

6. Shilin Night Market

To enjoy the local life in Taiwan, visit the Shilin Night Market to enjoy their slice of life. This night market is a haven for food lovers as it solely focuses on street foods. You can try some of the local delicacies of Taiwan or buy arcade games, vintage cassettes, or other souvenirs. Make sure you bargain well with the shopkeepers, as they are always on the lookout to scam tourists.

Bottom Line

Taiwan houses some architectural wonders of the modern world yet maintains the charm of Old China intact. Taiwan has established itself as the tourist hub in Asia; it has been enjoying the tourist surge over the years.

However, while traveling to Taiwan, ensure you follow their cultural etiquette. While crime rates are low in the place, it is better to travel the place through locals or tourist guides who are experienced in the culture of Taiwan. Carry essential travel documents and maintain protocols while visiting this beautiful island.

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