5 Tips for Stress-Free Vet Visits

Pets for the majority of people are an integral part of their life. Pets are treated as family members and they should.

For all pet owners, this is not something new, pets do get sick and they need the attention of a veterinarian. These things are not something we can avoid and they are an integral part of the pet life. For some pets, these visits are not too hard while others take vet visits very difficult, just like we humans do when we need to see a doctor, right?!

Vet visits are necessary to make sure that the quality of life for your pet is on top. They also suffer from many illnesses like we do and a regular visit to a vet can make sure you either find out about those in time or treat the ones they have on time. Either way, a vet is something that you should not avoid no matter how much your pet is against that.

When we are on the topic of that, each animal has its response to the vet visit. The article that you are reading today will provide tips on how to make those visits stress-free for your pet. If we somehow overlooked a thing or two you can always consult Dierenziekenhuiseindhoven for more info.

1. Make them comfortable


When it comes to pets you should know that they react a lot better to things they know and learn. When it comes to visiting a vet you should prepare early for the upcoming visits. You need to get them as comfortable as possible if you want to avoid panic attacks or any sort of mishaps while you are in or near a vet office. The way you can get them even more comfortable is to start touching them in places they don’t like from the time you get them. Places like feet, ears, around the nose and face, are for some pets are something they don’t like and if you start playing with them around those parts it will be good preparation for the time they need to go to the vet who will then touch them in those same areas.

2. How do you carry them?

Some pets will be carried to the vet others will walk or drive there. If your pet needs to be carried to the vet office then you need to take some time and acquaint them with the carrier, you got for them. It sounds a bit ridiculous but some animals will not agree well with small and confined spaces no matter that it is constructed for them. You need to lay that carrier in the spot that they reside in, you have to let them sleep in it let them familiarize themselves with that space to get rid of any anxiety they may produce on the way to the vet. If they have trouble getting used to the carrier a good thing is to take something they like, a toy, blanket or whatever, and place it inside so they know it is safe and that space is theirs.

3. Stay within your routine


Most people tend to change the daily routine when they have a day set for the veterinarian. This is something that is highly advised not to do. Animals are smart and they need a routine in their lives, so if you start changing those routines whenever there is a tough situation ahead, believe me, they are going to know that. Stay with your routine that day, don’t change a thing. If you do so you will show them that it is just another day and that there is nothing to be scared and anxious about. After some time, they will accept the vet visits as a normal thing and you will see how your problems and their anxiety melt away. Simplicity and calmness in these situations are imperative and you are the key to success, just remember that.

4. Bring the goodies

The important thing here is to know that all pets are a lot looser when they know the place they are going. If you are visiting a vet office for the first or second time, you might want to consider taking some toys, blankets, treats your pet likes to try and bring that new space closer to it. If they have something from home at the vet, they will loosen up pretty quickly because they will have a piece of the home with them. They will also think of the space as friendly especially if they know that treats are there. With treats, you have to be careful. Don’t just give them however you see fit and if you want to calm them. Try and dose them according to the things they do. When they step in front of the vet office, when they enter when they get on the table and so on, you get the picture. Reward them for every good action.

5. Keep yourself calm


We are spent most of the article telling you what to do with your pets, and we saved this last tip for you. Pets are highly sensitive creatures and if you are anxious and scared they will sense that. As much as you need them to be relaxed, calm and stress-free when they are visiting the vet, you have to be the same as well. There is nothing good that can come out of you stressing and being anxious the entire time, they will sense that and start to look for reasons for that. We know that visits to the doctor, vet or any other kind of medical personnel or institution is never easy and stress-free, but you have to try to think about that like any other day, any other visit to any other place. If you manage to keep your cool your pets will as well.

In the end, we know it is not easy to do some of these things and we know you will say it is easier said than done, but in reality, you are a huge factor here. I know from experience that when you put the effort in you can and you will prepare your pet for anything. As much as any first four points are important, please don’t forget about the last one. You alone are the ling that holds all of the other four together. They look up to you and they wait for your reactions when they are not sure how to react by themselves.

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