Top 10 Sacred Caves In The World

Since time immemorial, humanity has undergone several generations of transformation to evolve like the one which we see around us today. We can conceptualize these facts as a consequence of several years of excavation by the archaeologist and historians. To say the least, but the major chunk of credit goes to our primitive people who left those signatures, symbols, paintings, and patterns on the walls and ceilings of those unprecedented caves. And for an obvious reason thanks to our speleologist, who identified and discovered those hidden truths of humanity. Let’s roll down to top 10 sacred caves in the world,

Sacred Caves In The World

1. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

The name of the cave is translated as ‘Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre’ and is one of the top sacred caves featuring the pre-classical Mayan culture. You can dwell inside all day long having the best of the caving experience. Since also known as the ATM Cave, it is located near the Tapir Mountain Natural Reserve which is an hour ride from San Ignacio, Belize. To reach there, it’s almost a 2-mile distance from the Natural Reserve, for which you will have to use the pre-historic river passage. The inside of the cave reveals the Maya artefacts, pottery, skeletons, the Cathedral, and many more such exciting chambers.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

2. Elephanta Cave

Aka ‘Gharapuri’ (The City of Caves) is one of the many islands located near the Mumbai harbor. The cave symbolizes the amalgamation of the Hindu and Buddhist ideas, culture and traditions. Since 1987, it was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is currently monitored and maintained by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). Retrospection of the cave shows it dated back between the 5th and 7th century exhibiting historic sculptures, rock-cut artworks, and architecture.

Elephanta Cave

3. Longmen cave

This cave depicts a magnificent collection of thousands of statues, sculptures, and Buddhist art. It is situated in the south of Luoyang city and dated back to the Northern Wei and Tang Dynasty when its initial construction started. The Longmen Grottoes is compounded with many important temples some of which are Xiangshan Temple, the Tomb of Bai Juyi and the Bai Garden Temple. Its cultural sophistication can be observed from the large number of Buddha statues and inscriptions which were carved out of limestone on those hills thousands of years ago and this lies along the bank of Yi River. It is one of the amazing rock-cut tombs and temples.

LONGMEN GROTTOES, Historical place in Luoyang, China

4. Dambulla Cave

Located in the central part of Sri Lanka and has become one of the top pilgrim’s destinations for centuries. The temple comprises of major five caves which showcase and embellish the highly artistic Buddha statues and painting works. This beautiful rock temple sits approximately 160m above the surrounding plain unleashing an incredible view of the rest of the countryside from the top.

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Dambulla Cave

5. Corycian Cave

This cave dated back to the Neolithic era and has gained a global reputation in Greece. It is one of the famous archaeological sites in Greece located in the ancient city of Delphi. The whole place binds the divine spirit, natural sculptures, and rich regional history. This place offers a cool hiking perspective to the tourists. In ancient times, this place served as a sanctuary for shelters and a place for worship of holy God Pan and Corycian Nymphs.

Corycian Cave

6. Bronze-Age Minoan Cave

This cave date back to the Minoan civilization and was discovered on the island of Crete. It was first excavated by a British Archaeologist named Arthur Evans. Minoans culture, fashion, language, and architecture were all unique in every sense. These caves were used as shelters and for performing religious rites. There are over three thousand caves on the island of Create featuring beautiful landscapes of ancient history and religious practices of Minoans which is considered as one of the advanced bronze-aged civilizations.

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Bronze-Age Minoan Cave

7. St. Paul’s Grotto

The mystical Grotto of St. Paul is built beneath the St. Paul’s Church. The church was built back in 1675. As per tradition, it is believed that St. Paul lived there and preached during his stay in Malta when he arrived on the island in 60 AD when his shipwrecked while traveling from Crete to Rome. During his stay, he healed several people and spread the word of God all across the island. Apart from the Grotto, there are some more places such as the Catacomb and the Wignacourt which can be explored in the nearby areas.

St. Paul’s Grotto

8. St. Michael’s Cave

This sanctuary is considered one of the holiest places in Italy. Every year many popes and saints visit this cave. Although it has not gained that much attention from local tourists anyone going to Padre Pio’s Shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo must include St. Michael’s cave in their bucket list. Back in the days, it was home to the Neolithic inhabitants but today various fashion shows, musical concerts, and plays are being held there. This cave is somewhat 300 meters above the sea level and is located inside the Upper Rock Natural Reserve of Gibraltar forming a network of caves made up of limestones.

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St. Michael’s Cave

9. Grotte de Font de Gaume

Since 1979, this cave was listed as a World Heritage Site with UNESCO. It’s the only cave in France with the polychrome painting which is still open for public use. These paintings were made during the period of Magdalenian which is 17000 years BC. This cave is famous for its prehistoric polychrome painting which depicts the engravings of Bison, horses, mammoths and many more. To preserve those paintings and restrict any further damage, the number of visitors who can enter the cave each day is now limited. Initially, over 200 paintings were discovered but only 30 are accessible to the visitors during the tour.

Grotte de Font de Gaume

10. Sof Omar Caves

Sof Omar is a sacred place of worship for both Islam and the local Oromo. This cave is known for its aesthetic significance, exceptional physiographic features, and spectacular landscapes. Being the longest cave in Ethiopia (approximately 15 km long), the passage is designed in a zig-zag fashion resonating the extraordinary beliefs and practices of Africans. The countryside is flourished with wildlife and indigenous forests.

Sof Omar Caves

These are the amazing sacred caves in the world. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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