How Can Study Abroad Students Travel the World on a Budget


When people are young, it is the perfect time to fulfil dreams of seeing the world or just experiencing a few cultures and places that are new to them. For many, however, the “backpacking across Europe” idea will never be more than just a fantasy. John from tells us that those experiences are one of the most valuable ones that you can have.

Time, money, and other responsibilities (like school) weigh heavily into most people’s decisions whether or not to pursue this particular dream for themselves. Today, we would like to offer some suggestions that set aside these and other popular objections about travel. We think that the advice that follows will help you not only make the decision to see as much of the world as possible as soon as possible but also give you the knowledge necessary to make it happen.

How Can Study Abroad Students Travel the World on a Budget

1. Start Saving Now

There is no way around it: travel costs money. How much money, though, is a matter of how well the trip is planned. This is a prime opportunity to learn about a concept called delayed gratification. Even if you have been saving for a while already, if the funds needed to make the trip perfect aren’t there yet, don’t go again.

Do the necessary research into all relevant costs (travel, meals, lodging, etc.) and only start planning the trip once the funds to do it right are available. In a few minutes, we will offer even more advice on how to save money during the trip, but for now, it is a good idea to be liberal in assessing cost. There is nothing wrong with coming home with some money left over.


2. Finish All Relevant Coursework First

According to Before discussing the trip properly, we think it wise to deal with the elephant in the room: your studies. Grades, assignments, and exams take precedence over everything else. If you are having trouble scraping adequate marks in every class, now might not be the best time to travel, especially mid-year or mid-semester.

If it’s writing assignments that are dragging those marks down, there are writing services who can help you turn in better papers and boost those lagging grades. Wherever help or improvement are needed, be responsible and seek it. There is nothing worse than going on the trip of a lifetime and not being able to enjoy it for the stress of what awaits back home.


3. Travel Off-Season

This is a great way to save money and still have a great time overseas. Research the dates/times of year where tourism is light in the country or countries you wish to visit. Most services cost less when patronage is light That accounts for lodging, food, and a host of other services. In some cities, taxis, parking, and mass transit rates all plummet during the off-season.

We aren’t suggesting travelling to a beach destination in cold weather or visiting the tropics during monsoon season. If you can plan your trip on the cusp of the high season, it is possible to enjoy all the local activities at a high level of comfort and for a fraction of the high-season price.

grand canyon national park

4. Utilize Hostels and AirBNBs

An easy way to save money on lodging is to stay in youth hostels and private residences (mainly via Airbnb). It will take a bit more time to search for the latter, but some private owners will offer incredible rates for great accommodations any time of the year (and even more so during the off-season above).


5. Apply To Schools in Your Preferred Country or Countries

This helps kill two birds with one stone. First, you get to experience another culture, which is almost always a rewarding and enriching experience. You can also earn college credits that can be transferred and applied to a degree under certain conditions. Speak with your academic advisor or designated administrator about these kinds of opportunities.


A World Of Experience

We hope that the advice and ideas presented here will help make individual decisions about travel on a budget easier. We also hope that it has inspired you to resolve to take at least one major trip before life and all the responsibilities that surround it make it more difficult. In short, the time to start planning is now and the time to do it is soon. Yes, it is achievable with just a little discipline and planning.

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