We are killing Our Sea Turtles With Our Plastic Waste

Sea Turtle

Plastic pollution is now one of the most serious problems to mankind and for species living in oceans. As per the worldwide survey of oceans by University of Exeter in England, it is clear that 91 percent of the turtles found in fishing nets are dead. Yes, it’s true!


The main problem with plastic is that it keeps floating on the surface of oceans and turtles think that its a jellyfish and eat it. Hence, plastic pollution deadly for turtles killing thousands of them every year. Brendan Godley, a professor of conservation science at Exeter said “Experts we surveyed found that entanglement in plastic and other pollution could pose a long-term impact on the survival of some turtle populations and is a greater threat to them than oil spills,”

Now, we can see many animals lying dead one sea beaches due to plastic pollution. Animals are found entangled in plastic that can choke them to death. Also, animals are losing their limbs because they are eating too much garbage instead of regular meals. Researchers also said that number of dying turtles will increase in future if plastic pollution is not taken seriously.

Sea Turtle

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are about seven species of turtles that are badly affected by plastic pollution. Also, it is being said that sea turtles are vulnerable to plastic waste and will be a major blow to the survival of several species of sea turtles. We need to cut down plastic pollution and move towards biodegradable alternatives if we are serious about ocean species or we need to stop dumping our waste into oceans.

Sea Turtle

Image Source: Wikimedia

For leatherback sea turtle major threats are fisheries, habitat destruction, people who kill them and their eggs for food, habitat destruction, climate change and pollution.

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