How to Get a Natural Makeup Look?

Make-up used to be a sign of fanciness, but now it is a sign of tidiness. This means you don’t have to wear flashy lipstick to rainbow eyeshadow, but as a modern presentable woman, you better look tidy and formal.

In fact, elegant ladies know what a big change it makes to wear effective but invisible make-up. How does that work? Let’s say you can take the make-up credit for your own beauty!

What is natural makeup?


Experts call it No Makeup Makeup! It means that only experts doing the same tricks will be able to detect your touches. Sounds interesting to me! Let’s dig deeper! Natural makeup is light makeup with the closest color tone to your own natural skin color.

In fact, this makeup slightly brings out the unique features of your face so that without any big changes, you’ll look better! A clean tidy face without any flashy colors!

Your skin type is one factor to consider when choosing makeup. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you will need to choose the makeup that is gentle enough for your skin. For those with oily or acne-prone skin, a lightweight foundation will be best. If your face shape is round or angular, you may want to choose a more full-coverage foundation. Face shapes can also vary depending on the time of year: in the summertime, a natural-looking bronzer may be more appropriate than in the winter when heavy contouring is necessary.

If you are looking for a presentable look without too much exaggeration, here are some simple tips to follow:

Healthy skin: 70% to go!

Remember natural makeup is against any heavy foundations and creams, so having healthy skin is key. An acne and blackhead removal session before makeup will also enhance your look so you won’t need to use heavy foundations.

Once you care for your skin, your face will look neat and clean. It is essential to clean your face before any makeup. A regular moisturizer can keep your skin fresh and naturally shiny! So don’t hesitate to put that on before starting your makeup! You can use light foundations to cover up whatever is left. Also, you can use a red carpet facial to prepare your skin before makeup. It’s a three-step process comprised of a peel, a neutralizer, and a mask—in that order. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. This treatment has endless star-worthy benefits – brighter, smoother, softer, and more youthful skin that’s always camera-ready.

Cover what is left over, but not all!


Pick a lightweight foundation as closest as possible to your skin color. If you don’t know your exact skin color, you can mix two of them. Use the blending brushes to make it good and natural. Once you use the lightweight coverage, you get a shiny face, but yet an attractive part of your freckles, redness, and imperfections should be visible, they will make you look very natural and normal.

Blending Your Concealer!

The dark halo under your eyes can affect the final result a lot. So a concealer is what you need. Drow a V shape underneath your eyes, then use your brush to blend the cream completely, so that you won’t see any spots or patches. You can use your fingers at some points because the warmth of the fingers can help a balanced blending.

Amplify your eyes’ beauty

Start with curling your eyelashes. Then use multi-functional mascara to add both natural and unexaggerated length and volume. Apply a blackline to enhance the illusion of the density of your eyelashes. It is recommended to use a long-lasting eye pencil in order to prevent the black hollow under your eyes.

If your eyebrows are out of shape, have a simple groom on them too! Depending on your eyebrow shape, you can add some more definitions to your eyebrows. The best way is to use brow powder to fill the low-density areas and grove a mild appearance.

Bronzer and cream blush, keep it natural!

It is very important to give an undetectable natural color and shine to your cheeks, so don’t get too excited! Apply a subtle bronzer slightly on your hairline and cheekbones to cover the cold color of your foundation.

Use a blush that is close to your skin tone. Apply a bit on your cheeks and then use a blush brush to blend it into your cheeks.

Last shot! Design your lips!


If you want completely natural make-up, you better avoid any flashy and bold color on your lips. Remember the main point is to cover the possible pale color of your lips. You can choose the tone color of your lipstick according to your blush!

Your skin is everything!

Despite following all the makeup guidelines, sometimes our skin is not capable of supporting natural beauty! Aging is not our skin’s best friend either.

The natural effects of aging are added on top of gravity, exposure to sunlight, smoking, environmental conditions, alcohol consumption, and stress, to result in reduced skin elasticity. Thankfully, there’s a solution to every problem, for instance, facial rejuvenation procedures, such as botox or a facelift. A more rejuvenated and healthy face translates into a lesser need to put on heavy make-up and rely more on natural looks.

How to Remove Makeup Correctly

When it comes to make-up, many people are unsure about how to remove it properly. Here are some tips for removing make-up correctly:

Start with a gentle cleanser. Make sure the cleanser you choose is free of harsh chemicals, as this can further irritate skin and make make-up removal more difficult.

Use warm water and a soft cloth to wet your face and then massage the cleanser into your skin. Apply pressure while scrubbing until the make-up is dissolved. Follow up with a cold water rinse.

For oilier skin types, use an acne wash before using the cleansing foam. The witch hazel will break down oil and help to remove make-up effectively.

If you have sensitive skin, try using an antioxidant serum or moisturizer before applying your make-up in order to lessen the chance of irritation or redness.

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