Here Is The New Tallest Hotel in the World

Now, The Gevora Hotel is the world’s tallest hotels in the world located in Dubai. It has an incredible height of 356 metres approximately 1,168 feet. The UAE financial hub has added one more charm to its skyline. JW Marriott Marquis hotel is just a meter short of the Gevora Hotel. It is the now the second tallest hotel in the world. According to inverse cost of rooms will be in between $163 to $190 a night. There are various luxurious amenities in this hotels that includes a rooftop pool on the hotel’s 12th floor with sweeping views of downtown Dubai. Also, there are five restaurants that are inbuilt in the campus and you can also find a health club and a sauna.

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“We are going into the market at a rate slightly lower than the average around this area,” Gevora’s general manager, Jairaj Gorsia, told the National. “The room rates that we will offer is considered very competitive.”

Welcome to the tallest hotel in the world – Gevora.

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The only drawback for travelers we can see is that it is a dry hotel and will not have any bar in it. Only you can find a coffee shop and cake shop as an alternative.“Being a non-alcohol licensed hotel is actually an advantage,” Garcia said. “Families, especially extended families, and kids will enjoy the hotel.” He also added, “We are going into the market at a rate slightly lower than the average around this area. The room rates that we will offer is considered very competitive,” says Garcia. He also explained that as a dry hotel, the Gevora would appeal to families and those looking for a low-key but high-quality stay. “Our guests are looking for a good bed, a good cup of coffee and convenience. The hotel is located in the center of Dubai and we offer high-quality service.”

Stay in the heart of Dubai – at the tallest hotel in the world.

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The Gevora Hotel has a total of 528 rooms with three options of a Deluxe room (46 square meters), One-Bedroom Deluxe(62 square meters)and Two-Bedroom Suite(85 square meters). Initially, it has been recognized with four stars. The hotel is mainly focussed on business and leisure needs. It has a separate business center and boardroom. The Gevora kitchen will be an attraction because of its panoramic view from the hotel rooftop. The Gevora Hotel has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest hotel.

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