6 Tips for Planning The Perfect Family Camping Trip With Kids

Camping with kids can be a lot of fun for you well as the kids but it also means that one should be more cautious and take some extra measures to ensure that the camping experience is kid-friendly and does not cause them too much discomfort. When one goes camping it is pretty understandable that one might not have all the facilities that one has in the comfort of their home. But even then there are ways that can allow one to camp without facing a lot of issues. When one is fully prepared and there are fewer problems to deal with one can truly have the most fun on a camping trip.

To ensure a safe and fun camping trip with kids it becomes important to have the necessary equipment knowledge and time to accommodate the kids. Hence below are 6 tips that can help you in planning a perfect camping trip for kids:

1. Have the right type of tent


A tent is one of the most important things that is needed on a camping trip since it is the place one rests after a long day of hiking, trekking, and having fun. This is why it becomes important to have the right type of tent on a camping trip with kids. If there are kids it becomes important to ensure that the tent used is sturdy. One should also make sure that the tent has facilities like mosquito netting, and good ventilation, and is big enough for the kids to move around a bit. There are different types of tents that one can invest in before going on a camping trip with kids. You can read more to find out more about different types of tents and which one would be the best for kids.

2. Look for kid-friendly activities

When deciding on a camping location it becomes important to look for the kids’ friendly options for activities on the campground as well as in surrounding areas. If one is going out camping with kids, one’s job can become much easier if there are kid-friendly activities in and around the camping area. Having kid-friendly activities around the camping site will ensure that the kids will stay busy and will not get bored in some boring places. Moreover, in areas where there are kid-friendly activities, it becomes easier for kids to meet and find new friends as well as for families to bond with other families. This can make one’s camping experience a lot more fun.

3. Have your meals planned


When camping with kids, it becomes necessary to have the right kind of food ready. Unlike adults, kids can have some specific food needs. Hence it is important to plan the meals beforehand. Having one’s meals planned ahead of time allows one to do the preparation work before one leaves for the camping trip, making one’s trip that much more relaxing and hence, fun. This is especially useful if one is staying in a tent or a basic cabin without a water sink or facility for refrigeration.

4. Pack well

To ensure that the camping trip goes well for everyone it is important to pack well and have all the important things that one might need on a camping trip with kids. There are some basic things that one must pack when traveling with kids, they are a bunch of baby wipes, insect repellent, sunblock, a picnic tablecloth, grilling sticks, essential oils candles, a bunch of toys for the kids, a lamp, additional flashlights, trash bags, and some board games. Besides this, one should also make sure to some first aid and medicines that might be required in case of an emergency.

5. Have a good idea of when and where you will camp


Before going on a camping trip with kids one should have a good idea of when and where one is going to camp as well as make a booking in advance so that one does not face any unforeseeable hurdle. When going on a camping trip with kids it is advisable to choose a camping spot near the home. This is because since one is traveling with kids they need to carry more equipment and stuff to accommodate the kids. To carry such equipment it would become important to take one’s own car to the camping location and hence having a location near once more will make the process a lot easier and faster.

One would also want to pick a time of year when the weather is pleasant for children. While some people enjoy snow camping, going snow camping with kids might not be the best idea and one will not want to carry all the extra equipment that would be needed during snow camping. The same goes for the rainy season when camping might end up becoming a sticky situation, quite literally. Hence, it is advisable to go out camping with kids when the weather is pleasant, it will lead to more fun and a lesser need for specific equipment to deal with the weather.

6. Ensure the safety of your family

When camping with kids it becomes important to ensure that they remain safe. To ensure safety one must teach their kids to stay away from fire and dangerous water bodies. Besides this, one should also equip oneself with fire extinguishers and first aid kits.



Going on camping can be a bit troublesome with kids involved. There are some easy tips one can follow. These tips range from advice on what to pack when to go out camping, how to be safe, how to keep the kids entertained, and so on. Following these tips will make it easier for one to go on a camping trip with kids and make it enjoyable for both parties. Hence to have a fun camping trip, following such tips would prove beneficial.

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