Top 5 Most Unique Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are one of the most common human pets and an everyday part of our modern environment. Around 40% of all households take care of a lovable doggo, and we see hundreds of them on the street every day. However, some dog breeds are most commonplace than others — and there are plenty you haven’t even heard about, let alone seen.

Some breeds are more expensive to take care of properly or require more day-to-day maintenance. In some cases, they’ve got a particular temperament or appearance — many have traits you don’t often see among most dogs.

However, their rare nature makes them enticing, beautiful, and engaging. And with that in mind, we’ll look at some of the most unique dog breeds on the planet!

1. Canaan Dogs


Our first pick of the draft is an ancient breed that traces its roots back to the coastal plains of Israel — the trusty Canaan! These dogs were used by local shepherds to help with livestock herding, but they were also trusty guard dogs that kept careful watch over their owners’ property.

They’re extremely athletic, which makes them excellent at dog sports and similar physical and engaging activities. However, they’re also vigilant and smart, and that combo is what makes them such exceptional guard dogs.

There’s a flip side to that, as Canaan dogs tend to be wary of unfamiliar people and aggressively territorial. So, if you don’t want them to exhibit socially unacceptable behavior, you’ll need to work on their socialization. Canaan owners use positive reinforcement and other methods that provide discipline and structure to their temperament.

2. Pomsky Dogs


As a dog owner, you may have seen people looking for Pomsky puppies for sale lately without knowing the breed. This mixed-breed doggo has become extremely popular in the past decade — a cross between a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian, where the name Pomsky comes from.

Until recently, the vastly different sizes of the two breeds made any crossing impossible. However, artificial insemination technology gave us the dream of any apartment owner who loves huskies — the Pomsky!

It basically looks like a smaller, fluffier husky. And while the Pomsky is mischievous, don’t let that fool you; we’re still talking about a highly loyal dog. They will often follow you around the house demanding attention; Pomskies love playing and running around. So, they’re a great choice if you’re looking for a pup companion for your kids. These are dogs with a Pomeranian’s brains and a husky’s energy, so they may reach the limits of your patience from time to time. However, proper socialization and training will leave you with the cutest and most lovable little pup.

3. Cesky Terrier


The following rare pup we’ll go over is the Cesky Terrier — a type of terrier that gets its name from its native land of Bohemia. That’s a part of the Czech Republic, hence the “Cesky.” They’re moderately energetic and playful dogs, making them an excellent choice for many homes.

Cesky Terriers are protective of their darling humans, and they’re quite alert — however, they’re not too defensive and territorial, which makes them easy to train and keep around children. They’ve got a distinctive silky gray coat; it’s pretty long and requires frequent grooming.

4. Komondor


If you’ve ever seen a doggo that could perfectly pose as a giant mop, you’ve probably had the rare chance to spot a Komondor. This pawed wonder has a gorgeous, protective coat whose corded nature gives the whole dog the appearance of a mop.

It was initially bred in Hungary and used as a guard dog for sheep. Despite its lethargic appearance, this is a brave and powerful breed. And that also means it’s independent, somewhat defensive, and occasionally stubborn.

Dog owners who want to have one of the most interesting-looking dogs in the world should prepare for consistent training; it’s the only way to get you and a Komondor on the same page.

5. Lowchen


Ready for one of our most stylish picks among rare dogs? Enter: the Lowchen. They’re just as affectionate, outgoing, and proud as they look, which makes it strange that these dogs aren’t more widespread.

Interestingly enough, the Lowchen’s origin isn’t entirely clear. However, most experts are in vague agreement that it descends from European breeds. The commonly accepted guess is that the Bichon Frise and the Maltese are among their likely ancestors.

The gorgeous hair coat of the Lowchen grows all the time, so you’ll need to devote time and money to trimming and brushing for maintenance. However, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most aesthetically pleasing dogs you can find – with a lovely temperament. Also, it’s worth pointing out that although its coat grows a lot, it doesn’t shed that much, which is mainly why they need trimming so often.

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