10 Most Amazing Man Made Islands

Notre Dame Island (Canada)

An Island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water from all sides. When you think of islands, you imagine heavenly remote places, full of nature’s beauty with clear air to breathe in and enjoy the most beautiful parts of the beaches. It seems godly, but, nowadays, islands can be much more than this. The progressive formation of the Earth has given us some of the most beautiful islands, which are home to many civilizations. As we (humans) can’t make islands as amazing and beautiful as our Mother Nature, we have done some cool work in creating artificial islands. Here are the 10 most awesome artificial islands from around the world.

Man Made Islands

1.) Palm Jumeirah (United Arab Emirates)

It is a dream comes true for the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed who first revealed his vision of a manmade island in the 1990s. And it is also an achievement for the property developer Nakheel brothers that they were able to complete this dream project into a reality. They completed the project in 2011, it became the home to 32 five star hotels with 35,000 guests, 20,000 tourists and concerning 60,000 residents in flats and villas. They have 5 beach resorts, four marinas, a railroad and thousands of meters of retail and business units at their disposal.

One of the amazing artificial islands, the Palm was planned as a natural progression in the succession of extraordinary touristy initiatives in the city. The essence of the project is its style- its Palm form, that settled each step of its development. The selection was both personal and skilled. It symbolises Dubai’s heritage (The Palm is thought as the “bride of the orchid” in Dubai) further as putting water as the foremost necessary supply of sustenance, shelter and trade. Its form additionally provides the right pure mathematics to form the longest stretch land. With these easy choices made, the consecutive step was to commission a massive wealth of experience from a number of disciplines so as to reclaim the land and switch it into a secure and inhabitable atmosphere.

Palm Jebel Ali a man-made ground in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates that began construction in Gregorian calendar month 2002, was originally planned to be completed by mid-2008 and has been on hold since. Creative Kingdom provided master designing services for the island and Leisure Quest International (USA) developed recreation and attraction ideas. The project, that is 50% larger than Palm Jumeirah, is planned to incorporate six marinas, a water pleasure ground, ‘Sea Village’, homes engineered on stilts higher than the water, and boardwalks that circle the “fronds” of the “palm” and spell out an Arabic literary work by ruler prophet bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The groin was completed in December 2006, and infrastructure work began in April 2007. Major construction won’t begin until most of the infrastructure work is complete. Following the monetary crisis of 2008 work has been suspended and therefore the developers, Nakheel, have confirmed no work would happen on the event within the near future.

One of the primary buildings on The Palm Jebel Ali is already celebrated. Nakheel invited many architects to style a building on a 300,000 metric sq. of space. The winning style was a building by Royal Haskoning, who additionally worked on many alternative projects in Dubai. The residential villa’s to be engineered and sold-out by the developer were designed by serendipity by design LLC, a firm based mostly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The villa sorts were to be classified by size and style; 40 series (the largest), garden villas and signature villas. In the initial signs of a swiftness Dubai property market, the costs of properties being sold-out on the Palm Jebel Ali were rumoured to have fallen by 400th within the two months to November 2008, with the autumn being attributed to the monetary crisis of 2007–2010. In March 2011 Nakheel offered refunds to property investors. Once completed, The Palm Jebel Ali is predicted to accommodate quite 250,000 people.

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The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Image Source: Wikimedia

2.) Wilhelmstein (Germany)

The artificial island situated in the lake Steinhuder Meer with an area of 12,500 square meters. It is placed in the Hanover Region, Northern Germany. The beautiful island was created in the 18th century as a fortification by Count William of Schaumburg-Lipp (ruler of this small German state). Now it is a popular destination for tourists and travellers and can be reached easily by so-called ’emigrants boats’ from Steinhude and Mardorf.

The first German submarine, Steinhuder Hecht was constructed in 1772 on the island. Now, it is a popular museum and a popular tourist destination Steinhuder Meer. It was converted into a military fortress by William in the year 1765 and 1767 by William, Count of Schaumburg-Lippe. The vision was to an impenetrable getaway in his own land. It is one of the most beautiful artificial islands in the world.

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Wilhelmstein (Germany)

Image Source: Wikimedia

3.) The World (United Arab Emirates)

The World Islands is a new development done by Nakheel and it offers you the foremost originate investment towards your dreams. The world is a collection of three hundred islands and they are shaped in the form of continents and it’s situated off the coast of Dubai. It has reinvented the planet and it offers the most exclusive and supreme privacy to its residents. It’s seized the real estate market of Dubai as a form of latest opportunity.
It is a planned ground of various little islands that is to be constructed in a very rough form of a world map. It’s set about four kilometres off the coast of Dubai. The islands of the world are composed of primarily sand dredged from Dubai’s shallow coastal waters and it’s one among the many artificial islands that are developed in Dubai.

The project was originally formed by the ruler of Dubai, Arab chief Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and is been presently developed by Nakheel Properties another visionary project which will redefine home vacation and investment. This project consists of three hundred little personal artificial islands that are divided into four sub-categories: personal homes, estate homes, dream resorts and community islands. every island ranges from 250,000 to 900,000 sq. feet in size and about fifty to one hundred metres of water will be there between every island. A complete space of nine kilometres is covered in length and about six kilometres in breadth. The sole modes of transport between and islands and to different elements of town are a marine and air transportation. The nearest port is Port Rashid and it’ll even have proximity to the shore of Jumeirah. The infrastructure of the island permits you to relax and leave the mainland behind.

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The World (United Arab Emirates)

Image Source: Wikimedia

4.) Notre Dame Island (Canada)

It is a man-made island. It was engineered from fifteen million tons of excavated rock employed in the development of Montreal’s metro system in 1965. The island was opened just in time for exhibition ’67. It’s situated on the Saint Lawrence stream forthwith east of Sainte-Hélène Island and west of the Saint Lawrence sea lane.
Notre-Dame Island offers numerous water activities year-round.

Within the winter months, Notre-Dame Island contains an edifice. The Flora lies gardens are situated at the centre of the island. The Olympic Basin is additionally located on Notre-Dame Island. This basin is the largest artificial rowing basin in North America. A large beach is accessible on the island. The Montreal Casino is additionally situated on Notre-Dame Island. The island features a parking space that contains a tiny low lake with a large beach. The beach is open throughout the summer season for several aquatic activities. Throughout the winter, the Island is accessible for skating, race athletics and snowshoeing. It is one of the most amazing artificial islands in the world.

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Notre Dame Island (Canada)

Image Source: Wikimedia

5.) Treasure Island (USA)

It is a man-made island within the San Francisco Bay and an area within the town and county of San Francisco. Designed 1936–37 for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, the island’s World’s truthful site is a California Historical Landmark. Buildings there are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and therefore the historical naval Station Treasure Island an auxiliary air facility (for airships, blimps, dirigibles, planes and seaplanes) is selected within the Geographic Names system. From the late 1980s, Treasure Island’s previous aircraft hangar two (Building 2) and Hangar 3 (Building 3) served as sound stages for film-making and television.

SFUSD previously operated Treasure Island K-8 faculty. In spring 2004 the SFUSD board voted to shut the centre faculty portion however keep the school operative. In its final semester of operation, it had 95 students. In December 2004 the district voted to shut altogether effective the start of 2005. At first the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative fought to save lots of the varsity, however, once discipline and staffing problems occurred in 2004, the cluster stopped its efforts. Heather Knight of the city Chronicle wrote that year “Even those who had fought to save the varsity earlier this year now admit it’s no longer worth saving.

Treasure Island (USA)

Image Source: Wikimedia

6.) The Pearl (Qatar)

It is an artificial island spanning roughly 1.5 sq. kilometres (0.6 sq. miles), extends from the dry land and is among the primary properties in Qatar which will be owned by non-Qataris. Deep canals are cut around the islands, and they lead out into the gulf. The Pearl-Qatar infrastructure was designed to resemble a string of pearls in recognition of the historical pearl-diving sites upon which the island complex is constructed.

The proposal of the synthetic islands started in 2004 and construction is predicted to finish in 2018 with 10 precincts, 31 eminent buildings, and 4,700 flats. The name “The Pearl” was chosen as a result of the island is being designed on one among Qatar’s previous major pearl diving sites. Qatar was one among the main pearl traders of Asia before the Japanese introduced cheaper more cost-effective pearls simply before Qatar’s oil boom. The Pearl Qatar can facilitate represent Qatar’s wealthy past in the pearl business. Once completed The Pearl will resemble a string of pearls.

The Pearl (Qatar)

Image Source: Wikimedia

7.) Amwaj Islands

They are a bunch of man made islands to the northeast of Bahrain, near to Muharraq Island 4.31 thousand sq. kilometres of land, belonging to Muharraq Governorate, sit calmly, encircled by the soothing waves of the Persian Gulf. Since its origination, the project has drawn in expatriates living in Bahrain. It greeted them with a way of life that mixes living, work, and leisure, all wrapped inside a shell of luxury. The islands have a singular character, dominated by the clear azure waters and therefore the active life that it encourages its residents to possess.

The balance of residential, commercial, and leisure living has succeeded in creating Amwaj Islands properties a favourite possibility among expats. Amwaj is formed from six distinct islands: tala, Najmah, Asdaf, Murjan, Jood, and Lulu. Every one of those islands is a community inside its own, providing a spread of homes to choose from. From complete waterfront villas to spacious residences and fully maintained residences, all equipped with the most recent technology. The Azizia Bird Kingdom on Jood Island, that holds 70 totally different species and over 500 birds, is an unmatched experience that Amwaj residents can also relish. On Amwaj, you may also notice an international school, an on-site communications company, 5-star hotels, spas and fashion retailers.

Amwaj Islands

Image Source: Wikimedia

8.) THUMS Islands (USA)

Additionally known as Astronaut Islands is a set of four man made islands situated in San Pedro Bay off the coast of Long Beach, California. It was built in 1965 to tap into the East Wilmington Oil Field and it was equipped with landscaping and sound walls to camouflage the operation and reduce noise and the only decorated oil islands in the United States.

California’s Signal Hill comes under residential area until a surprise oil boom in 1921 and later it is known as “Porcupine Hill”. Majority of the land was sold and subdivided in real estate lots of size described as “big enough to raise chickens.” and many homeowners became aspiring oil drillers and speculators. It was a result of the earlier ban in 1962 voters in Long Beach, California and five companies (THUMS) built artificial islands to produce the oil.

THUMS Islands (USA)

Image Source: Wikimedia

9.) Spiral Island

Having your own personal island is super costly for the common person; therefore why not build your own? If Richie Sowa did, so can you! He designed his own island using over 1 / 4 million plastic bottles. His creation enclosed a two-story house, self-composting bathrooms, solar ovens and several beaches. His island was sadly dismantled by a cyclone however he’s presently building another one that’s larger which extends to the ocean. Spiral Island has been featured in an exceeding variety of newspapers and television documentaries around the world, as well as in Japan and Asian country, and has been featured in an episode of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! TV series, and on the MTV program Extreme Cribs in 2011.

One of the amazing man made islands in the world,  The first Spiral island was set in an exceeding lagoon close to Puerto Aventura, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico south of Cancun; Richard Sowa began constructing it in 1998. He stuffed nets with empty discarded plastic bottles to support a structure of ply board and bamboo, on that he poured sand and planted various plants, as well as mangroves. The island sported a two-story house, a solar oven, a self-composting restroom and 3beaches. He used some 250,000 bottles for the 66-by-54-foot (20 m × 16 m) structure. Sowa was ordered to take the island out of the artificial canal in 2004 because several personal homes and condos were being designed and he lived for one year tied to the end of a loose rock pier. Richard was offered a brand new location within the bay of Soliman regarding two hundred klick south, finally, he was permitted by Port authorities to tow Spiral Island but the island was destroyed by hurricane Emily in 2005.

Spiral Island

Image Source: Wikimedia

10.) Hulhumale Island (Maldives)

One of the amazing man made islands in the world lying snugly at the South of North Male atoll within the Maldives, the Hulhumale Island is a stunning combination of the yearning of the past and also the thrill of the long run. This artificial, reclaimed island lies around eight kilometres off the North geographic region of Malé and was created to ease the housing crisis and congestion in Malé, likewise on move for future commercial and industrial development. The entire island sprawls across a vast188 hectares and is created from a pleasant mix of urban and island life. Located at the borders of Hulhumalé Island close to Male in the Maldives, this large structure of a mosque is made within the most unique vogue recently in the Islands.

The design of the Hulhumalé mosque is some that strikingly different from the normal places of worship of the Muslim folks. Built in the year 2006, one among the purposes of the mosque was to accommodate quite 900 worshippers being able to worship in this two-floor mosque. Its large golden dome is supported by trusses. Within the floors are coated by granite with several fans for ventilation at the top. The distinctive tower is additionally capped by a golden dome, carrying identical options as the main dome. With its geometry and distinctive style, Hulhumalé mosque is one among the engaging tourist places in the Maldives.

Hulhumale Island (Maldives)

Image Source: Ibrahim Asad’s PHotography (Flickr)

These are the amazing man made islands in the world. Do post your comments.

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