Sydney to the Sapphire Coast

The Sapphire Coast is conveniently placed midway between the capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Campervan hire is available from either, which is perfect because the Sapphire coast is an ideal destination for a road trip.

The drive from Sydney to the Sapphire Coast that awaits you, is less than six hours. However, there is no need to rush straight there, take your time and visit the sights along the way. You won’t regret this slower pace when you see the stunning beach towns that dot the eastern seaboard.



The first stop en route is less than two hours south of Sydney, in the charming seaside town of Kiama. One of the most well-known attractions here, is the famous Kiama Blowhole.

This is the largest blowhole on the planet! The natural geyser can shoot columns of water to heights of almost a hundred feet! Enjoy the view from one of the multiple platforms, as you stretch your legs from the short car ride.

You may wish to stop for a night or two in Kiama, as there are a variety of beaches, coastal walks and charming historic houses to enjoy.

One of the best things about a campervan holiday is the ability to be flexible with your plans. You can set out with no definite itinerary, and stop at your leisure, find out more about campervan hire by clicking here.

If you do want to continue on from Kiama, there is another great stop not too far away.



Three more hours south and you can pull up in the relaxed township of Narooma. The beaches bordering Narooma are beautiful, and the Foreshore area near Mill Bay is especially delightful.

A must-do experience while here is a day tour of the nearby Montague Island, a protected Nature Reserve area. This island offers incomparable wildlife adventures, one of the most exceptional options, if the chance to snorkel amongst its colony of seals. This is one activity you need to be somewhat organised with, as you must pre-book at least one day ahead, and it is always subject to availability.

If you don’t have the time, no need to worry, you can also spot many seals from the mainland, one of the best places to do this is on the southern side of Wagonga Head. This spot is close to the infamous Australia Rock, a natural formation in the rockface, that is shaped very similarly to the mainland. It also makes for a perfect photo frame and sees many pictures taken here daily.



To reach the next destination, Tathra, you have just an hour’s drive. This will have you smack bang in the centre of the Sapphire Coast!

If you happen to spend a Sunday in this beautiful town, take the time to visit Tathra Wharf Museum. Located at the end of a pier, which overlooks the ocean, this lovely small museum is run by volunteers and is only open one day per week.

Here you will learn about shipwrecks that occurred in the area and the history of the wharf itself. The Museum is attached to a little café, which is a great opportunity to have a cup of coffee, whilst enjoying the stunning view of Tathra Beach.

The shoreline here is frequently by whales, and you are especially likely to see them if travelling between May and September.

Bournda National Park


Bournda National Park is only fifteen minutes from Tathra, it has 2WD access, phenomenal beaches, the large saltwater Lake Wallagoot, and a beautiful campground.

Booking a campsite at Hobart Beach (located inside the National Park) is easy. You simply log in to the government website to check availability and place a reservation. This can even be done on the same day as you intend on staying, provided of course, that there is still availability. Plus, it is approximately half the price of a private campground site fee.

The place is picturesque, and you are very likely to see lizards, possums, kangaroos and lots of birdlife, thriving in this pristine wilderness.

Cultural bushtucker tours are available in Bournda, where you will be accompanied by a traditional Aboriginal guide, whilst you seek out edible and medical native plants.



Just the name of this place sounds like somewhere you have to visit. Eden is less than an hour away from Tathra, and you may feel as though you saved the best for last!

The beaches of Eden are beyond stunning, and as if that isn’t enough on its own, there is also a spectacular rock pool to swim in.

Aisling’s Beach Rock Pool is surrounded by dramatically bright pink cliffs and filled with crystal clear ocean water. Like many beautiful destinations, photos don’t do the place justice, you really must visit and experience it yourself… preferably in summer!

A visit to Eden Wharf is recommended, whether or not you are an avid boat fan. The view is extremely peaceful, and you will no doubt enjoy seeing the variety of colourful boats, docked inside the harbour.

Ben Boyd National Park


Another pristine piece of nature along the Sapphire Coast, Ben Boyd National Park is a 47-kilometre expanse of wild coastline.

The park, although set around the town of Eden, feels extremely remote. This allows you many opportunities to enjoy the flora and fauna, in much seclusion from other visitors.

From swamp wallabies to birds of prey, and dolphins frolicking in the ocean, you are likely to see all this and more.

Heading Back to Sydney?

If driving back to Sydney (as opposed to doing a one-way trip to Melbourne or Adelaide), and you have extra time to spare, the inland route takes you via Canberra. There is plenty to see and do in the capital city of Australia, but for those heading straight back on a return trip, the drive is just six hours from Eden.

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