Top 10 Smallest Countries In The World In Terms Of Land Area

Vatican City

There are more than 200 countries in the world, all of which vary each in terms of size, population, culture, climate and much more. It is not always true that country is a large place and has a massive number of residents that are difficult to be counted or estimated, rather it can even be small with less than 400 km2 of the area and the total population of less than half million people. However, some of these smallest countries are unknown and are located in a place where it is difficult to reach, but some of these smallest countries are also among the most visited countries in the world and have many famous sites and attractions to be visited by tourists. Here are the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area.

Smallest Countries

1. Vatican City- 0.44 km2

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with a population of about only 1000 residents and a land area of 0.44 km2. It is the only country in the world that is an enclave of a city and serves as the spiritual centre for millions of practising Roman Catholics worldwide. Also, Vatican City is a great tourist magnet that encompasses numerous attractions including the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chape and much more.

The country issues its own passport that includes the Pope, cardinals, members of the Swiss guard and clergy as its recipient. It has its own post office and mail system of the country is widely used by the Romans because it is a lot quicker than the Italian mail. The UNESCO world heritage site is the only one that includes the whole country. The Vatican museums being one of the best museums in the world spans in 9 miles and if you spent 1 minute acknowledging each painting it will take approximately 4 years to complete the circuit.

Vatican City

2. Monaco- 2.02 km2

Monaco is a tiny independent city-state located on the Mediterranean coastline of France. It is well-known for its upscale casinos, yacht-lined harbor and also the prestigious Grand Prix motor race, held every year Monaco’s streets. Also, Monte-Carlo, its major district is home to many luxe hotels, boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants. In fact, this small country with just 2.02 square kilometers of area and 38,500 of the population this majestic nation has much more to offer. It is the smallest state in the world just after Vatican City in terms of geographical area covered and is approximately has the same size as Central Park in New York City.

Monaco has the third most expensive real estate in the world and home to the largest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world per capita. The world’s second smallest country is located in Europe with a bordered by France. The major tourist attraction in the world known for its landscape beauty between Alps mountainside and the Mediterranean Sea.

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3. Nauru- 21 km²

Nauru is a tiny island country in the northeast of Australia. This small and beautiful country is a great tourist destination that features a coral reef, white-sand beaches fringed with palms, tropical vegetation and much more. Covering an area of just 21 square kilometers, and a population of fewer than 10 thousand people, Nauru is one of the world’s smallest countries in terms of population as well as size.

The country is one of the world’s wealthiest countries in 1980, however, by 2017, it is among the five poorest countries in the world. The primary reason is the depleting phosphate deposits in the country. The world’s smallest independent republic joined the UN in the 1999. The country has the world’s third smallest country in area and has only 30 kilometers of roadways.


Image Source: Wikimedia

4. Tuvalu- 26 km²

Tuvalu is a group of low-lying islands that has gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. Tuvalu is located to the east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, close to Nauru as well as Fiji. It is the second smallest country in the world in terms of population size and also the fourth smallest country in terms of total area covered with an estimated population of about only 11,000 people.

The country has two officia langages Tuvaluan and English. The 4th smallest country in the world has an area of 26 square kilometers. The volcanic archipelago has three reef islands that includes Nanumanga, Niutao, Niulakita and six true atolls. The total coast line of the country is approximately 24 kilometers (15 miles) in length and known for its beautiful picture-perfect beaches and turquoise waters.


5. The Republic of San Marino-61 km²

San Marino is among the world’s oldest republics which is surrounded by north-central Italy. It has a rich historical architecture that attracts tourists from all over the world. With a population of less than 30,000 people and an area of just 24 square miles in total, it is the one if the smallest countries in the world both in terms of population as well as the geographical area.

The City of San Marino locally known as Citta is the capital city of the Republic of San Marino. The country don’t have a flat terrain and it is entirely composed of hilly terrain. Mount Titano, highest mountain of the San Marino stands at 739 meters (2,425 feet) above sea level was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. The Three Towers of San Marino situated on the three peaks of Monte Titano. A lot of people who visit Italy go to this beautiful country. If you’re staying in Milan, for instance, you can check out rentluxecar in case you need a vehicle to drive to San Marino.

San Marino

6. Liechtenstein-160 km²

Liechtenstein is a small country situated in Central Europe, between the Swiss canton of St. Gallen and the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. Covering an area of about 160 square kilometres and encompassing a population of about 37000 people, it is one of the smallest countries in the world both in terms of population as well as the geographical area covered. The name ‘Liechtenstein’ was given to the region by the Princes of Liechtenstein, who purchased the County of Vaduz in 1712 and the lands of Schellenberg in 1699 and united them to form the Principality of Liechtenstein in 1719.

The official language of one of the smallest countries in the world is German and has an area of over 160 square kilometers. Vaduz is the capital of the country because it contains Prince’s castle and his museums and hence the most famous tourist spot in the country. The official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein is known as Vaduz Castle and lies on the hill side above Vaduz.


7. Marshall Islands- 181 km²

The Marshall Islands are a group of volcanic islands and coral atolls located between Hawaii and the Philippines in the central Pacific Ocean. The Marshall Islands are the only country that encompasses over 1,000 islands, of which mostly are uninhabited. It is the one of the smallest countries in the world, with an estimated population of 53,000, of which about 28,000 resides on the Majuro island, the capital.

Officially known as Republic of the Marshall Islands located halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Marshallese and English are the two official languages of the country. The island is famous for its white sand beaches and lush green vegetation that are protected by the light blue lagoons and thriving coral reefs. The total coastline of the country is approximately 370 kilometers (230 miles) in length.

Marshall Islands

8. Saint Kitts & Nevis- 261 km²

Saint Kitts and Nevis is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a dual-island nation and also the smallest in the Caribbean, infact in the whole Americas. This twin-island Federation covers just only 104 square miles, and is home to around 45,000 people, the majority of which lives in the capital city of Basseterre. Basseterre is well-known for its beautiful mountains and beaches, pristine tropical forests and friendly locals that makes it a great place for visitors too.

The capital of the country is Basseterre located on the larger island of Saint Kitts. It is also the oldest known town founded in 1627 by the French under Sieur Pierre Belain d’Esnambuc. The highest peak of the country is Mount Liamuiga located on the St. Kitts. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park situated on the island of St. Kitts comes under UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the well-preserved fortress on the hill in the world.

Saint Kitts & Nevis

9. Maldives- 300 km²

The South Asian island country situated in the Indian Ocean. The population of the country is approximately 373,522 people and the official language is Dhivehi. One of the smallest countries in the world is the smallest asian country both in the land area and population. Male is the capital and most populoous city in the Republic of Maldives. The country has 1,192 coral islands grouped in 26 atolls along the north-south direction. The islands are famous for its amazing white sand and extremely fine and hence one of the most famous tourist spots in the world.


10. Malta- 316 km²

One of the smallest countries in the world is famous of its historical monuments build by the succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, and Knights of St. John, French and British. Officially known as the Republic of Malta has two official languages named as Maltese and English. The smallest and densely populated country has Valletta as is capital and known as Il-Belt in Maltese. Almost half of the country lives in Valletta and it is also the second largest island in Malta.

smallest countries

These are the 10 smallest countries in the world in terms of land area.

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