6 Fun & Crazy Things To Do In Las Vegas 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada has a lot to offer tourists beyond gambling and casinos. Making a list of the craziest things to do while visiting is the best way to see the entire city and enjoy the view. From amusement parks to hiking trails there is a perfect combination of natural and manmade marbles located in Las Vegas. So let us see what you can do on your next trip.

1. Be Adventurous at an Amusement Park

We are recommending The High Roller which is situated in an amusement park in Las Vegas. The High Roller is the biggest observation wheel not only in Nevada but in the world which is why it should be on the must-visit list. There is an entire amusement park around it which can keep you and your companion entertained for hours on end. There are other activities that include vistas and open bars.

The ticket for this particular attraction begins at 25 USD. They are the perfect place for visiting at least once if you are making a long trip to Las Vegas. The glass cabins in the observation wheel will be perfect for an aesthetic experience without compromising the view. The opening hours of the wheel are from afternoon till midnight, all the hours offering different spectacles to witness. You do not need to plan around the location timings as it is open 7 days a week.

2. Go Gambling


Whenever Las Vegas is mentioned, people immediately go to gambling and casinos. There is no shortage of casinos in Las Vegas which is why people gravitated toward it and miss out on a lot of fun in other locations. Because there are so many options available we would recommend shortlisting only a few of them and deciding on one when you reach there.

If you are only going for fun, you can just walk into any establishment and choose the game of your preference. Do not expect to hit a jackpot like the show in the movies and just experience the ambiance and atmosphere. Try out multiple games rather than sticking to just one. Perhaps, the most important piece of advice while gambling would be to stick to a strict budget.

Manage the bank role and do not exceed it because it may impact the budget of your entire trip. Fix the time for gambling somewhere in the beginning or middle of the trip so that you are motivated to keep some money at hand during the rest of the trip. Reference from gambling on the last night because you are more likely to throw away more money on the last day of vacation.

If you are a regular at online gambling, there might be times when you want to try out the offline casino. It will be great to try out offline gambling after knowing the rules through online casinos. Make sure to try at least once before going for the real deal in Las Vegas.

3. Experience Horror at a Haunted House

Everyone loves a Haunted House even if they are easily scared. The idea behind going to a spooky place is to be scared and enjoy that experience with your company. Zak Bagan spent most of his life collecting different spooky artifacts which he has displayed in his own horror museum. There is a 30-room museum located in the arts district where you can take a guided tour to know about different collectibles.

These collectibles are perfect for anyone involved in popular culture. Some of the most famous attractions in the museum include the Devil’s rocking chair in Conjuring 3 and Charlie Manson’s bone fragments. There are two types of tickets offered for this Haunted House that remain from normal to RIP access. The tickets are from 48 to 79 USD.

4. Hiking Trail for Nature Lovers


If you are looking to take advantage of the scenic beauty of the state, make sure to visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This canyon is located to the west of Sin City and will be perfect for anyone who wants to experience the natural beauty in contrast to the artificial construction of Vegas.

You can drive around in the area but it is also a perfect hiking trail if the weather is suitable. Mountain biking, rock climbing, and horseback riding are also popular activities in the canyon. It will be somewhat hot in the general area so the temptation to wear shorts will be overpowering but make sure to look around for rattlesnakes.

5. The Simpsons House

Located in Red Bank Lane, the Simpsons House is an actual building you can visit and click photos at. It is located in a housing division just a little outside the main area of Vegas. The orange two story home is exactly the same as the Simpson house and will be the perfect destination for any Simpsons fan.

It might be a disappointment to some because you cannot go inside but it still remains the tourist attraction for many. It is a private house which is now being re-painted so you might not even witness the same colours anymore. However, the architectural design is exactly the same which is more than enough for many fans to include this location in their trip.

6. The Idyllic Flamingo Wildlife Habitat


It is the right destination that is away from the hustle and bustle of Sin City that most people feel enchanted by. Las Vegas is a mix of everything which is why the natural beauty would appeal to you. It is a free entry to see lush habitats and waterfalls with family and friends. This will be a well-rounded trip by choosing to experience nature in its wilderness in the middle of the desert.

The Takeaway

We hope that all of these activities are fun enough to include in your list on your next vacation. Las Vegas is the perfect place to visit with either family or a group of friends because of divers activities.

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