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Saint Tropez is a seaside town on the French Riviera. In the south of France, on the French Riviera, the community of Saint-Tropez seems to be a globally famous hotel. It has retained all the attractions that considered it and still has a small fishing dock as we found that the area of portside has become a surprisingly exciting place that attracts travelers from all over the world. If you want to spend some precious time and planning to enjoy the upcoming holiday, you should know the most excellent rentals in Saint-Tropez. Let’s check it out here.

Renovated Apartment for Nearly three Person

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It is situated one km away from La Ponche Beach and 650 meters from Plage de la Bouillabaisse. This flat gives air conditioning and a terrace. The beachfront property offers free internet connection, an open parking area, and a gallery. For your holiday in Saint Tropez, you will instead search a method to reach Home Booker and select from the variety of housings that will recommend you.
The flat provides a LED and one-bedroom, a prepared kitchen, an attached dishwasher, a washing machine, and an oven. One toilet and bathroom are similarly accessible, and the final aspects a bath shower.

New Villa Magdelein

New Villa Magdelein is available with an outdoor pool. It will be your perfect holiday destination because it provides classy accommodation in the city of Saint-Tropez. It is per friendly Villa. It has two-story Villa, located 21 km away from Saint-Raphael and 45 km from Cannes, and it provides free internet connection and air conditioning. Visitors can use free Wi-Fi along Foch, an enclosed vehicle park situated 2 minutes’ running distance from the Villa.

Apartment DELICE A

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The apartment is located at the core of Saint-Tropez, which is 800 meters away from Les Granier’s Beach and 550 meters away from La Ponche Beach. Visitors can use Wi-Fi and private parking. The room of every apartment has a free internet connection, a cupboard, a personal bathroom, and temperature control. The Villa provides you the chance to reach the Jardin Botanique des Myrtles, and it is 3-minutes’ running distance from Dior Des Lices and Auberge des Maures.


The Villa overlooks the city, Matelotte has accommodation with a teapot and a gallery, about 600 meters from La Fontanette Coast. It provided the air-conditioning facility and located 600 meters away from La Ponche Beach. Free Wi-Fi, as well as a private parking facility, is available for guests.


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Sinfonia is the best place to spend your holiday in Saint-Tropez. It is 59 meters away from Plage La Bouillabaisse and 1,7kilometer away from La Ponche Seashore. Sinfonia provides a free air conditioner and a balcony along with free private parking. The Sinfonia can welcome approximately five guests, and each of its rooms has a weather controller, core heating, and personal Television: quill pillows, pillow-top cushions, and hypo-allergenic cushions.

Domaine de L’Astragale

Domaine de L’Astragale is the best place in Saint-Tropez, and it is five-star hotels. Here, you will get the classy accommodation with many facilities such as a Mediterranean lush garden, tennis court, and heated swimming pools. It offers free internet connection, AC, a spa bathtub, and the most important thing it has a personal garden or balcony. This hotel provides Mediterranean and French foods with free Breakfast.

Sunny Villa 80m from the Port

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Sunny Villa is another best choice for holidays in Saint-Tropez. Sunny Villa is 80m away from Port; this Villa provides various housing facilities in Saint-Tropez, such as a shared lounge, a public kitchen, along with restaurant. Sunny Villa provides an air-conditioned facility along with a gallery or balcony.

Residence Prestige Odalys Le Clos Bonaventure

Residence Prestige Odalys Le Clos Bonaventure is another best villa in Saint-Tropez. It is 100 meters away from the town of Saint-Tropez and nearly 300 meters away from Plage de la Bouillabaisse. The Prestige Odalys Le Clos Bonaventure provides AC apartments and lodges. Similarly, it has an outside swimming pool.

Casa Jungle! An Outstanding Duplex Situated in Place Des Lices!

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Casa Jungle is 500 meters away from La Fontanette Port and La Ponche Port. Casa Jungle is at the core of Saint-Tropez. The Casa Jungle is 500 meters away, and it provides fully AC rooms and other guest rooms. Casa Jungle offers private parking, free internet connection, and a welcome facility available every time.
The Casa Jungle villa or apartment has an LED TV with cable, two bedrooms, one kitchen with an oven and a dishwasher. It has a crowded club and a washing machine, and the Casa Jungle building is 800 meters away from Les Granier’s Beach.

Chateau De La Messardiere

Chateau De La Messardiere is the best place in Saint-Tropez and built in the 19th century. It provides a beautiful vision above the haven of the city, the wineries of Ramatuelle, and the coasts of Pampelonne. It has a spa of 465 square meters, a Jacuzzi, a gym, a swimming pool, and spray baths. All the collections and rooms at Chateau de la Messardiere have a personal garden or gallery.

It has a proven or Italian- stimulated decoration. Every guest takes advantage of the light cuisine and bright dishes of Chateau De La Messardiere’s restaurant. Chateau De La Messardiere offers a private parking facility and free Wi-Fi. The hotel is 5-minute away from the core of the Saint Tropez and the marine, and it provides classy accommodation.

Hotel La Romaine

The Hotel La Romaine has four tennis courts and a swimming pool which you can enjoy freely during your stay. If you love nature, you will undoubtedly appreciate discovering the palm and olive trees which grow there and which green the environment.

Saint Tropez Suite

Saint Tropez Suite is approximately 40 km away from Cannes. Saint Tropez Suite provides attractive accommodation such as free internet connection all over the property. The air-conditioned element is also accessible. It also offers a well-furnished place with a kitchen with a dishwasher, a pool, and an oven.

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