The 10 Strangest Tech Gadgets of All Time

Tech gadgets are electronic or mechanical devices that make life easier. These days, it has become difficult to catch pace with the evolving technological landscape. There are several gizmos available in the market some of which require the internet to operate. As long as you have access to Spectrum internet plans or any other internet package, you should be good.

These gadgets are made our daily lives easier. From wireless cameras to smart faucets and from solar lights to wireless window sensors, all are devices that have changed the way of life.

List of the Weirdest Gadgets of All Time

On one side, some devices solve issues for you, on the flip side, however, are some strange gadgets that make you wonder whether they were really needed. Here is a list of the 10 most bizarre gadgets you might come across.

1. Sweat-Generated Energy

Engineers at the University of San Diego experimented with a small device that can be worn on your fingertips to produce electricity on a minute scale. This strange device absorbs sweat when you touch things and converts it into energy. It also remains active when users fall asleep wearing it. Ten hours of sweat absorption can collect up to 400 millijoules of energy which is ample to make a wristwatch function for at least 24 hours.

2. Electronic Hairbrush


It sounds like a crazy invention but might be a useful one. It promises to improve your hair’s overall health. This strange brush contains sensors that monitor your hair routine, how frequently you brush it, how firmly you brush it, and the time you brush it for. By collecting this information, the creator claims that you can learn how to improve your hair quality. Although it is not backed up by scientists yet, its uniqueness can compel people to invest in it.

3. Refrigerator Monitoring Camera

Do you usually go to a grocery store but completely forget what you were there to buy? Do you have a habit of impulse buying grocery items that you want to control? Well, this odd creation must be made to help people like you. You can always stay connected to your refrigerator and easily view and track the contents through the camera and only purchase items that you need. For example, you go to Walmart and pick up some cherry tomatoes thinking you’ve run out of them. You get confused so you check your refrigerator camera to make the final decision and save yourself from overbuying.

4. Toilet Night Light

Who thought you would need a flush with an automatic light in your bathroom? Maybe some people do. Do you go to the bathroom at night and find yourself anxiously looking for the light but can’t reach for it? You can get rid of this problem by investing in a Toilet Night Light that works by sensing body heat with the help of 170-degree motion sensor technology. With several color choices and brightness levels to choose from, the light illuminates the moment you step into the bathroom making it easier for you to navigate.

5. Translator Ear Pods


This gadget can be quite handy when you are traveling abroad and not fluent in a foreign language. Made by Google, these air pods are powered by Google Translator. Suppose you are in Italy where the majority of people don’t understand English. This invention can work as a savior for you. When someone talks to you in Italian, these ear pods will detect the language and automatically translate it to English for you to understand.

These ear pods can offer up to 6 hours of performance and even more, depending on how you use them. They will only take a few hours to charge. Their lightweight construction and comfortable memory foam ensure you have a great time while you are wearing these.

6. Colorblind Glasses

These astonishing glasses can be used by colorblind people to see the colors all around them. Millions of people around the world suffer from this eyesight defect. To cater to their needs, colorblind glasses were developed after much research. These glasses contain lenses that actively eliminate specific wavelengths of light to overcome overlapping so the users can see colors just like regular people. This is indeed a huge breakthrough.

7. Shower Meter

Do you want to play your part to conserve natural resources to save the planet? How about starting with water as the first step? With the help of a Shower Meter, you can save water significantly. This smart device is powered by the energy generated from the flowing water and also measures water temperature and water usage volume.

8. Sound Fire Extinguisher


Another pretty weird invention is the sound fire extinguisher that can help put out flames with the help of specific audio. This fire extinguisher tool helps diminish fire by playing heavy bass music.

This gadget is one-of-a-kind. It uses low-frequency sound waves for putting out flames. It certainly proves that with a thumping bass, you can do so much more than raise a roof! And so, you got to have this gadget if you call yourself a collector of weird stuff.

9. Augmented Reality Glasses

Okay, these fascinating pair of glasses are not like the AR/VR glasses you wear when playing video games. They are quite freaky. Their interesting feature is that they enable you to see through walls. Once you wear these spectacles, the tiny cameras capture 3D images from all around and display them on the screen in front of your eyes. Augmented Reality glasses such as these can be used by security forces and health staff too.

10. Auto Pet Feeder

Auto feeder for pets is an unbelievable gadget that assists you in feeding your beloved dog or cat when you are not at home. To make sure your pet doesn’t starve while you are out doing chores or working at the office, you can easily customize this device to dispense measured meal portions at scheduled times.

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