How To Prepare Your Property For Parking The Moving Truck – 2024 Guide

When the moving date arrives near and near, it becomes difficult to pay attention to all the tasks to have a smoother move without any hassle. Till now you might have completed all the major moving tasks like packing, stopping the subscription of utilities and other supplies of an older home and subscribing all the necessary facilities and utilities at your new home, hiring movers, and so on but have you remember to look for the arrangements of the moving truck parking.

The trusted local moving companies state that one of the moving tasks that people usually forget is the preparation for the right parking of the moving truck and to know more then click here. They forget to pay attention to it which could later make the process more complex. You should get permission from big authorities to park it and don’t forget to prepare the property where you are going to park it.

Check out these tips

Check that whether the parking area is very small

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When you live in that area where there the parking area is really very small then you need to inform the moving company about the same before they arrive at the destination so that they can decide that whether a shuttle is needed or not. Moving companies are well versed to accommodate their truck into small spaces. Shuttle services imply loading of the belongings into a smaller vehicle over and over again till the entire stuff of a home is loaded into the main moving truck.

If one doesn’t inform about small parking to the movers, then they will have to park their large truck at the distance and therefore, will have to walk for long while lifting the heavy stuff from your house which will turn out to be a much exhausting process for them. Also, it will cost you more.

Clear the parking area

Before the arrival of movers at your house on the actual moving date, you need to know the dimensions of their moving truck so that you can cross-check the measurements of your parking area with the same. This step will ensure that there will be no issue while turning the truck in and out. And, if there are any type of obstacles that are blocking the moving truck to access that area then remove those obstacles.

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Your mover will want to park the truck in such a way that its loading door is as much as close to the front door of your house. The proximity is necessary as it will save the movers from covering much distance to lift the items from your house to the truck. You also need to clear the area in a way that there are also no obstacles in between the front door of the home to the moving truck so that the professionals can easily load all the belongings without much hassle.

An alternative for no parking space

If you live where there is no parking space then you need to figure out the alternative to get the truck parked so that your stuff can be loaded and shifted to the new home. You can ask your nearby neighbor to lend their parking space to you for a specific time till the movers load your all possessions or you can also ask the municipal corporation to provide you enough parking space for the moving day. Though it will cost you more it is worthy to make the process smoother else the moving day could become very difficult for you.

Size of the Truck

Once you are aware of the parking dimensions of the parking area, the next step is to keep a look at the dimensions of the truck. Moving van dimensions including height and length could be very large and can cause different kinds of problems. Even though the truck has enough space to move in and out, check if the truck has ample space near the turnings, Make sure to check for any overhead wires, vegetation, or structures.

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Obtain essential permits

You need to discuss with your moving company that whether they have the relevant permit for moving stuff from that particular area or not and also for that area where the stuff is to be moved. If they do not have the permits, then you will have to take the responsibility to obtain those permits from respective officials or authorities. You need to start this process one or two weeks before the actual moving day so that there is no chaos on a moving day. Some local authorities would not give the permit directly to the moving company. So it is your duty to handle the job to avoid last-minute chaos.

To procure the permits, you will need to check that whether there is any policy regarding commercial parking in your area or not, and if there is such policy, so contact the head of your area’s municipal committee and tell him the measurements of parking space that you will need.

Also, check whether there is any similar rule in that area where you are going to shift. If there is such a rule, then apply there for the permit. Check all the rules and regulations of the area before you take any step.


Sometimes, people think that they have hired movers and now they don’t have to look for anything. They expect the movers to take care of all the tasks by themselves. But still, there are certain tasks that you have to complete by yourself only. Moving a house is not an easy job and you need to make certain arrangements on your own. Once you know which permits and reservations you need so that the truck can park at your property for as long as it takes to get loaded up, put in your applications for these arrangements in advance and you can obtain these permits from your local authorities.

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