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Orijen Six Fish – 2024 Buying Guide and Review

Choosing the perfect dog food can be a hard task. However, as we have indicated in previous posts, with Orijen it is hard to go wrong. Their Six Fish dog food is another one in the long list of top dog foods this brand has to offer.

This product is considered to be one of the best dog foods available due to the various benefits it provides.

ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

Orijen Six Fish

Animals were not biologically destined to be around humans or have their various needs taken care of. Animals, including dogs, are biologically predisposed to hunt on their own and, therefore, their nutritional needs also mirror those of wild animals.

When we say they are biologically predisposed, we mean that their digestive system and overall bone and teeth structure are adapted to eating meat-concentrated diets. For this very reason, many dogs do not respond well to dog foods which include a lot of supplements and vegetables.

Orijen realizes such a natural predisposition to meat and, therefore, has delivered a dog food that has a composition that is biologically appropriate for dogs. It consists of 85% of fish out of which two-thirds are raw and one-third is dried to make it into a packed protein source. No need to say this is a really high source of omega 3 for your friend!

Moreover, by adding a mixture of 6 types of fishes, this product has reduced the dependence on synthetic supplements. To make sure that your beloved pet is provided with the necessary nutrients found in vegetables, the product also includes 15% of vegetables and fruits.

A Grain-Free Treat for Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs are also prone to food allergies. There are individual components of dog food which their digestive system just refuses to accept. When a food allergy occurs, your dog may suffer from diarrhea, bloated stomach, rashes, and vomiting. A common trigger of food allergies in dogs are grains.

Grains including soy and wheat are known culprits of such a reaction and are best avoided. Sadly, only a few dog foods proudly proclaim to be grain-free. Luckily, Orijen Six Fish dog food is one of them. The fact that this product is grain-free adds to the benefits of purchasing the product. Not only does it ensure that your dog receives a healthy diet, but this dog food also takes measures so that your dog does not suffer in any way.

This feature is further guaranteed by the fact that this product includes two synthetic supplements, namely zinc and copper. All the rest of the nutrients are provided via the inclusion of natural ingredients. A lack of synthetic components also shield your dog from unwanted reactions and saves you unnecessary trips to the vet.

Product Details

Apart from offering the benefits mentioned above, this dog food includes the following features:

  • It is available in various sizes ranging from 5 lb. bags to 15 lb. bags which is highly convenient for you to choose from
  • The product is ideal for your dog regardless of the life stage it is on
  • Orijen 6-fish contains 18% of carbohydrates which is considered to be the perfect amount
  • The product includes cod liver which is freeze-dried. Such a component enhances the flavor of the product, thereby ensuring that your dog enjoys it
  • 6-fish contains prebiotics which plays an integral part in building probiotics in your dog
  • This dog food is equipped with probiotics which are immensely beneficial for the digestive system of your pet

Customer Reviews

This dog food is well-received by dog owners and their pets alike. Not only does it succeed in satisfying the taste buds of dogs, but it is also considered to be the ideal food for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Dog owners have reported that this dog food helped their dogs get rid of their allergies and itchiness.

However, some feel that the smell of the fish is foul which then leads to a foul breath and feces. Both instances are a source of an annoyance for dog owners who wish that the manufacturers would work on this flaw.


Even after exhibiting a minor shortcoming, most dog owners agree that this product succeeds in providing health benefits to their dog and, therefore, is an ideal choice. The price of the product is reasonable, considering the full range of advantages this product offers.

All in all, Orijen Six Fish dog food is a premium product which not only features high-quality food but also makes sure your dog’s natural cravings are met. The decision to purchase this product will not disappoint you.

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