Your Ultimate Guide for Hiring a Laravel Developer

Hiring programmers is such an interesting, but still challenging process, especially when it comes to Laravel. Today, Laravel is one of the most anticipated PHP frameworks. It’s widely used among software engineers to build exceptional web solutions for any purpose. Many PHP developers already know how to use at least one framework. Laravel may not be perfect, but it’s pretty convenient because of the model-view-controller design pattern and reusable components.

So, it seems it’s pretty easy to hire Laravel programmers nowadays since most of them are focused on this framework. Maybe you are right, but it’s the same process as any other professional profile. Laravel has become one of the most used web development frameworks, so hiring a great developer is something you really have to do properly.

So, let’s take small steps first and see how everything affects the process:

1. Define the Job Profile

The job profile is different from the job description. It’s something you do to know which skills you need at the moment and what type of person you will hire. Describe all the characteristics and challenges of the position, and then see what type of person would fit there.

Also, you need to add your requirements as the minimum level of expertise, education, and all the duties the new employee would have. All these things will help you write a detailed job description.

2. Write a Job Description


This is another thing you need to do before posting your job. Most of the information is the same as the job profile. But, you also need to include the working conditions and the company’s rules and discipline.

The job profile is more like an internal document, and the job description for Laravel developers is about attracting them to apply.

3. Check on the Candidate’s Background

Hiring someone is more than taking a look over their CVs. Sometimes, we need more information on their previous experience and corporate culture.

When it comes to Laravel, they can be beginners, but knowledge of PHP is a must. Not only should they know who created Laravel and how it works, but they also have to be familiar with details like installing it using composer, understanding the elegant syntax, and even performing basic database migration.

At this point, we want to say not to skip on the inexperienced Laravel developers. Probably they already know how to use PHP to build web solutions, so they need a little training to get used to the framework. Also, if they know another framework, Laravel would be an easy step for them.

You only have to confirm all the background activities are relevant to your job position and schedule a meeting when ready.

4. Technical and Non-Technical Skills Every Laravel Programmer Should Have


It’s not enough just to be familiar with PHP and Laravel. Additionally, the perfect candidate knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and understands object-oriented programming. They also know and understand database management systems, Agile project management, scrum, debugging, code writing and rewriting, maintaining web apps, UI testing, and web architecture mapping.

But, when it comes to non-technical skills, things will get more challenging than you can imagine. Sometimes it’s really hard to decide who to hire. Suppose you have an expert with poor communication skills and even worse time organization and a less-experienced Laravel developer open to learning and communicating. Who will be the best fit for your team?

It’s one of those bitter questions you need to answer to yourself and coworkers first and then move to the hiring process. Sometimes, non-technical skills are more important because you will hire people who want to grow and contribute to the company’s success. Maybe the technically-prepared and experienced candidates will easily answer how laravel auth works, but are they ready to learn something new? But is that the best solution?

It’s up to you to find the perfect balance and filter out the candidates who fit the job position.

5. Their Problem-Solving Ability

Most of the developers are problem-solvers too. You can easily see during the technical interviews if they fit a problem-solving role.

Programming is all about writing code, using libraries, incorporating code pieces, and using all the needed tools to provide a solution. Laravel requires a strong PHP base and a customer-oriented approach.

So, the perfect candidate is flexible, open to learning new details, stays up-to-date with news, and knows how to communicate when they need some additional information. If they are focused on solving complex problems, then you have found the perfect candidate for the job.

6. Know Where to Find These People


In 2024, you will have so many options to look for candidates who fit your Laravel job description. At the beginning of the process, you can use LinkedIn, freelance services, and even global talent networks. Then, try the traditional way, like newspaper ads or promoted posts on social media. And finally, spread the word you are in search of a Laravel programmer. Maybe you can join some referral community and find the perfect candidate that way.

7. Prepare for the Interviews and Hiring

Everyone must be prepared for interviews, tests, and eventual employment. Even though candidates are those who are looking for a job, employers also need to focus on many details. Hiring is not easy because it brings so many challenges to the whole company.

So, besides the technical skills, you should test their overall professionalism. We all know that the perfect candidate is a lot more than a pack of knowledge and skills. They also have to adapt to the company’s culture and collaborate with the rest of the team. And the recruiter and managers are the ones who estimate that based on tests and interviews.

To Wrap it Up

As you can see, Laravel is a pretty popular PHP framework that opens job positions every day. Because of the high demand, potential candidates are often booked with interviews and meetings. But, we are sure you will find the best candidate among them all and offer them a job position.

You only have to follow the steps from this guide and trust the process.

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