7 Most Popular MMORPG Games in the World in 2024

Massive multiplayer online games are massive in so many ways. Wondering why they are called massive? One of the reasons is because there are thousands of them available on the market. Another one is because they bring in over 10 billion dollars a year while being played by millions of people worldwide.

Gone are the days when we played text-based games. Today, games are extremely advanced, offer a huge amount of content, are very playable, addictive, and so on. There’s hardly a person in the world who hasn’t played at least one of them. You must have tried them, too. That is why in this article we have listed all of the hottest games from all over the world, who have achieved high ratings among the players in 2024. Read our list, and decide which one you will play next.

1. World of Warcraft

This game has been on the top of the lists of thematic multiplayer games, for quite some time. When we say thematic, we mean games that revolve around a certain theme. These are the games that you can play for hours, but you can also play a couple of quests, turn it off, and continue another time. Games that offer you some fun on a particular topic.

Here’s an interesting fact – in World of Warcraft alone, players have spent more than 6 million years (altogether). That is more than the evolution of man took. Whether these are wasted hours or not, we leave for another discussion, but the fact is that today these games are very played and that most of the money and time is spent around them. Progress is made easier with the possibility of buying boosts on websites like

2. Black Desert Online

While the aforementioned themed games can be fun, some want a slightly different kind of fun. Some players want to stop and observe the virtual world, enjoy every little thing, each quest, while others want to run over it and build an empire.

If you are one or one of those who want to enjoy the game in your “small” virtual world and be your own boss, then this is the best type of game to play. It will give you the best gaming experience, without any great stress and “feeling” that you have to play more and more to catch up with other players. There you are closed in your world, but at the same time, you have all those good segments of the “online” world.

3. The secret world

This game falls into the category of those focused mainly on the story. Many games of this genre have mediocrely written quests that have the purpose of accepting, solving, and picking up a prize. In short, to “get the job done” and move on. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to find games that will draw you into their story and make you spend hours and hours doing quests. The secret world has a great story and it pays to spend a little more time reading quests. You will not be disappointed. Your goal here is not just grinding and leveling, but to understand the virtual world you find yourself in.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online

Questing and raiding can be fun, but it’s also fun to “massacre” an opponent in a direct clash in the middle of the arena. PVP is the best way to measure the “pure” skill that a player has and for many the best entertainment in this game, so it is not surprising that there are a lot of multiplayer games that focus mainly on the PVP segment.

5. Planetside 2

Great first-person shooting game. If you’re not interested in the kind of grainy gameplay, then the emphasis of this game on a general war against other players may appeal to you.

The game revolves around three factions in a constant state of war. Players choose their faction and then spend time attacking and defending bases on a huge map to take the lead in the competition. One day you could attack, another day you could defend yourself desperately. Anyway, you’re still struggling.

6. Guild Wars 2

If you are looking for a player-to-player fight, you should definitely spend some time playing this one. Whether you like to fight other players in modes structured by the content or you want to fight hundreds of players on spacious maps in the world against the world, Guild Wars is here for you.

For those who don’t appreciate the grinding that’s traditionally included in multiplayer games, Guild Wars 2 will also appeal – it’s an affordable game that doesn’t try to copy WoW. The world of the game is dynamic and player decisions have real consequences that promise a story that feels individual.

7. Runescape

One of those famous titles in the multiplayer game world, partly because it’s one of the oldest games in the genre still in development. Yet, with its user base that managed to double in 2018, it is still very lively and dynamic.

What is so unique about these games is that they offer players extraordinary and incredibly detailed worlds to explore and the ability to create their own avatars, which they can flatten and improve over time. Interactions, battles, and games, and these virtual worlds are filled with players, who are connected from all over the world. There’s enough of them to fill a small country.

The best multiplayer games offer you the opportunity to lead another life or simply take a break from your current life. They also offer a certain level of freedom that you don’t have in the real world, with so many opportunities, an adventure world, opportunities to make new friends, and even the ability to fly through space on your own E-ship. These games have become so popular that even Amazon was busy building its own – called the New World.

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