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The Republic of Malta is an archipelago made up of three islands located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. These islands limit Sicily to the south and Libya to the north. Currently, Malta is an independent country, a member of the European Union, with an extension of 316 km 2 and 413,609 inhabitants.

Its capital is La Valletta (or Valeta), which, although not the most populous city in the country, has historically been the most significant urban center in the entire archipelago. Due to its strategic location (a point of union between the European and African continents that allows having reasonable control over the Mediterranean Sea), the archipelago of Malta has been disputed by many countries throughout history; in fact, until 1964 it was part of the islands under the English crown.

Why Go for Real Estate in Malta?

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Foreigners are rushing to buy real estate in Malta to obtain EU citizenship, showing the importance of having a second passport as a status symbol.

  • Malta is famous for one of the most popular real estate markets in the world, according to various sources.
  • The Mediterranean island has many attractions: good weather, government inducements for companies, and there is a possibility to obtain an EU citizenship.
  • Foreigners can benefit a lot from the program offered by citizens in exchange for investment, obtaining nationality through the purchase of the real estate.
  • Malta is not the only country that offers citizenship in exchange for investments; that opportunity is also available in many countries, from Thailand to Cyprus.

How Can a Real Estate Agent Make Your Life Easier?

We believe that you ask yourself the question of the benefits of hiring an agency when you can do a lot of things on your own and inquire. Although, at least now, in the age of modernization, it is easier to get information, there are still many benefits that you get when hiring the best real estate agents in Malta.

Only in the initial step of selling or publishing will you avoid online advertising, posting on social networks waiting for a response, and where are all the other things that follow after that? Whether you want to buy, rent, or advertise a real estate, would be the best choice for you. Below we would like to inform you what are the main advantages of the agency concerning buying, renting, or selling real estate.

Real Estate Agency is Legally Authorized

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The state grants a license to a real estate agent, giving it the authority to engage in real estate affairs. Agents are licensed to confirm that a person has specific knowledge of the law, economics, finance, and construction. A professional exam is required to qualify as an authorized real estate agent.

The Acquired Knowledge of the Agent is an Advantage

We already mentioned that a real estate agent is taking the professional exam. This exam involves the acquisition of knowledge in various fields, which is undoubtedly an advantage when consulting and hiring an agency as a real estate broker. Besides, the agent is active in the daily business and is familiar with any price changes in the market. All of the above is very valuable when you need help. All these experiences will be useful for you.

The Advantage of Pre-selected Viewing Properties in Malta

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If you decide to buy a property in a sea of apartments that may not be suitable for you, agents can help you narrow down the choices to only those who have all or at least most of the things you want. They will filter the apartment according to your wishes, but also by financial means and will lead you to the roundabout of the same. With the agents, you will not waste time on those apartments that do not have a full advertisement. When you go and see what the situation is, of course, if you are selling real estate agents are there to find all the benefits of your property, to highlight them and to find serious buyers.

Save Time

Agencies that have been working for years have a good knowledge of the matter. They know all the paperwork and are familiar with the process. Imagine how much time it would take, suppose you were not in a similar industry, to collect all the necessary permits, forms, and contracts. So it’s invaluable to hire an agent who will regulate all this for you.

Know the Territory

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If you are buying an apartment on the territory of Malta, you will, of course, come across price differences. Real estate agents know what the most expensive area is and where the higher quality properties are. As they do this business non-stop, they know where it is best to buy a property and what are the benefits that municipalities. Their experience in this area is invaluable. Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss with them any questions and concerns regarding specific sites.

Agencies are Familiar With the Market

An agency that works seriously and has satisfied clients behind them will always have a proper market analysis. Good agencies still have relevant information on the market situation. When you hire them, this information will be shared by agents with you, will thoroughly examine locations that are suitable for purchase, or will give you a reliable estimate of your property that you are selling or renting. All of the above, the agents will do by following your instructions and will look to orient themselves to the accompanying facilities they need to make an urban settlement.

Protect You From Fraud

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You will agree that buying a property is a life-long decision and, as such, entails a significant amount of money. It’s a good idea to be careful when choosing a property and people to work with. It is best to hire an agency. Another option that would be understandable is to contact the owner directly. The fact is that you feel secure with a licensed agent. Choose the agency you want, arrange a commission, and let the professionals do their job.

It is invaluable for you to be legally insured. There used to be a lot of scams and unregistered real estate. It is often the case that an apartment is for sale, and the entire building is mortgaged. There was also a lack of complete documentation. For this reason, it is essential to be careful and trust the agency to regulate your housing issue in the best possible way. Previously, there was a danger of “wild” agents. Now the legislation works so that each agency needs a license to operate. A notary public must certify the brokerage contract itself to be signed with the agency, and therefore the fraud is minimized. With the introduction of notaries in the procedure of buying/selling real estate, security has increased.

The confidence you gain from an agent is also necessary because if you are someone who sells an apartment, you need more people to come in the door and watch the same studio. The fact is that you know nothing about these people, whether they are mere observers or interested. The agent certainly gives you confidence. If you want to buy an apartment, all the apartments offered by a licensed agent have passed a legal check. The agency thoroughly investigated the documentation and checked the legality of the facility.

Checking a Real Estate By an Agent Before Buying or Selling

We mentioned the vital role of an agent in legally checking and thoroughly checking each apartment. The purpose of the agent does not end here, but the agent visits the property, check that it is the same as in the ad and that it meets your needs. Sometimes an apartment can look great to you, and an agent is there to work for you and guide you if there are some omissions or if you overlook something. The agent will look at the apartment and contact you with detailed information on what the real picture of the apartment is and how much fake money would be needed for the renovation. Another essential item is the down payment. The advice is not to give money for a down payment without the presence of an agent. The agency attaches all the documentation to you so you can be sure that every aspect is legally covered.

Final Word

When you visit Malta, you will have the feeling that you have only seen part of what the friendly hosts offer you. You will want to come again, maybe even consider buying real estate there, and we can only encourage you to do so, with the help of professionals in this beautiful city. For as long as you have looked at this small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, you will realize that you can see and learn much more!

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