What’s Up With the Stigma Against Guys Who Buy Sex Dolls ─ Why Overcome Shyness and Buy One?

Are you a guy who has been thinking about getting a sex doll? Welcome to the club! You’re not alone. Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around guys who buy these dolls – but why? Well, let’s dive into this blog and find out!

Historical Perspectives on the Stigma

One of the most difficult aspects of discussing the stigma against people who buy sex dolls is understanding its historical perspective. People have had a long history of discriminating, judging, and criticizing people who purchase these products for their personal use. This has been particularly true for male customers, as it ties into deeply-rooted gender roles and stereotypes associated with male sexuality.

Throughout history, male customers have often been portrayed as “pathetic” or “perverts” – due in part to the assumption that they would be unable to find a partner and were relying on dolls instead. The idea that a man should never rely on an artificial device for sexual pleasure was also pervasive and has certainly played a role in creating negative perceptions regarding men who buy items like a teen sex doll.

Additionally, this stigma could also be partially explained by religious beliefs related to marriage and relationships – particularly in many societies which held strong religious backgrounds where pre-marital relationships were frowned upon – implying it was shameful or immoral to seek out sexual pleasures without being in any sort of long-term relationship.

Overall, this stigma likely stems from multiple sources including:

  • Inaccurate assumptions about men’s desires
  • Moral judgments based on religious beliefs
  • Traditional definitions of gender roles and expectations

Social Attitudes Towards Sex Dolls


There is a great deal of stigma attached to the use of dolls, particularly among men. This is because many people have difficulty understanding, or accepting, why someone would choose to buy a doll rather than seek an intimate relationship with another human being.

In the past, this stigma usually focused on what was perceived as a lack of morals or decency amongst proponents of these devices, as well as any connotations that these products meant that real relationships were somehow not important or desirable to the user.

However, since these attitudes evolve over time and society’s views on sexual behavior continue to become more progressive and open-minded, sex dolls are increasingly being seen in a more positive light.

It is becoming increasingly accepted that people are entitled to do what they want with their own bodies, and with their own money. People who choose to use dolls express their own unique preferences; they may be seeking an alternative form of sexual pleasure without the strings of an intimate relationship or may just prefer feeling emotionally uninvolved in their intimate pursuits.

Whatever the reason why someone chooses a sex doll may be—as long as it does not involve violence and does not harm another person’s consent—it should be respected and accepted for what it is ─ a viable form of consensual sexual expression.

The Impact of Technology


The general public has become increasingly aware of the potential uses and benefits of technologically-advanced sex dolls. These robotic and artificially intelligent dolls, sometimes referred to as “RealDolls”, have received significant media coverage in recent years, and appear to have developed a certain stigma among men who might be interested in purchasing one.

Given their extremely lifelike nature and their capabilities for customization, it’s understandable that some may attach a certain negative connotation to them.

With the advancement of technology, these dolls provide an unprecedented level of autonomy and versatility. They can come equipped with voice recognition technologies, allowing the user to interact with them in an intimate manner similar to that of interacting with another human being.

Additionally, some models are equipped with wireless internet access so that they can be conveniently linked up to a user’s computer or laptop for even more sophisticated interactions.

One key element to note is that most sex doll purchasers do not buy them out of sexual frustration or socially-driven impulses; rather, they tend to invest in these products because of the emotional satisfaction they derive from them – as opposed to seeking physical gratification or sexual fulfillment as is typically associated with real-life physical intimacy.

Moreover, many individuals purchase these dolls as companions due to their customizable nature; this allows buyers not only to tailor their doll’s physical looks but also their personality through AI technology – effectively giving owners life-like social robots that bring comfort and companionship into their lives without any expectations for sexual reciprocity.

The Benefits of Owning a Doll


When it comes to purchasing sex dolls, some people have a negative perception of this decision. They may think that if you own a doll, then you’re some sort of deviant or desperate individual who can’t find companionship elsewhere. In reality, owning an adult doll might actually be beneficial in many ways! Here are just a few advantages:

  1. Discreetness ─ The sex doll industry has evolved considerably in the last decade and the current models available on the market look incredibly life-like and realistic. If you don’t want your acquaintances or family members to know about your preferences, using a sex doll will allow you to keep your sexual activities private since they’ll never know!
  2. Customization ─ When investing in an adult toy like this one, there’s no need to settle for anything less than exactly what you want! You can choose from a variety of faces, skin tones, and body types when buying online — so it’s easy to get your desired design for maximum satisfaction during usage.
  3. Health benefits ─ Shopping for these dolls isn’t just about satisfying your sexual desires — it can also be beneficial for mental health! Studies have shown that it’s helpful for individuals who struggle with performance anxiety or any other form of sexual dysfunction because it allows them to practice intimacy without fear of judgment from another person. Plus, many people also find using these dolls sexually liberating since they don’t have to worry about contraception or contracting a sexually-transmitted infection (STI).


While there may be legitimate reasons to raise concerns about the ethical implications of buying a sex doll, the fact remains that guys who buy them should not face stigma as a result. People today are becoming more comfortable with embracing their sexuality, and doing what is necessary to ensure their own well-being.

This includes having full autonomy over their own sexual encounters and being able to explore different forms of physical pleasure with or without a partner. Those who decide to get a sex doll for their own satisfaction should not be judged for it. It is a personal decision and one that can come from anyone no matter their gender or identity.

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