Sailing Croatia in Autumn 2024 – Travel Guide for Boat Holidays

If you’re not from Europe, many places on the Old Continent might go unnoticed. If you’re from America or Asia, you might think that what makes it great are countries such as France, Italy, or England. This might be correct, but there’s so much more. We must say that Eastern Europe is quite underrated. As a place with a lot of turmoil in the recent past, it has remained a grey zone for some people. This is unfair. It is especially unfair if we’re talking about Croatia. This jewel of the Adriatic sea and the Balkans is on everyone’s bucket list but only in the last few years.

In the past, that wasn’t the case. But once people realized the beauty of the Croatian coastline and the mountains up north, things changed. We can say that Dubrovnik helped a lot. Especially after Game of Thrones was filmed there. But, it is not a summer-only destination. If you think so, you’re in the wrong. Autumn is gorgeous in this European country. We are here to talk about it. If you’re visiting during this time of the year, sailing Croatia in autumn needs to be one of your activities. We are here to give you a short travel guide on the subject.

In essence, there is plenty of reason why to do it. So, we’re going to lay out some of them for you n addition to the benefits you might have for an experience as such. First, we’re going to start with the objective things you should do before you commit to sailing. Let’s start.

Make The Right Connections


When it comes to visiting any foreign country you need to ensure that you connect with the right people on the ground or in this case on the sea. Sailing is great, but without the right support, it might be a lousy experience. Instead, you need to make it a memory worth reliving throughout your entire life. You won’t have too many chances to experience this beautiful country and sail in autumn. A once-in-a-lifetime experience needs to be perfect.

If you want to make it ideal for yourself, your partner, friends, or loved ones you need to start with the right connections. This is why you need to work with people who are professionals in sailing and seafaring. When you come to Croatia you need to look for a good yacht charter Croatia has to offer. If you Google it carefully or heed our advice you’ll start in the right place. This is what will ensure that you have a nice venture onto the sea.

Why Autumn?

This is the good part. Summers in Croatia are great. But, considering we’re talking about summer, and a country with a massive coastline, it can get hot during that period. Being in the open sea won’t be the best experience when it’s too hot. This is where autumn comes in strong. During September and October, it is still warm, but it is rather mild.

Everyone who enjoys sailing will find that these temperatures are ideal for this activity. If you don’t trust us check it out, but during September the temperatures are as high as 24 degree Celsius. While in October they go up to 22 degrees Celsius. At the same time, they rarely drop below 19 degrees Celsius. This is ideal for sailing and your enjoyment is almost guaranteed.

Work on a Budget


While we could argue that sailing in Croatia is best in autumn, people will disagree. They have all the right to do so. Summer is summer after all. But what about the cost? Have you given the prices any thought? We have. Summers in Croatia can get expensive especially if you’re in for a sailing adventure. At the same time, during the autumn and especially in late October and early November, the prices drop. This is great. You still have ideal weather on your hands, and the prices are affordable.

Renting a yacht for sailing is much cheaper later in the year than it is during the official season. This is something you need to have in mind especially if you’re operating on a tight budget. Also, it is good to save money, be smart, and have the same fine experience in the end. If you ask us, autumn is even better, and with the savings, you can make, there aren’t too many reasons not to listen to our advice. The decision is yours, but, please, agree with us on this one.

The Biggest Benefit

We constantly tell you that you should go during the autumn, and so far our reasoning was great. You must agree with us considering you’ve stuck this far deep into our article. But, what’s the biggest benefit? Can you guess what we’re talking about? It’s the people, or should we better say it, the lack of people. As we said, people love to go to Croatia during the summer, and it is seen as a summer destination.

But, autumn and sailing in this Balkan country bode well together. People do not know this, or they do not want to listen. But for you, who do listen to us, the benefit of having fewer people around will be great. Not only that you’ll pay less for a sailing yacht, but you also won’t have to schedule a rental nor you’ll wait in any line. The number of people remaining in Croatia for this activity in the late months of the year will drop, and anyone who is in for this activity will benefit greatly from it.


A Better Experience Overall

This is it! When you combine everything we said above, your entire experience with Croatia and sailing is going to be better overall. This is something you should have in mind when arranging a sailing in any part of the world. Look for little traits like those we mentioned. Weather, price, accommodation, crowds, it all creates one big picture. Don’t follow trends. Follow your guts and our advice. Not every picture is a masterpiece, and not every summer is intended for sailing. Open sea and autumn in Croatia are a perfect pairing. Add sailing to the mix and you’ll have your own personal Romance Dawn.

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