These 5 Sinking Cities Could Soon Be Underwater

We all are aware of the global and its effects on the planet Earth. Because of Global temperature sea level is rising and the low-level cities are already experiencing floods. There are some cities where sea levels are taking up their coasts and some are because of excessive groundwater pumping that is creating a gap between change in pressure and volume that is directly causing the land to sink. Let me list down 5 Sinking cities that could soon be underwater,

Sinking Cities

1. Jakarta, Indonesia

One of the busiest cities in Indonesia is sinking by up to 6.7 inches per year because of the excessive pumping of the groundwater which is creating a change in pressure and volume that causes the land to sink. There are many reports that suggest that most of the city could be underwater by 2050. The government agencies are working on a plan to move the capital city 100 miles away from its current location on the island of Java in order to protect 10 million civilians from flooding, however, this will costly project and would take around 0 years and cost $33 billion.

2. Lagos, Nigeria

The city’s low coastline area continues to degrade and erodes because of global warming that always causes a city in danger of flooding. According to the study from the University of Plymouth, sea level is rising of three to nine feet and as per the statement “have a catastrophic effect on the human activities in these regions.” It is believed that the Global sea level would be 6.6 feet by the end of this century.

3. Houston, Texas

There are many parts in the Houston region which is sinking at a rate of 2 inches per year because of excessive groundwater pumping. It is believed that the more Houston sinks the more city will move towards frequent disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, which has caused excessive damage to approximately 135,000 homes and displaced around 30,000 people.

4. Dhaka, Bangladesh

This city in Bangladesh is producing 0.3% of the emissions, however, the country is under severe threat because of climate change and rising sea level. The ocean can flood 7% of Bangladesh’s land and displace around 18 million of its citizens by 2050.

5. Venice, Italy

Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice, Italy

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is sinking at a rate of 0.08 inches every year. Italy is building a dam known as Mose across its three inlets in 2003. This will be helpful in controlling floods, however, it is not likely to be completed until 2024. Venice was hit by the series of storms in the year 2018 that has put the project on hold. The flooding was the worst the city had seen in a decade.

Apart from there, there are many sinking cities in the world. We all should work in deceasing our Carbon footprint to protect planet Earth.

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