Top 10 Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

Puerto Rico

Caribbean Islands are one of the best and beautiful tourist attractions in the world. It is a combination of about 7 thousand islands. The tourist always remains confused about which island to visit. The facts are that every island is amazingly beautiful in its landscape and offer multiple services to its visitors. So, here we are listing 10 most magnificent Caribbean Islands in order to reduce your confusion and will be very helpful in planning your trip to the beautiful islands. Here are 10 most beautiful Caribbean Islands,

Beautiful Caribbean Islands

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean Islands. They have magnificent beaches and beautiful landscape. Jamaica is also known for reggae music and resorts. The Flora and wildlife of the island are quite famous among the tourist. There will be many exclusive offers that are only available on the Jamaica island resorts. There is good news for the golfers as an island have the best golf courses in all the Caribbean.

The average temperature of the island is 27 degree Celsius. According to the reviews of the tourist, The Jamaican people are very friendly and always there for the visitors for any kind of help. The Rastafari and Kumina music forms will give you a lifetime experience. The beaches are very clean. The seven-mile beach is one of the most popular Jamaica beaches. The sunset experience of the beach will also give you a lifelong memory. Florida beaches are also known for their everlasting beauty and nightlife.

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2. Barbados

Barbados is also one of the perfect destinations for the tourist in the Caribbean. It is basically known for its fantastic climate and clean beaches. The tourist also comes here for the delicious food and nice restaurants. The beautiful landscape beauty and different cultural activities will give you a lifetime experience. The island has been formed by the oceanic sediments having a limestone foundation. The island is gifted with many natural underwater lakes and caves. The Harrison cave is the most beautiful of all the caves. The lively city of Bridgetown is also very famous among the visitors. The crystal clear water flows through the caves thus creating beautiful waterfalls and pools. We have also listed some of the best beach cities in the world.

The official language of the sovereign island country is English. The capital and largest city are Bridgetown and quite famous for its British colonial architecture dating back to 17th-century Garrison and a horse-racing track. The unique feature of the island its lowland terraced plains separated by rolling hills that runs parallel to the coast. The highest point on the island is Mount Hillaby with 340 meters (1,115 feet) above sea level. The total coastline is 97 kilometres in length and western coast borders with the Caribbean Sea and eastern one with the North Atlantic Ocean. One of the most beautiful Caribbean islands is known for its beaches and landscape.

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3. Aruba

The beach is very famous for beach activities because the weather is mostly warm and has sunny skies. The vacation destination is quite famous among the tourist. The island is situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The island is also famous for its white sandy beaches, beautiful landscape and warm weather. It comes under the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The nightlife of the island is also very amazing and there are many casinos too situated on the island. They have a desert like an appearance rather than a forest. There will be many activities available on the island for all kind of age groups. We have also listed a few important things about Bora Bora islands.

The island is located 15 miles north of Venezuela and well known for its white-sand beaches. Aruba hosts the Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge windsurfing tournament every year in the month of June and hence one of the most popular spots on earth for windsurfers. You will see plenty of baseball lovers and this tiny island has produced some of the best athletes in the world. The Arikok national park situated on the Aruba islands are one of the most visited places by tourist. There will be much beautiful rock formation and diverse wildlife that will give a long memory. The accommodation at Aruba island is quite cheap and you will find a beautiful view of the Caribbean Islands.


4. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a combination of larger and smaller islands. They are well known for its perfect weather condition thus making it a perfect place to visit throughout the year. The temperature will be around 21 to 26 degree Celsius all year around. The white sandy beaches of Puerto Rico are very famous among the global tourist. The visitors love different activities like sailing, surfing, and snorkelling.

Puerto Rico is a home to Yunque National Forest which is the only tropical rainforest that lies within the U.S territory. It is also home to amazing waterfalls and unique wildlife. The U.S citizen does not need a passport to visit this island. The cities San Juan and Ponce offer have a lot of historical sites that must be visited if you are going to Puerto Rico. It has also an amazing nightlife and casinos. Mother nature has gifted many unusual islands around the planet.

Puerto Rico

5. Antigua

Antigua is a small group of islands which is very popular among the tourist as a gambling destination. The island is also known for its great restaurants, cafes, and discos. The beaches have beautiful white and pink sandy beaches that look very beautiful.  It is also one of the most important islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua economy is totally dependent on tourism and they promote the island as a luxury Caribbean escape. You can also consider a list of beautiful islands in Thailand to visit. The country’s official currency is the East Caribbean dollar.

Antigua is about 22 kilometres long and 18 kilometres wide with a total area of 281 square kilometres. The capital and largest city of both Antigua and Barbuda are St. John’s situated on the northwest coast of Antigua. The low lying islands who terrains are formed by limestone formations rather than volcanic activity. The highest point on the island is Mount Obama with a height of 402 meters. The local people are very friendly. Antigua islands have also very exciting nightlife. It is also known as Waladli or Wadadli by the native population.


6. Anguilla

Anguilla islands are most famous for its white sandy beaches among the tourist. If you are planning to stay on the island for more than three days then you will able to explore all the parts of the island. The island has about 30 beaches and all are very clean and beautiful. The island is basically for that kind tourist who is searching for the peaceful environment on the beaches and a less crowded island of all Caribbean Islands.

The nightlife of the small island is also very exciting and will give you a lifelong memory for sure. The island has a tropical climate moderated by northeast trade winds with a dry season from February to April and a rainy season from May to January. It is quite famous as coral and limestone island with a total area of 91 square kilometres. The capital of the island is The Valley and people here are known as Anguillians.


7. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the second largest country of Caribbean and has fantastic tropical weather conditions all year around. So you need not plan that which part of the year you have to visit the Dominican Republic. The place is famous among tourist for its clean beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful landscape including stunning mountains. The capital Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic contains many historical sites and also known for its thrilling history.

The capital of the country was founded by the brother of Bartolome Columbus in the year 1496. Santo Domingo is also a UNESCO world heritage site since 1990. The country is also known for its music and dance just like Jamaica and most famous form is merengue. Merengue is a fusion of African and European musical forms. Dominican rock is also one of the most famous dance forms in the country. Its a must visit the Caribbean Islands among all the islands. The official language is Spanish. If you are looking for accommodation, visit Wimco for more details.

Dominican Republic

8. Bermuda

Bermuda is considered to be one of the most elegant beaches of all islands. An island is also an ideal place for golfers and cricket lovers. Local people along with tourist playing cricket matches can be very easily seen in different parts of the island. The island has also any class golf courses being made for the local people and the tourist. The island can be reached very easily from New York. The Eastern U.S. Flights from New York City will take you to Bermuda in only 2 hours.

The place has a huge British influence and still, you will be seeing the traditional British afternoon tea being servers in many parts of the island. The small island spans only 21 square miles and English is the official language of Bermuda. The beautiful Caribbean island is only 2 hours flying time away from the U.S. East Coast and approximately 64,000 people living in Bermuda. It has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of throughout the year is 71.6°F.


9. Curacao

The island is located in the southwestern Caribbean and known for its pleasant and mild temperature all year around. It is also one of the largest islands in the Norwegian Antilles. Curacao lies just below the hurricane belt that is the main reason for its mild and pleasant weather all year around. The delicious food and clean beaches make it one of the favourite Caribbean Islands among tourist.

The island is also very famous for its beautiful art and architecture. The Willemstad capital of Curacao has much building that clearly signifies the history of the island.The capital city Willemstad is also a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997. The local art of Curacao is very much admired by the international tourist. The sculptures and the beautiful paintings too can be enjoyed. It is also one of the best Caribbean Islands.


10. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a very popular spot for couples. The landscape beauty of the island is amazing. The people of the island are also very friendly and will welcome with their full spirit. The beaches are very clean. There are many resorts you will found on the island and services on the all the resorts are very good. There will be many offers you will find in different resorts thus making it comfortable for you to make a budget choice. The annual jazz festival is very famous among the tourist and will give you a lifetime experience. You must know about the best islands in Greece to visit.

The sovereign island country is officially known as Saint Lucia. The largest city and capital are Castries defined in a grid pattern with cargo vessels, ferry boats, and cruise ships. The tallest mountain on the island is Mount Gimie with a height of 950 meters. The island is a result of volcanic origin and is covered by lush tropical rainforest. Tourism plays an important role in Saint Lucia’s economy and one of the main export is bananas, however, they also export cacao, vegetables and clothing.

Caribbean Islands

These are the 10 most beautiful Caribbean Islands. Do post your comments.

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