What Are Kit Kat Tiles And Where Can You Use Them?

Kit Kat tiles are innovative and highly decorative tiles that can truly make a statement in just about any location.

The pared-back look of these tiles garnered lots of popularity back when the world was first introduced to the minimalist style as an effective design tool in the home.

From White Kit Kat Tiles to bright yellow, there are many colors for you to choose from. Yet there’s far more to these versatile tiles than meets the eye.

If you’re interested to learn more, this article has all of the information you could want!

What Are They?

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Also known as finger mosaic (or simply ‘finger’) tiles, Kit Kat tiles are rectangular tiles made using glazed porcelain and offer flexible functionality and unique aesthetics that other tiles simply cannot. These tiles get their name as they strongly resemble Kit Kat chocolate.

These tiles are slim and small yet also very strong. As a result, they have a distinctive style that makes them perfect for transforming your bathroom or kitchen (for example) into a place of extreme luxury.

However, they’re great for just about any room in the home!

What Inspires the Look?

Kit Kat tiles are said to emanate ingenuity and passion while having a sense of creativity that is inspired by authentic and beautiful Japanese architecture.

Kit Kat tiles are pretty minimalistic in terms of form and style. This is mainly because they are inspired by traditional Japanese designs, which often prioritize sleek and clean profiles.

The tiles can be laid horizontally or vertically in all areas. With such a classic and timeless appearance, these long and thin tiles truly do captivate the eye.

Color Palette

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There are many colors of Kit Kat tiles for you to choose from. The greatest part is that they are absolutely perfect for incorporating gentle colors into more intimate areas or for adding some color to an otherwise plain area of your home.

You may want to consider these options:

  • White – great for a contemporary look
  • Green – a bold color that shows off the personality
  • Yellow – creates good energy in a part of your home while looking sophisticated
  • Blue – creates a harmonious and relaxed space
  • Bright – adds some much-needed color to a plain room
  • Neutral – tan, brown, and beige are great for a traditional look

Benefits of using Kit Kat Tiles

Kit Kat Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options on the market. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they can be used in many different ways. Here are some of the benefits of using Kit Kat Tiles:

  1. They are durable. Kit Kat Tiles are made from a tough material that is resistant to scratches, scuffs, and tears. They can also be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.
  2. They are easy to install. They are easy to install and remove, which makes them ideal for use in areas where cleaning is difficult or impossible.
  3. They look great. Kit Kat Tiles have a sleek design that looks great in any room. Their variety of colors and patterns will make your home look beautiful!
  4. They are affordable. This is one of the most affordable flooring options on the market, which means you can enjoy its benefits without having to spend a lot of money.
  5. Kit Kat Tiles are made from recycled materials, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Where Can You Use Kit Kat Tiles?

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Now we get to the most important part: where can you use these amazing tiles?

A huge advantage of Kit Kat tiles is the versatility and flexibility they offer. They add much-needed depth and texture without needing to add complicated patterns or overpowering colors.

Because they have such unique characteristics, you can install them practically anywhere. This means that there are many places in your home where these tiles will come in handy.


As we have mentioned, you can use Kit Kat tiles in your kitchen to add some much-needed variation. The tiles can create an excellent feature wall, a delightful kitchen splashback, or might even give curved cabinetry a far more updated look.

If that wasn’t enough, Kit Kat tiles also look amazing as part of a feature kitchen island.


Other people opt to use Kit Kat tiles in their bathroom as a major decorative piece but it is entirely up to your preferences.

Choosing to install Kit Kat tiles as a splashback in your bathroom can make an exceptionally stylish addition, especially if you intend for it to be the main accent or feature element in a bathroom.

On the Floor

Kit kat tiles can also be used as more than an aesthetic wall piece. Many people prefer these tiles as a wall feature but they can be used on the floor. This invites lots of creativity the next time you set about starting a design project!

Kit Kat tiles also have exceptional durability which makes them a brilliant and incredibly functional flooring option. They’re also strong enough to handle lots of wear and tear, especially if they’re installed in areas with higher amounts of foot traffic.

Wherever you put your Kit Kat tiles, make sure they’re somewhere where their beauty can truly be appreciated!

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Use them as wall decals

One of the best ways to use your Kit Kat Tiles is as wall decals. They’re easy to apply and they look great no matter what style your home has. Simply peel off the backing paper and then stick the tiles onto your desired surface. They will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of furniture!


That’s all you need to know about what Kit Kat tiles are and where you can use them. Kit Kat tiles are pretty minimalistic but the design effect they can have on a room in the home is unparalleled. They’re relatively easy to install, too, and can transform your home in no time at all!

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