8 Nature Inspired Accommodations to Book in Canada

Canada is quickly becoming a hub for environmentalists, adventurers, travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts. There has been an emergence of people searching for green natural eco-friendly vacations and accommodations. Luckily Canada is blessed with a richly diverse environment surrounded by beautiful and vibrant biodiversity. Likewise, Canadians take pride in their culture, preserving it, and are often seen advertising their rich natural beauty. Canada has a lot to offer in terms of living spaces, from high rise condos, that you can check out on, to cottages and rental spaces that are close to nature.

Here is a list of eight accommodations Canada has to offer for a nature-inspired stay. Each stay option provides a unique experience found nowhere else, in terms of tradition, food, lifestyle, a blend of history. But one thing they all share in common is enhancing your relationship with nature.

1. Muskoka Cottage

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Muskoka has been a cottage vacation area of choice in Ontario for well over a century. It is located just two hours north of Toronto. Surrounded with a vibrant natural beauty, set within a mosaic of pristine lakes surrounded by rocky shorelines and majestic forests surely make you feel closer to nature. Muskoka boasts thousands of private cottages that rightly blend with nature, and is perfect for your family vacation. Muskoka is Ontario’s finest four-season vacation destination. From sandy beaches and clear lakes in summer to fluffy ski paths and pristine snowboarding hills come wintertime. You can highlight your experience by choosing Bracebridge, Georgian Bay, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, the lake of bays, or Muskoka lakes.

2. Fogo Island Inn

Located in the far eastern reaches of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. Fogo Island is intentionally remote. It is nestled within a tight-knit fishing community on remote Fogo Island off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The inn is just as focused on preserving the island’s long-standing culture of fishermen. The Inn stands with impressive fortitude atop a cluster of steel pillars on an outcropping of rock on the northern edge of Fogo Island. Designed to capture and enhance the beauty of the long winter as well as the bright summer light. The Inn continues to carry the Canadian tradition and transforms the country’s bitter cold weather into an opportunity for enjoyment, both in and outdoors.

3. Free Spirit Spheres

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Located among the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, this unique accommodation is a large wooden orb suspended from the trees. A night or a week up in these trees you will find the peace and relaxation which you seek. Free Spirit spheres are your ultimate relaxation getaway and oneness with trees. With discounted rates available for multi-night stays, this truly is a unique hotel. Also, this hotel can give you the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding island’s delights. There are many tourist attractions on Vancouver Island.

4. Trout Point Lodge

Trout Point Lodge is located deep in the heart of the Nova Scotian Tobeatic wilderness. This lodge is the perfect nature retreat from all the constant work and appointments. Trout Point allows guests to truly switch off from the outside world, and enjoy a rejuvenating experience in the wilderness at a secret hideaway timber lodge. Known for some of the darkest skies in North America – Stargazing is a must-do activity for guests. Trout Point Lodge is truly a combination of wild beauty outside and refined elegance inside. The Main Lodge is an architectural masterpiece of log construction, set on the banks of the Tusket River.

5. Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottage

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Wild Renfrew Seaside cottage blends the virtues of an intimate Inn with the privacy and comforts of condominium, apartment living. It is located in Port Renfrew B.C., on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Plan your Retreat here for a luxury waterfront vacation and the comfortable wilderness views of West Coast Trail Lodge. This is your entry to ancient forests, epic hikes, and mighty surf. Immerse yourself in the wild with majestic whale watching, more tall trees than you can hug and spectacular trails to windswept beaches. Explore the rare Orca here.

6. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Located on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is an all-inclusive eco-safari resort. This remarkable wilderness retreat is set amongst one of the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests in the world. The resort has a vintage touch and is set close to the waterfront, on a secluded part of the Bedwell River. This resort focuses on restorative experiences and the benefits of being in nature, with outdoor yoga classes, hiking, bird viewing, etc.

7. Flora Bora Forest Lodging

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Flora Bora Forest Lodging is located near the beautiful beaches of Emma and Christopher Lake near Prince Albert National Park. Secluded from the all hassle this lodging provides a much-needed forest yurt retreat. Flora Bora Forest Lodging provides access to some of the best lakes and other outdoor experiences that the pristine wilderness of North Central Saskatchewan has to offer. Guests have the opportunity of staying in a beautifully crafted yurt with all the privacy were sustainably harvested lodgepole pine radiates from the large dome in the ceiling creating a bright open space. Two fully-furnished yurts (The Yeti Yurt and Betty’s Abode) feature a kitchen, bathroom, queen bed and sofa bed are designed to cater to your true nature experience.

8. The Rustic Cabins

Cabins are designed to get you up close and personal with the surrounding nature, but when you opt for a cabin with rustic charm, you can enjoy an entirely new level of comfort thanks to the tranquil atmosphere. It is not hard to find a rustic cabin in Canada but finding the best rustic cabin rentals could be key to enjoying your close nature stay. To name a few amazing cabins with a serene view are:

* Atlin Glacier View Cabins, northern British Columbia
* The Boulder Hut, British Columbia
* Charlevoix Cabin in Quebec
* Skylit A-Frame in British Columbia
* Riverside Cabin in British Columbia

These are some of the few nature-inspired rental stay options to start with. There are many more exciting options to explore. The calm peaceful environment, tall trees, clear blue sky, beautiful rivers and richly diverse wildlife will definitely leave you wanting to come back.

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