Most Popular Yachts in the World

If you’ve ever been to a famous tourist location that goes out on the sea, chances are that you’ve seen some pretty amazing yachts. If you haven’t, that’s okay as well, because what you’re going to see in this article will completely blow your mind.

Today we are going to talk about some of the most popular yachts in the entire world, and since we’re as excited as you are, let’s end this introduction right here and jump straight into the content.

History Supreme

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This yacht might not seem like something that should be on top of our list, but that’s because you don’t know the main fact about it yet. History Supreme costs about five billion dollars, and it is currently owned by a guy called Robert Knok, who happens to be the richest man of Malaysia.

So, why is this yacht the most expensive one, when other yachts are ten times larger and have helicopters on them?

Well, prepare to have your mind blown. The majority of this thing is created out of solid gold. Yes, real gold, and a lot of platinum as well. To be more precise, more than ten thousand kilograms of gold was spent on the design. We have no idea why someone would like to have a yacht that is made out of pure gold, but when you are that rich, does it even matter?

We have to give some credit to the designer as well for this brilliant shape, so congratulations to Stuart Hughes from the United Kingdom for this mind-blowing idea. The history supreme is not large at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the most expensive one that you can find on the entire planet.

The Eclipse

This thing is even cooler than its name, and when you take a look at it you’ll understand why. The Eclipse is a yacht that costs more than $1,5 billion, and it is so much larger than the previous one on our list, The History Supreme, yet still a lot cheaper.

The name of the owner is Roman Abramovich, a very famous Russian billionaire, and businessman. The design is made by Terence Disdale and the construction itself by Blohm and Voss of Germany. This thing has everything that you would ever require for the perfect sea trip.

A disco hall, two places where a helicopter can land and take off from, many swimming pools, countless hot tubs and tons of other interesting things, such as a submarine and a missile detection system.

When you see this yacht from afar, you’ll know that it’s a serious business. Believe it or not, this thing also has an anti-paparazzi system that “shoots” lasers in all directions that block the cameras of nearby “intruders” that want to invade the privacy of those on board.

Pretty crazy stuff if you ask us.


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Another incredibly cool design, Azzam is a yacht that costs slightly less than one billion dollars. It’s larger than The History Supreme, but a lot smaller than the Eclipse. We are not exactly sure about the official owners of Azzam, but some rumors are cruising around that this piece of art is owned by one of the members of the United Arab Emirates royal family.

Despite the size, Azzam is incredibly fast, and beautiful both from the inside and the outside. Luxury is something that you can find around every corner inside this thing, and booking a trip on it will probably cost you thousands of dollars if you are even allowed to do it.

We’re not sure if Azzam is currently used for private purposes or tours on it is allowed, but we do know that Christophe Leoni did a pretty amazing job designing it, that’s for sure. If you are interested in learning how these things are being upgraded with sophisticated systems, you can visit Tess LLC and find some more about it on their website.

Motor Yacht A

This beauty is very similar in price compared to the previous yacht, Azzam, and in our honest opinion, it’s the best looking one on the entire list. The name isn’t very creative, but the design makes up for it.

The Motor Yacht A is long and has three floors somewhere in the middle of it, with a helicopter pad on the front. There are some very cool green-lights coming out from the bottom and they light up the water as this thing is passing through, creating a very aesthetically pleasing visual effect.

The owner’s name is Andrey Melnichenko, another Russian billionaire who enjoys the finer things in life. On Motor A, about fourteen guests can be accommodated, along with forty-two crew members. The ratio of guests to workers will tell you more than enough about the service and comfort of this thing. There are three pretty large swimming pools as well if swimming in the ocean is just not your thing.

Lady Moura

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This one is owned by a very famous businessman and a billionaire, obviously, from Saudi Arabia, named Nasser Al Rashid. Lady Moura has a huge nameplate on both sides of it, on the top floor to be more exact, and they are made out of pure 24-carat gold. It’s not as much compared to The History Supreme, but it’s still a lot.

On this beauty, you will find many swimming pools, a helicopter pad, a night club, and tons of different eating spots where you can enjoy exotic food and drinks. About thirty guests are allowed, and they are being served by more than sixty crew members, so you’ll never really find yourself in a situation where a staff member isn’t close to you. The swimming pool has a retractable roof as well, which is a pretty unique and interesting feature.


There are some very expensive and amazing things sailing the oceans, and it is always a great feeling to spot one of these while you’re on a vacation, or even better, take a ride on it. Each one of these yachts on our list has something special and remarkable about it, so let’s just hope that one day we’ll experience them first hand. They might be huge, but they move pretty fast, so it would be a great feeling to spend a few hours on one of these on the open sea.

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