Essential Technology Systems for Travel

With the advancement of technology, traveling has evolved into a completely new experience. Initially, it used to take months, if not years, to go from one place to another, and trips were associated with high risks.

Now, it doesn’t take a lot to go to a different part of the world. There are transportation means that can satisfy the needs of every traveler.

But for those who love to travel at their own speed, a private car or a van remains the most preferred option. To enjoy a trip in a car or a van, you’d need to equip the vehicle properly. Here is where technology systems come to help.

What Do You Need to Install the Needed Systems in a Car?

If you opt for building everything on your own, you don’t need a lot of components. A couple of electric actuators and mounting brackets such as these to automate things, and the things themselves.

There are a couple of projects that will significantly improve the quality of your every trip.

A Lift Bed


While in normal conditions a lift bed would look if not ridiculous then at least excessive, in a travel van, it is a must-to-be detail. It will enable you to travel comfortably and to sleep properly even if you don’t stop in a hotel at night.

If you are thinking that lift beds aren’t sold in shops, you are right. So, what about making one? For it, you will need 4 strong actuators and a bed frame. Once you get them all, follow the instructions.

Install the actuators on the van floor. Make sure they are strong enough to lift the bed and keep it secure while it is not in use.

Fix the bed frame to the movable sides of actuators. Check whether the system works properly. The actuators shall lift the bed to the van top when they are in the extended position. When they are in a retracted position, the bed frame shall rest on the floor just like it is when in normal use.

Now, put the mattress on the bed frame, cover it with blankets, and arrange it as you like. That’s it, your bed is ready. Lift it during the daytime, and you will have the entire space in the van. Lower it when you want to have a nap, and enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleeping time.

A Foldable Table

Another item you might be missing to feel fully comfortable during every trip is a table. However, carrying it around in a van sounds like a crazy idea. What about making it foldable then? What if you can unfold the table when you are going to use it, and hide it somewhere by the wall when it is not in use anymore?

It is easy to do with a couple of actuators. Fix the actuator to the wall, and attach the desktop in a way so that it is lifted when the actuator is in the extended position. The desk position shall be comfortable for you to use it. When the actuator is in a retracted position, the desk shall lean snugly to the wall.

If you feel that this idea might work out for you, add a foldable chair. Make it in the same way as the table, and enjoy a comfy working place or a nice dining corner that appears and disappears with a single click of a button upon your request.

Spare Storage Space


This idea is normally used for a garage but it will work for a van, too. What about arranging lift shelves along the walls? Use normal shelves or cabinets, or make them custom. Fix them on mounting brackets and attach them to actuators mounted on the van walls.

When the actuator to which the shelf is fixed, moves to the extended position, it lowers the shelf. The height shall be adequate to enable you to use the shelf or the cabinet. When the actuator to which the shelf is fixed moves to the retracted position, it lifts the shelf up and fixes it higher on the wall.

The height in the retracted position shall be sufficient to enable you to move freely in the van without risking hitting your head.

Automatic TV Lift

Nowadays, eager travelers don’t imagine going on a bus without watching a nice movie. But it is possible that in your van, you don’t have this appliance. What about making it?

To handle it, you will need a TV lift. You can purchase it from any manufacturer of electric actuators. You can install it on the can ceiling or on one of the walls – wherever it is comfortable to watch TV. Make sure you hide the wiring to avoid damaging it. Once done, fix the TV on the lift, and enjoy another luxury trip.

Chargers for Devices


You might need to charge your phone or laptop or use other devices. That’s why installing a couple of spare charging stations is always a good idea. Moreover, they don’t take much space.

Some Other Things

There are plenty of accessories that can make your trip more enjoyable and reduce stress. Bluetooth headphones will help you to work peacefully if you continue performing your working tasks, or they will enable you to listen to your favorite music or watch TV without bothering others if they want some silence.

A neat cord organizer will help you to keep all your cables, charges, etc. arranged. This small accessory will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Making use of a convenient, safe, and affordable facility like luggage storage in NYC can prove to be the icing on the cake if you are looking forward to taking a break from those burdensome bags in the ever-bustling atmosphere of “the Big Apple” to make your trip more enjoyable.

Bottom Line

The number of ideas is limited only by the space in your van and your imagination. You can install as many things as you need, considering that they all can be hidden in a way not to obstruct the space. Check on the web, watch videos on youtube to find the best projects, and make sure you understand clearly how it all shall work. If you have doubts or have no experience working with complex electric installations, don’t hesitate to contact a skilled electrician for the most challenging tasks.

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